Poly-Pan monster- I'll eat your face and you'll f'n love it.

-Poly Amorous Pansexual (AKA- Screw the details of what, gimme the who)
-Traditional artist (Catch my Deviantart at TebbyZed)
-Part time fur-f** furry. Primarily Fennanda (red panda-fennec fox). Kiss my part-time fur butt if you don't like it.
-I'm too old. Don't even try to hit on me. ~A fossil by gaia standards~
-Campino: Mostly white with a red twist (Welsh, French, German, Russian? & Iroquois)
-Casual Whovian, Brony, and general nerd face.
-Romantically taken with KisaRinny, monogamous because I love her.
-Needs more cowbell, kinda like Bolin. Yeah. YERABADIDEA!
-Addicted to rp. Hit me up. Make me love you.
-Open your face holes at me. I like people usually. They taste good. I don't bite...Except when I do.
Tebaun Valdruk

Mah face.