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Hello! I'm Joni. Sixteen n Korean nerd
Extrovert / Friendly

If u wanna hmu just keep in mind i hav a bedtime of 6pm. If you really get to know me we can do dirty things to each other like clean my house n finish up chores together. Totes play with dangerous weapons like Nerfguns, also we can sneak outside for like 10 minutes then go back inside because my bedtime is soon. I'll wave to you from my window as you get picked up by your mother. sound good? ok

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If i am not here i'm probs studying for SAT's
n jammin' out to my shitty drumming; cover ur ears

Ask for my Skype / Snapchat
sorry for crap profile; too lazy

>comment here!<

i don't mind friend requests :}



I see ur booger in ur nostrils