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For those who were at Animethon 14 and 16 and saw a Sakura from Card Captors Jumping around that was me. I hope you all liked the Gaia panels as well!

The first law of reason is this: what exists, exists, what is, is and from this irreducible bedrock principle, all knowledge is built. It is the foundation from which life is embraced.
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Thanx- this_one_guy00 for the animated head

Sira_Black- is the best....Tsuki Mogos-chan- I love my coco
rg_krazy- You rock my socks girl
orange_penguin- *pokes you* Le Gasp....You are awsome
Kayito-san- OMG Anime convention this year ......we will be there

The best things that have been said!

Sira_Black Wrote:
Kehehe! There, I shall be the non-black and red savour!

I decided I am going for some sort of Fae, but she got shot so then this kitty comes along and is alike "Woah! you got shot" and I was all like... "Man, being shot sucks" and then a bunch of trees agree. So then I deccide that being shot isn't such a good idea, so I grow wings, like on red bull only better, and my cat that thought I was shot is all like... "Woah! I thought you were shot!' and "Oh! misry! The band is still playing! It's horrifying!" Nuuuu!

And then I wake up, and realise I have been in a shugar induced coma all along. The end.

Oh, P.S. I give you 8.999999/10

Homurakitsune Wrote:

The purple of forgotten eyes,
simmering to jolt.
She intermixes butterflies
that still have yet to molt.


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