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Welcome to Tempest Boutique!

There are a few rules I would like to make clear...
★ ~ DO NOT PM begging or asking or even demanding for gold or items ~ ✰
★ ~ Please Note, I like to sell items very quickly.~ ✰
★ ~ If you undercut me, I will just undercut you back ~ ✰

Other than that...
★ ~ Thanks for visiting my store! ~ ✰
★ ~ Thank you very much for buying from me! ~ ✰
★ ~ Have a nice day! ~ ✰

★ ~ Store reached a total of 2,100,000,000,000 gold in sales on 4/30/2017 ~ ✰


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Greetings, I am Tempest Lorelay and it seems you have come across my profile.
I've been a member of Gaia since July 21st 2006. For the first year or so I really did not have the time to get on as much, since I was focused on other things. In 2008 I came off my hiatus and been here up to 2014 until the Gaia Dark Age of Goldemort had started to take over. Came back in early Dec 2016 to start anew when I heard Lanzer was back.
I usually hang out in the Gaia Aquarium, where I LOVE to play Booty Grab. If you look over to the right, you will see a LARGE wishlist... I am slowly working on it for the most part. I love collecting, so item quests are my top favorite thing to do on this site. Besides ZOMG. I'm 9.0 in ZOMG working on side quests and badges atm. Msg me if you wish to join my crew. I'm level 3 right now in Alchemy. I'm level 6 in Lake Kindred. Learning and Exploring GoFusion.
My username is A BIT ODD, so let me explain it; its part Shakespeare and part Folklore. Tempest from his sonnet "The Tempest" meaning "The Great Storm" and Lorelay is the name of a famous siren from German Folklore. Simply, my username means: "Storm Siren." I didn't spell it "Lorelei" because "Lorelay" is also acceptable for the spelling of the name.
I do prefer to be called TL however.
Favorite MC: Goti the Kid Favorite EI: Fallen Wish
Favorite Gaia RPC's: Ian, Rina, and Monsieur Loyal
Favorite Gaia Artists: PRISM, pyawakit, Mishiri, Pepper-Tea, zimmay and Fayren Pickpocket, WinterHule
Favorite Color Schemes: Bubblegum, Alleycat, Creamy Candy, Demure, Emerald, Stagony, Ciel, Wild Ride, Melon, Sinfully, Sour Citrus, Pickle, Teal, Dusky Rose, Autumn, Venom, Toxic, Calabash, Candy Corn, Bugberry, Pine, Diamond Dust, Sugarmint, Honey Lavender, Rosie/Valentine, Mocha, Fallen Wish, Catharsis, Mist, Thumbelina, Elusive, Cherie, Arkham, Sweetheart, Durem, Gambino, Suika, Horizon, Cutie Pie, Sea Dreams, Pastel, Velvetine, Sunkissed, MCR, Winterstorm, Coral, CYMK, Rainbow, Mermaid, Black & Yellow, Cookie n' Cream, Watermelon, Vanilla, Ghastly, Mint, Rust, Ace, Milky Way, Midnight and Seabreeze.
What I love about Gaia: My Friends, Talking to the nice people here, Quests, Changing my avi to something nice,going into towns, zOMG, and Booty Grab
If you want to know more about this crazy gal behind the pixels;
Click Here
If you want to know more about My Gaia Milestones;
Click Here
Thank you for visiting, and I wish you a wonderful experience on Gaia.
Yours Sincerely,


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Pirate Santa Report | 07/13/2017 8:58 pm
hmm, learn just a few basic phrases in spanish, make sure about half of them don't make much sense. Like 'no mas mucho', which means 'no more much' or 'el diablo esta sentarse en mi cabesa' which means 'the devil is sitting on(in?) my head'.

I want you to keep a record of your wacky misadventures so they can be made into a TV show.
Pirate Santa Report | 07/12/2017 12:58 pm
If you do dress him up and force him to do embarrassing things you must take video of it and show me so that I can watch as he is bewildered and confounded by your commands.
Pirate Santa Report | 07/11/2017 9:18 pm
*wraps him up and sends him to you* (in bubble wrap. I'm not cruel)

Be sure to read the instruction manual. You need to feed and water him regularly. Also he'll need supplies if you want him to cook, and maybe a translator would help too... neither of those things are included, sadly. But as he is a fully functional (debatable) human he is multi purpose and you don't actually have to use him for drugs, you could bring him along on bank robberies or as a chiefer to fancy dance parties... maybe some of both, and because he can't speak English there's great opportunity for wacky misunderstandings!
Pirate Santa Report | 07/10/2017 6:46 am
Yes, would you like some slightly stolen tea? Some bootlegged asian porn? An entire restaurant? A crate of emojis that 'went missing' from the Apple Store? Or maybe a kidnapped Mexican drug cartel cook? Arr... I be a one man black market.
Pirate Santa Report | 07/09/2017 3:13 am
arr and ahoy, I didn't even know that you wanted it. I woulda given it to you for free... I mean, what's the point of being friends with a pirate if they won't steal things for you?
Teleia Patricia Report | 04/26/2017 9:53 pm
well, we got none. maybe if this becomes a normal occurrence, the chances would be bigger haha
Teleia Patricia Report | 04/26/2017 9:14 pm
without the technical probs. haha
hmm i like it too. makes them seem much more human and not money-loving like the other people describe lololol
Teleia Patricia Report | 04/26/2017 9:07 pm
it's now back online biggrin tho i doubt we'll be able to get anything at the pace the chat is going haha
Teleia Patricia Report | 04/26/2017 8:58 pm
Saw you on the Youtube channel. heart rofl
TheresNoSharkInTheBathTub Report | 02/19/2017 9:36 am
yes emotion_bigheart


The butterfly is said to be the incarnation of a high-born soul,
And its beautiful patterns and colors tempt all who see it.
But if one tried to catch that butterfly, the poisonous dust on its wings would plunge one into death's abyss.