I\'m Tannsy and this is my new account. Click here to find out what happened to my old one. (Journal entry is friends only)

I'm a twenty-six year old woman from the Ohio River Valley area. I make a living singing in bars, casinos, and at weddings, but I'm a slave to academia well educated and have a few degrees (a BSN, and a BA and MA). I love flowers, and my favorite flower of all time are sunflowers. That might be a little surprising considering my username is Tannsy (like tansy). I love sunflowers though because they're tall and majestic, and even in the hardest rain, the darkest night, and the fiercest wind they stand strong and bright. I like to think that's how I am. Plus, they're just so pretty! <3 I'm a natural enthusiast. I enjoy growing my own foods, I'm iffy about vaccinations, and if I ever have another child, my hope is to have him or her at home, granted there are no complications. My goal in life is to be a wife and mother, and one of the hardest things I've ever had to go through was giving birth to our stillborn son, Joshua Ryan, on May 30, 2007.

I met my husband, James, when I was thirteen and we've been together since August 8, 2003, over eleven years now! It's so hard to believe it's been that long. He was diagnosed with cancer in January 2009 after two years of aplastic anemia, and I have been his main caregiver. I couldn't imagine leaving him when he needed me most and when I needed him. He is what keeps me sane, and he's my saving grace. We eloped on November 5, 2013, after being engaged for several years and pushing our wedding back twice. Our spur of the moment wedding was an exact week before he received his bone marrow transplant! Getting married and him getting his transplant has given us hope and a future that at one point we never felt was possible. He is a Gaian as well. His username is Enfynity. You should totally check him out, he's a pretty cool guy, even if his profile is really outdated!

I used to use this account primarily for changing avatars (I never changed my main account) and for playing zOMG, but I never get to play very often. That stinks because I love the game! I enjoyed people I came across while playing, and zOMG helps keep my mind off of things. It's a fun way to waste time and make gold for my various quests. I also used zOMG for an imaging thing for a while and still do; sometimes I see the game differently. For a long time, I kept my avatar really ugly wearing peasant clothes, ugly green starter hair and evil red eyes. That avatar represented chemo and the animated in zOMG are leukemia blasts. Chemo isn't pretty and neither was that avi, but both still kill. I miss the game a lot, and everyone I used to play with! I will say though that the game seems to be completely black and white; there are great people and then there some awful people. I'm grateful for all the great people! n_n So glad that I haven't come across many awful!

I love volleyball, working out, theatre, RENT, and children. I want nothing more than to be a mommy to a healthy, living child.

I miss Elmo very, very much.


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Where flowers bloom, so does hope.

Flowers are the only thing God forgot to put a soul into.



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saw you're on facebook a bit. feel free to add me on there. it's Sinthia Demina and cya there

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AWWWWW CONGRATS!!! I'm soooo happy that he is cancer free!! And no worries darling you will overcome it as well :love: And yes me and Robert worked things out quite well and are now doing a lot better in our marriage and with our boys. And I know it, Alex is growing way to fast for my taste lol. Do you still have Skype? I have a new one and feel free to add me and I can show you the boys as well ^w^ purpletigerrainbowness <----Skype Name ^w^

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Yes its been way too long my friend. And not a lot, I had a baby boy ^w^ Hes going to be 5 months old on the 11th. Alex will be 6 next month x.x Me and my husband are about to get our own house ^w^

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*hugs* It has been a really long time darling, I've been doing well. How are you? ^w^ Happy New Year to you as well emotion_bigheart

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You're welcome and thank you. <3

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well i am currently working on an avi version of palutena from kid icarus smile so if you could do that
That would be awesome

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you're welcome smile
and no rush
you can send it out whenever you're able to
Morhidia kanibul

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Morhidia kanibul

Madness is not a state of mind.

Madness is a Place.

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"thanks C: meds to tend to help but they also ******** up the body -.- "

Lets go there shall we?

Go to wonderland . . .

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        I was pretty disgusted too. I've been defending Gaia a lot lately and this I just can't excuse.
        It's not that common for sales to happen just because it's Remembrance Day (basically Canada's Veteran's Day) so when I saw that I just

        *rolls up newpaper and hits Gaia* BAD.


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