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Name: Jets
Age: 19
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Height: 5'0"
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Heterochromia, blue & brown
Occupation: Teen Titan
Heroes: Harley Quinn, Joker

History: As an orphan Jets fend for herself in the shady streets of Gotham. Even when getting into tight situations this spunky 13 year old always managed to give criminals the slip. Though one day as she found herself 5 to 1, there was no escaping. Falling from the sky came a clown to her rescue. A female clown taking out the crooks one by one with wild flips and kicks saved young Jets. After the battle the clown introduced herself as Harley Quinn. In awe by Harley's strength and speed, Jets suggest to be her apprentice. Harley explained to Jets she's not the best role model but Jets didn't want to take no for an answer. Harley laughed and said "Suit yourself kid! You're in for a trip!" From that moment on Harley took care of Jets and gave her the name "Jets". Training and picking up Harley's moves she also managed to invent her own mischievous pranks.

When Jets turned 19 she thanked Harley for everything she's done for her and left to set off on her own. Right before she was able to reach the exit she found herself toe to toe with the prince of darkness-The Joker. Fearless, Jets didn't retreat nor look away. The Joker examined her and laughed, "Seems you have learned alot in just a few years from Harley. You've now acquired that look in your eye as if you can take the world on. If you do manage to get yourself killed, make sure you go out on a joke-AHAHAHAAA!" He patted her head and walked off. Jets exited with a smile.


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Gooze211 Report | 07/03/2014 7:50 pm
jesus you wrote a book
Afangelyn Prenderghast Report | 02/26/2013 7:14 pm
Afangelyn Prenderghast
Afangelyn Prenderghast Report | 05/20/2012 8:37 am
Afangelyn Prenderghast
That's OK, I'm gonna update it and change the theme soon! emotion_yatta
Dr Dizzy Mario Report | 05/13/2012 12:02 pm
Dr Dizzy Mario
oh, okay. :3

glad someone is having a good time.
Agent Kahn Report | 05/12/2012 6:55 am
Agent Kahn
Thanks. cool
Dr Dizzy Mario Report | 05/12/2012 6:18 am
Dr Dizzy Mario

thanks for answering my question.
Dr Dizzy Mario Report | 05/12/2012 6:08 am
Dr Dizzy Mario
What's so funny about me? gonk

no problem. :3
Dr Dizzy Mario Report | 05/12/2012 6:02 am
Dr Dizzy Mario
gonk random comment that sucks.

kthx for your time.
darrlynn quit Report | 05/12/2012 5:57 am
darrlynn quit

4laugh heart
darrlynn quit Report | 05/12/2012 5:49 am
darrlynn quit

aw thank you whee


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