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22. Female.
Biology major, weightlifter, crossfitter.
I'm an oldbie, but I love meeting new people.
Feel free to send a comment or a message. c:


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Master Jew Report | 06/21/2014 9:53 am
Hey you! Long time no see! So egg on my face redface my artist has not completed your art yet!

I feel so bad, and I know you're probably really understanding, but I have commissioned art for you
from another artist, hopefully I can get it to you very soon! I do apologize sincerely for their absence.

If they aver do complete it, Ill forward italong, but I doubt they will, I should've noticed earlier, but I have
been so busy IRL and I'm sorry! Everything will be taken care of soon enough! Thanks again, later! whee

Eloquentress Report | 06/19/2014 8:29 pm
Ahh I see, I thought that you might have abandoned the thread hahha. Oh my yeah I can tell, I just finished my midterm last week so I'm hoping to get good results! How's your summer class coming along?
Eloquentress Report | 06/15/2014 12:34 am
Hey Tank! How have you been lately?
Master Jew Report | 06/02/2014 3:10 pm
Oh very cool! Genetics are really the future of medicine. Shoot, math is the hard part, I'm sure you'll "get it" sooner or later.
They call it the "Ah ha!" moment, seriously. Your brain has certain blocks in it, when you finally figure out ( subconsously )
how to avoid the block, it all fits together like a big puzzle. That's how computer programming worked with me, it wasn't until
about 3 years after I took the class, I was tinkering at home and I was like OMG I almost fell out of my chair!

Yeah, right now I am a Private Investigator working from a call center to conduct federal background checks on Nuclear
Plant workers. We do all the people that have any sort of access to the plant. We have a database for holding the
employment applications that we recieve from the Plants they're applying to, and we communicate via VPNs so there
is a lot of infrastructure to maintain, we have to call in people to service it now, and we have to do backgrounds on
them too! stressed So I told my boss it'd be cheaper to send me to school for it in the long run, I'll stick around! xd

Master Jew Report | 06/02/2014 2:29 pm
Oh my yes! Busy makes the time fly by!

There will be 25 dolls made, and from the looks of it, they will probably recolor my wings into the Cash Shop.
That's where those new bloody wings in the CShop came from, they recolored this Custom Doll.

Yeah, the weather has finally been enjoyable here as well, and that's awesome that you're into physics!
What field are you hoping to get into? I have always been interested in String Theory and Particle Physics.
Never had enough money for school though, had to focus on my family first. Hopefully my boss will be sending
me to school for IT Cyber Security this fall, so there's something! xd

Master Jew Report | 06/02/2014 2:12 pm
Oh, my pleasure! xd

I've been good, pretty busy, but good!

My custom doll was approved last week,
so I have about another week before I
get the mock-up pictures of the designs.
Should be completed before June though!

Anything happening on your end?

Master Jew Report | 06/02/2014 1:58 pm
Just got word from my artist, your freebie is nearly done!

rococobro Report | 05/30/2014 1:18 pm
aw ty!! I love yours 3
Mindful Self Indulgence Report | 05/19/2014 9:23 pm
In hindsight, my past self-indulgences were less than mindful...
Mindful Self Indulgence Report | 05/19/2014 9:18 pm
I feel so clever about it. biggrin

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