I am me, and Me I am
I like anything, Black, Red, Blue, white/cream, Purple or pink XD but even if its not any of the above colors i'm sure i'll be happy smilies/icon_smile.gif I love hair's, clothes, make up, dolls, anything sexy or cute XD


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Hey my name's Christina..
I'm 27 years old.. I really don't come on here like i used to.. mostly only around to talk with some of my old friends and to collect avi art. I have an obsession with collecting avi art. I am always looking for art.
Aside from all that i tend to keep to myself, not nearly as social as i once was..
but err if you wanna know anything else just send me a PM.
Willing to make new friends but must actually talk smilies/icon_razz.gif
Also currently obsessed with GTPAY threads... XD if you wanna chat look me up there lol

Do not ask me for donations. I do NOT donate to anyone. (this doesn't count towards GTPAY Threads)
I gift my friends, but i do not do donations when asked for them.
If you have a quest thread, I will however go give it a bump if asked but thats all i will do to help others with there quests. I've had my own quests over time, and my current one is for art which is a never ending quest.

Thomas Sigal