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breathing is a necessity, and writing is seated just right next to it.


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"I could put back all the pieces,
they just might not fit the same."

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Obviously, I love anything that's purple.
I'm so in love with the color that I consider it as my obsession.

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My greatest dream is to fly.
And by dream, I mean an impossible ridiculous wish.
And by fly, I mean either to have my own wings or to possess powers or magic;
not with the aid of any effin flying machine or latest gadget invented.

I love to write.
It's my greatest passion next to flying.
I appreciate any form of encouragement and truth with every criticism.

I'm currently working on my own bucket list, and so far, I've got 3 things listed.
First in line is witnessing a borealis. And seeing a snow goes with it as well.
The rest would be kept for myself for now.

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be my dinosaur?

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Scarf-and-tail buddies

Scarf-and-tail buddies