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Tennouji Mari 天王寺麻里
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Mari Tennouji (天王寺麻里 Tennouji Mari) is known as Henri Lucas' favorite student and is also the Student Council President of the school. She is known to be top with her looks, grades and her skills as a patisserie. Tennouji is often referred to as a Princess by her team and sometimes by other students at St. Marie Academy too. She known as a genius when it comes to pastries, and has received many awards for her excellent work. She is interested in Ichigo's skills as she was recommended by Henri-sensei and thus Mari sees her as a rival. She is the daughter of a Hotel Owner in Paris. She also has a Sweets Spirit named Honey who looks similar to her own. She has romantic feelings toward Henri-sensei which are rarely seen yet obvious. She has shown hints of jealousy towards Ichigo and is always looking for Henri-sensei's approval and praise. In the anime version of the Semi-Finals of the Cake Grand Prix, she lost 0-180 to Team Francois as she was brokenhearted from hearing Henri-sensei say that Francois is his favourite student and that he wanted her to joung his coming project, though it was all but a show.

Mari has long wavy blond hair which she cut to shoulder length in the 2nd season. She ties her fringe back as well and wears red lipstick. She has large golden-brown eyes and a skilled aura around her given by her status of "Henri-sensei's favourite pupil". She is often regarded as a beauty by many people.

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