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Captain Kenkei Sensei Report | 05/11/2014 1:30 pm
I'm glad you guys are having a healthy friendship out of all that. I've found it hard to be friends with an ex.

I'm sure my brother doesn't know how lucky to have me watching out for him. He's stayed out of trouble since he got out and he's hanging out less with the friend who got him in trouble to begin with.
Captain Kenkei Sensei Report | 05/08/2014 9:27 pm
Id ask more about the divorce but I dont want to intrude. I hope things work out for the best.
As for me, Im trying to keep my brother out of trouble. He recently went to jail and just got out a few days ago.
Lily Melinoe Report | 05/07/2014 11:16 pm
[[HEEEEEEEEEEY SEXY LADEAHHHHHHHH heart heart heart heart ]]
Lily Melinoe Report | 05/07/2014 10:58 pm
[Heeeeeeeey sexy lady~]]
Captain Kenkei Sensei Report | 05/07/2014 12:24 pm
Thanks :3

So how have you been, Tasmic? surprised It's been ages since we spoke last.
Captain Kenkei Sensei Report | 05/06/2014 5:41 pm
I like your avatar!
and I like hats, too. :3
uuuuuuuuu44444 Report | 05/06/2014 11:44 am
I love your profile song. heart
Lily Melinoe Report | 02/25/2014 1:17 am
I missed you too. How are you, miss?
Lily Melinoe Report | 02/25/2014 12:18 am
Hello Miss Tass~
Golden Nips Report | 02/14/2014 3:35 am
How've you been? biggrin

Oh hey it's me! ^u^

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This is who I am!

A bright glowing portal opens before your eyes. Glimmering and beautiful. Songs leak out from the slit in the air. You can feel the hair on the back of you neck standing up. It's almost as if the air is static.. A glove hand reaches through towards you. It is delicate. A females hand. You think about taking it. But fear holds you back. Does it want you to join it? Where will it lead. Then the hand reaches further. Now its a while arm.. now a shoulder.. and the.. a face. Bright shimmering white hair frames a naive and unknowing face. Silver eyes watch and blink at you. Still offering her hand. Her mouth is curled into a smile. Perhaps the most friendly smile you have ever seen. You know you can trust her.

Name: Tassandria X. Goes by Tas or Tassy

Age: She has lost count. Somewhere in the 900's. Appears to be 24.

Gender: Whimsically female.

Build: Tall and Curvy. The girl has nice thighs.

Height: 5'9"

Species/race: Portal User. Also known as Gate Holders, Wanderers and World Seekers.

Appearance: Short hair, one half completely white. The other is black with strips of white beginning to appear. Her bangs are always tousled in front of her face. She once had long flowing hair but a mishap happened when she crossed through a portal that closed too early, cutting off her hair. Because of her addictive personality she also sports and enjoys tattoos. A star on her face and has a star on her butt.. but for the life of her she cannot remember when or why she got it. Tas also has strange looking winged tuffs on each side of her head. They blend in with her hair and sometimes are mistaken for part of her hairstyle. They are sometimes white and sometimes grey. Neither she or any of her kind understand what they are used for or why they change color.

Usually Tassandria is attracted to white and black clothing. Whether or not this is because she is completely colorblind is unknown. Because of her Portal traveling she almost always wears tight fitting clothes. Loose clothing is too dangerous in the middle of travel so she prefers to rid herself of that worry completely. She always wears a white ribbon tied somewhere on her body. It was given to her by someone special long ago and it is the only possession she cherishes.


Portals: Tas can open portals to different worlds and dimensions. She has traveled to many places and recently opened a Portal into Gaia where she has been tinkering around with the locals. But there is a price to pay with opening a Portal. Tas must exchange some of her own blood in order to let one open. The blood amount depends on the size of the Portal. There is another price that each one who opens them must pay though. Portal crossing and opening becomes an addiction. With each one opened she slowly slips deeper and deeper into her drug.

Tassandria often passes out from too much use. Her body goes pale and she becomes numb until her body can no longer stand. If she is found knocked out it is suggested the finder should bring her a large meal. Portal use requires a lot of nourishment. During this time Tas sleeptalks about her dreams. Often they make little to no sense. Portals range in size from holes that are big enough to stick a hand through, to giant massive Gates that allow planets and mass armies through. Small portals have almost no effect on her. But if she opens too many full body doorways in a day it can take its toll. Bringing another body that is not a Portal Hopper through is also fairly rough on her if she has had an active day of use.

Portal leaping is hard on the body, she losses and regrows her teeth every few years. It is also very hard on the bones. Her kinds bone structure is as hard if not harder than steel to keep up with it. That said, a punch from her hits much heavier then that of a normal every day human. It is also nearly impossible to break her bones.

Immortality: Her people would live forever had their blood Portal addiction not taken its toll. It slowly drains their life force. All of her people are born with jet black hair and stone black eyes. Children are forbidden and not taught how to open Portals of their own, because of the inability to control themselves. Once they come of age they are taught the ability. And slowly their eyes lighten into varying shards of grey, eventually turning a milky white. Their hair also begins to lighten and soon they sport platinum white hair. The heavier the use the more drastic the change. Her age is somewhat unknown, she had forgotten long ago, nor does she really care to know.

Portals make a beautiful whispering sound when they are open. It often sounds like a lullaby being sung. It is believed that Portals are living beings that allow Portal users to pass through them in exchange for blood that they consume. When the exchange happens it is as if the blood just vanishes from the body. Tas often speaks to the portals and refers to them as "Little ones" when talking to them. The in between portal world is something intimate. Her kind believe the most loving and romantic thing you can do with a partner is to bring them into a portal with you and listen to their song. Unfortunately this is highly dangerous if you are not one of her kind.

Aglity: Tas is quick on her feet and fairly agile. Despite her strange bone structure she is flexible and able to contort her body in different ways. That way if there is ever a day she cannot open a doorway sized Portal to escape she can squeeze and bend through something smaller.

Personality: She is usually happy go lucky. Rarely will you find her in a bad mood. Tas is also overly curious, a trait of her people. This often gets her in trouble when she snoops where she isn't wanted. Her adventurous cravings have brought her to many splendid places but also as many dreadful realms. She also has streaks of mischief and enjoys teasing and playing with others. She quickly trusts and believes in people upon first meeting them. Usually she can make friends easily and often is taken advantage because of her friendly and open heart. Tas is not a fighter, she avoids it if at all possible. If she needed she could rely on her fists and strong structure to quickly take out an opponent paired with quick Portal usage. But she prefers not too.

Tas also has a weak spot for food, specifically sweets. Her body requires a lot of nourishment in order to function thanks to her constant need to replenish blood. She can easily out eat 5 adult grown human men. Her sin is Gluttony and she is unable to hide it.

Tassandria learned Portal use at an abnormally young age. Her father was worried about her being taken advantage of because of her personality. So he taught her as a coping mechanism for when she was socially hurt by her own mistakes. The addiction took hold of her quickly. It is said that opening a Portal feels close to the same as having an orgasm. Also another reason why it is forbidden to teach to young children. Her fathers peers frowned on him. But she learned fast. She was praised for the ability to quickly open them. Taking only seconds without hardly any thought. It came to her naturally as if it were built in her breath. This put her ahead of others during combat and escape. Unfortunately it has also hindered her ability to keep portals open for too long. She seems to have taken the best and worst of Portal usage.

She has no personal belongings, when ever she is in need of something she naively opens a portal somewhere and takes what she is looking for. It has yet to dawn on her that this is stealing and that she may have worsened someones life because of it.

(If you would like to know more about the person behind Tas, well you can just look in my journal for a rabble babble list of rabble babble!)


I do like friends!

Sometimes I put stuff here :V

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