I'm Tarrien

I do Tarot readings, by donation. Ask me if you're going to die, and you'll be ignored.

My birthday is May 22. Which means I'm a Gemini, which means I'm nuts. :3. You could always donate anything that has bells or stars in it to me. I'd be really happy.

I'm training to be a tarot reader and a craps dealer.

I'm an adult, don't pester me with stupidity. I am taken by the sweetest person I have ever met. I don't need anyone else.

I don't donate. This is 10 years of just being on this site. Do not beg me for anything

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Things that make me happy
- Internets
- Lottery Tickets
- The Occult and Supernatural
- Stuffed animals
- Arts and Crafts
- Intellectual Conversation
- Those that are aware of their actions and their karma
- Music

Things On my Badlist
- Arrogance
- Lying about your age. (Seriously. Don't lie about this to me*)
- Liars
- Drama Queens
- Stink
- Temper tantrums
- Friends that never contact me.

Don't make me babysit you or deal with stupid drama. I will ignore you and stop your tirade immediately. Don't mess with my friends either.


Tar's Diary

....Sad tisn't it?

It's about my day... I'm boring don't bother reading- I put nothing juicy in here


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Report | 11/16/2015 3:59 am


TY for letting me know! I love the color green, and your whole avi is adorable. biggrin

Report | 11/15/2015 2:12 am


Thanks so much for playing / bumping my glow yesterday. smile

Do you mind if I ask, what is the cute little green outfit you're wearing?
Nash-eoke_ the patcher

Report | 10/12/2015 5:35 pm

Nash-eoke_ the patcher


Hey !

( ( HUGS ) )

How are you ?

Regds NTP



Report | 09/25/2015 12:21 am


xp Hey, I am back on here and I feel lost! lol. It's been a long while. Just wanted to say hi

Report | 07/23/2015 10:57 pm


Oddly enough, you're right. The whole "rope you in to stroke their own ego" is right on the money.

Thank you.
Nash-eoke_ the patcher

Report | 11/16/2014 5:14 pm

Nash-eoke_ the patcher

Hello Tarrien ( Mewing Otter ) my fellow Patcher .

Just to remind you of the Temple Aerie and Cabbit Patch forum guild.

Nash-eoke 2004/06 Cabbit Patch : C-Masters Chat Mods

TA&CP : Member

Regds & Peace
Nash-eoke_ the patcher

Report | 11/03/2014 4:17 pm

Nash-eoke_ the patcher

Hello to Otter 325 ( Tarrien )

How are you ?

heart ( ( HUGS ) )

The 2014 season for cacti flowers is well and truly over. And recently I spent Two months digging holes in the woods in my local area over the pond here. It left me tired and aching , but I finaly caught up on another of the things that I should have done when I was a kid , that my Father never done with me . Now that I look back , he never really once tried to to bond with me . That Father to son relationship.

Been doing a spot of bottle digging , and found some good stuff to keep me going , including some items I feel I am blessed to have found.

If you want to see some of the items I have found , there are pics in my journal .

My Artistic moments ( graffiti ) have been very few and far between . But I did do a small thing in the North of London some weeks back. My GF Skitzio_Rainbow10 took a photo and it turned out to be one of the best pics take of me yet " Ever " . It's on my prof page.

I have a some Christmas or Thanksgiving cactus budding in the Kitchen , and they will keep me going till winter as far as flowers are concerned.

Cant get into my Gaia Home , and now Zomg is down for possibly indefinite maintenance =^~^=

X x

Nash-eoke_ the patcher

Report | 05/16/2014 2:55 pm

Nash-eoke_ the patcher


Hey there Tiff , how are you ( ( HUGS ) ) , life treating you ?

I just done some rearranging on my Profile. Also added a lot more pictures to my Journal entry for Cacti flowers 2014.

Check these little jewels out

X x


ps I think in the wake of Ketira's passing, I think that Cabbit as it is online is no more. But we however are still friends and always will be. Things change , and although we still remain Cabbit and vouch for the Orange and Green in us. It will now and forever be stories for telling and our personal heritage.

At this moment my GF has made a couple of orange and green ( rubber wristbands ) . I'm going to send these to ex Cabbit Jezarel in Virginia. Lettuce know if you want a couple =^_~=

( ( HUGS ) )


Nash-eoke_ the patcher

Report | 01/01/2014 6:26 am

Nash-eoke_ the patcher

=^-^= Happy new 2014 Otter <3

All the best

( ( HUGS ) )

X x

From Nash-eoke
Nash-eoke_ the patcher

Report | 11/06/2013 4:57 pm

Nash-eoke_ the patcher

=^~^= Hello there Otter 325.

Don't know if you've been on the Gaia Cabbits/Temple Aerie forum at all.

But hidden away I noticed a topic from earlier this year labeled in Ketira's name.


I am afraid that Ketira our old Cabbit Patch ( admin ) from years ago , has died at the age of 49.

She had a hard life I am told and suffered with illness brought on by her cudliness .

R.I.P Ketira <3