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With the destruction of the Gaia Economy, I've since retired from the arena.
(Which I hardly entered into on this account.)
Apparently admins don't like when you argue with someone and the person takes it too seriously and you don't, and you apparently become a troll. Oh well.
I probably won't play League or Xbox with you. Sorry not sorry.

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I have two kids? It's complicated.
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Reno Takamiya Report | 04/23/2014 8:50 pm
Reno Takamiya
I'd still suggest it if the price gets in your range. So, you only needed the DLC? I think I remember hearing you downloaded it off Playstation Plus. I've only ever really liked ME 1 and 2. The third game was still fun but I didn't feel totally into it like I was with the first two games. It wasn't because of the ending and I can't exactly remember all the reasons. One of the biggest was the fact that the majority of your crew members were replaced and others were just given cameos. I was also never really a fan of Jack as a character and her personality. The way they portrayed the vulgarity just felt out of place and something that didn't belong in the Mass Effect universe. I also thought it felt forced, I don't know if that's on the voice actor's end though. I'd still be open to playing the Multiplayer in Mass Effect 3. Since I missed out on it on my Xbox 360 because I never got the chance to get it or a router since I have the arcade Xbox 360. I've also never been a fan of Microsoft's behind a paywall business practice.

Reno Takamiya Report | 04/23/2014 3:06 am
Reno Takamiya
Picked up a copy of Dark from GameStop and also got a copy of Resistance 3 and Dead Space 2. The latter being copies on the PS3, since Dark somehow is only on PC and Xbox 360. From what I've played of it I'd have to say it's underrated and actually quite enjoyable. The graphics are cell shaded and pretty much remind me of The Darkness 2. I've noticed a few glitches but nothing that would detract from the enjoyment of the game. I've seen dead bodies ragdoll, museum security guards do a jig and then teleport one floor up. I've also seen two guards come at me and block me from both sides. It's definitely a challenging game I'd even argue that it's more challenging than the new Thief reboot and that's not saying much. I also found a glitch where I'd stay stationary for a bit at the statrt of a level but it would then quickly fix itself. After I spun around for a short while.

The game also has some odd voice actors which I think have to do with budget, but the main character is voiced fairly well. The subtitles sometimes have some words missing that the characters actually speak. The game also gives you these PDA's to find which also have some words missing. Overall though I found it to be an enjoyable experience and not actually 'bad' as those reviews for the game made it out to be. It reminds a lot of Dishonored but I've actually found more enjoyment in Dark then I did in Dishonored.

Some of the things I might dislike though are the animations and how some of the models have been copied and pasted for everyone. I've seen the same two models used for each guard and maybe some differences for the museum guards. The alert that happens also seems to take awhile to cool down but it's actually easy to finish taking people while it's happening. As long as you don't stick out to long. GameInformer gave it a solid '2' but knowing how their owned by GameStop now and while reviews can be disagreed with I certainly wouldn't give it the same score. It deserves better at least to me. I don't know if you're interested in it even after this comment, but I know that it's playable now and I'd suggest it at a lower price. I got mine for $13-14.

I'd suggest looking at this Examiner article for a preview of the game. I wouldn't suggest looking at the GameInformer review for it unless you've already seen it. Since it seems to pain it in a rather bad light. sweatdrop
Its Meark Report | 04/22/2014 10:20 pm
Its Meark
No i have but i agree which is why i didn't mention 3. lol 2 is best so far because ive been waiting for geoffrey to die.
Its Meark Report | 04/22/2014 6:40 pm
Its Meark
GoT has been awesome so far. Loving episode 2 xD Can't wait to see what the rest of the season has in store.
Its Meark Report | 04/21/2014 7:17 pm
Its Meark
That's a long time to respond though. xD
Its Meark Report | 04/21/2014 6:58 pm
Its Meark
Sorry I never got back to you. It's been a long time too. sweatdrop I feel dumb.
How have you been?
Reno Takamiya Report | 04/19/2014 1:11 am
Reno Takamiya
Ah, I see. I Only asked because I was on another internet forum awhile ago in the Wal-Mart trade in thread. Where they said Wal-Mart stopped selling everything Amazon. However, my local store still has regular Amazon Gift Cards. So I guess it depends on the store. I also read an internet article that only said they'd stop selling Kindles and not definitively everything. Which still makes me wonder why. Thanks for the info anyways.
Reno Takamiya Report | 04/18/2014 9:32 pm
Reno Takamiya
I just came to ask if your local Wal-Mart has stopped selling Amazon Gift Cards? I've read on the internet that they've stopped selling Kindles and what I can guess is the Kindle gift cards as well. My Wal-Mart still sells the regular Amazon Gift Cards though. In my city and outside of it. I wonder why they stopped selling Kindles.
Its Meark Report | 04/13/2014 11:20 pm
Its Meark
Hey I'm gunna go watch GoT right now. xD
Reno Takamiya Report | 04/07/2014 7:16 pm
Reno Takamiya
Monsoon, Sundowner and Armstrong are probably the only three in the game who are worth noting as difficulty or challenging. Some more difficult than others though. Rising is just like every other Platinum Games, game. They know how to get the action down but the story part is mostly lacking. Rising however is slightly better in the story department. I've also noticed that Platinum Games likes to make games that have the Mission Complete screen. (The kind that was in Devil May Cry)


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