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Name: Whitlei Isabelle Delacroix

Nicknames: Lei, Tigger or Skittles

Age: 17

Family: Ken Delacroix - her older brother

Race: Human

Abilities: Shapeshifting into another human

Appearance: Standing at only five feet, Lei is very small and fragile looking. Her blond hair hangs down past her shoulders, somewhat curly though she usually likes to straighten it before she goes out into public. She has cream colored skin, not dark, but not too pale either, and her bright blue eyes are usually the first things that catch other people's attention. She can usually be found wearing a shorter black skirt {up a few inches from the knees} and a dark, blood red sleeveless shirt. She wears a pair of black gloves that extend up to the elbow and a pair of high heeled boots that stopped an inch or two below the knee.

Temperament: Lei's usually a hyper and bouncy girl, though there are times when she can be as silent and shy as the next person. She always has to have something to do to keep herself busy otherwise she becomes extremely bored. She's not the fighting type, though if someone she loved was in trouble she could put that behind her. Aside from everything that has happened to her and Ken she has become a strong, loyal, friendly and loving person.