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stuff to wear so im not naked

stuff i like

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welcome to techpriests random shop i dont want any of these items so buy them so they will be used all items will wait till the 14 days are up every thing will be able to be bidded on i normally make the bid price way lower than the average buy price and the buy now price higher than the average buy price if you bid you may get it for a cheap deal if you arent out bid good luck and browse often cause i will try to update it all the timethere will be no refunds i wont accept bids unless i need the cash dont pm me i wont be nice about it good luck with your shopping


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hey all im 21 years old
im into lots of things
emos piss me off i want to kill them all but they would like that too much
anyways mythology and comic books are my specialty i can not be defeated in my knowledge of them
also i am a sorrcerr so i can cast lots of spells
i use the magics of true name shadow magic and pact magic to allow me access to the founding magics of the universe
my favorite bands include but not limited to
korn=god of music
system of a down
lil jon and the east side boyz
static x
3 days grace
3 doors down
rob zombie and many more
D&D is a great hobby of mine
i play magic the gathering
and im also into reading books
im in college and majoring in computers but i am a programmer and dont feel like messing with codes on gaia unless i has to i do enough of that for school work
i know lots of random things all completly useless
my fav colors are
in this order
shiny metallic silver
dark jade green
lightning blue
and midnight black
im the master of chaos where chaos is i am
and i will alwasy be afan of chaos
hakimsrazor is an awesome person go to hakims thread and u can find all kinds of peeps with kool skills in stuffs and im there too

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Evil A Report | 05/05/2014 10:12 am
Evil A
It is in a journal post!
sagethewanderer Report | 02/21/2014 11:59 am
It's a good thing, you do. I'll probably use it on an avi I have planed for later on.
sagethewanderer Report | 02/18/2014 8:34 am
Wow thanks man!
Lord_LHUSID2 Report | 02/17/2014 10:55 pm
eh I dont care, if you want lord hud i can deal with that and yeah theres so many items that arnt even listed or dont come up
Lord_LHUSID2 Report | 02/17/2014 10:49 pm
Actually you can just call me Jake like everyone else if you want to and thats fine, Im not usually that great with knowing items but im trying so i think adding random gifts is a good thing
Lord_LHUSID2 Report | 02/17/2014 10:36 pm
thats fine, your super generous, we are just trying to liquidate a bunch of accounts so see what happens. all of us have like just rejoined gaia. this inflation though is insane
Lord_LHUSID2 Report | 02/17/2014 10:25 pm
its also in my sig. That's whats being used right now though we will launch a new charity in the next week or so, we are planning it out right now. The current one is just a reactivation of my last charity
Lord_LHUSID2 Report | 02/17/2014 9:10 pm
Thank you very much and yeah go ahead. I am a bit slow right now as i am working to launch an old charity thread of mine sweatdrop
sagethewanderer Report | 02/17/2014 8:48 pm
The item i need is Lord of Snow but I'm not expecting you to get it. I was only saying that I wished I had that much gold. lol.
sagethewanderer Report | 02/17/2014 8:45 pm
Not since i think Dec 2012 I think.

my siggy is awesome maybe you should click it and do stuffs there

petition for invisible body parts no pic
Alder, 12 and 1/4 inches, somewhat fragile. The heartstring of a dragon, however, makes it a powerful wand.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.



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