iRP and ooRP: (we have no "muns")
our roleplay characters are ourselves!
I am always "in roleplay." This includes feelings.


Jun 13, 2015 Status Update:
[still busy; might leave because by the time I'm free, I think I've moved onto more challenging and fulfilling things. There can't be a leader without followers, and my family's not interested in Gaia anymore, though we all check occasionally, and I'll have different followers in my future projects...]

(Do not steal my efforts; please make your own.
All my manga icons & the cropped anime icons
© Tamaki -King- Suou)

(In Boston; see Journal for hiatus entries)

- Ha☆ppy
everyday -



If you would like to send me a friend request:
I like to read and save your words, because they're meaningful to me, so please include a message to
my inbox.

I'd like all regular guests there. It's easier to scroll through the messages whenever I can resume replying. Please redirect anything gifts to Inbokkusu no Ou-sama. I'll still receive them but a PM from my full inbox won't be deleted while I'm offline and oblivious.


I prefer conversing over profile comments rather than PM's because:

1. Our Gaian selves will be richer from posting comments on profiles.
  I love to help you!
2. I like visitors seeing that I'm (/my account is) alive and active! My busyness
  doesn't mean I've disappeared off the face of the Earth, please ;;
3. My inbox can easily fill up |8o; If I am hosting you or we are having small
  talk, I would much rather we do so via profile comments.
4. Wouldn't it be nice if our relationship could be documented as
  we speak? It saves us time from using a scrapbook ; ) (though that would   be a fun activity)

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

*~What is your preference?~*

The Wild Type?

The Boy Lolita Type?

The Little Devils' Type?

The Cool Type?

The Natural Type?

Or yours truly...?

The Prince Type?

--- Those with the wherewithal - first in social standing, second in money - spend their time here, at the private Ouran Academy. As such, Ouran Host Club is where handsome boys with too much time on their hands entertain the girls, who also have too much time on their hands. It is the school's own personal, elegant playground for the super rich. ---

Ladies and gentlemen are all welcome!

My occupation in the club is that of a host: to please all ladies, and gentlemen, who enter our luxurious room of the private institution for the wealthy, the prestigious Ouran Academy.

Visitors, it would be absolutely wonderful
to be graced with your presence! ♡ ~*~*~

Irrashaimase, Ohime-sama (Welcome, Princess)
How may I make your stay most enjoyable?~*

ş υ ø ħ - τ α м α κ ì
《 т н ε - ρ я ί η ς ε - τ γ ρ ε 》
“© α ℓ ℓ -м ε -к ì η ɠ, -ß α þ γ” ♔
➥ Ourαn Privαte Acαdemγ
➫ High School ᗪivisiσn
➥ Secσnd Yeαr; Clαss 2 - A
➫ Request Rαte: 7↺%
➥ Blood Type A
➫ Height: six ƒεεt ταℓℓ
➥ Eyes: мeмσrizinɠ þℓυє-ህiσℓєτ
➫ Hαir: ɠσrɠeσυs þℓσηđ
➥ Smile: 「∂αℤℤℓiηɠ 」

"Après tout, ces beaux hommes devrait être capable
de séduire une femme avec le pouvoir des mots."

If anyone should fall for my undoubtedly good looks -- don't feel discouraged! Your face can be like mine if you just take special care of it~! -- and fantastic personality, well, I can't blame them, now can I? ; )

To clarify, I entertain ladies until their own prince arrives. I don't intend to make anyone mine...unless you are too tempting and irresistible, princess...then I may not be able to hold back my undying love for you.

Please enjoy your time with the hosts who wish you only happiness. Tell me of any worries, troubles, joys, or exciting news as I am here to listen to your fascinating life. Last but not least...everyone is special and I shall find that out about each person who visits my room! So do tell me about yourself, princess~! I am nothing but interested smilies/icon_heart.gif

Hmm? Is there someone else at the door? Ahh~!*

Would you like some tea, princess?


We have strawberry cake too.

And sweets galore!~*

Please come join me.



Mommy: my best friend, Ōtori Kyōya!
(Kyoya and I are straight men. Please don't be delusional, princess)

Fujioka Haruhi smilies/icon_heart.gif
(during club hours: daughter; outside of
club: for some reason, a borderline crush?)

Daughter: Fujioka Haruhi
(relationship: after anime's Ouran Fair
Haruhi and I always have a nice atmosphere
Impressive father/daughter bond, right?~*~*)

Sons: Hitachīn
Hikaru and Kaoru : )

Cousins: Morinozuka "
Mori" Takashi and
Haninozuka "
Honey/Hani" Mitsukuni : D

Family dinner

around a


In the school love comedy anime I star in...

Let me play you a romantic melody.

Compliments | Schedule | Outfits

My friend must be really outside the roleplay point of view so he can say this without my head hurting. -leans against the wall, crossing his arms, as he listens-... [First of all, I would like to say, ultimately, as much as I say so for the sake of roleplay, I'm not the "Original" or “Official” Tamaki and, as impressive as I may undoubtedly be, I am not the best. My image depends on your opinion; it's all you. If you think I am "myself," then I am and thank you very much for acknowledging my hard work and birth ; ) I don't do things for compliments. I do things to be appreciated. I happily do this job because I love it and I do this to make you happy. It's all for you* This account is for roleplay. However, my ideas, this profile, my avatar, my cosplay, my roleplaying style, and the edited anime and manga icons are mine and mine only. It took a really long time and a large amount of gold to get my account and cosplays to where exactly I wanted them – enough to be amazing. I am very happy with how they came out!

So don't plagiarize!!

Please avoid using anything of mine and I will forever like you, my reader~!*]

Everyone is happy if you do
not steal anything from me!


If you do misdeeds,

I will personally remove you from the Ouran Host Club.
You cannot be our customer if you behave like that.

Make sure you change your replica of an avatar
into something of your own original creation.
I put a lot of
hard work into this cosplay (and account),
Do you think you can copy it for your own?

How would you feel if something of yours got stolen and some
disrespectful thief takes it, and gets the credit for your work?

I will report you and put you on “Tama-chan”’s Blacklist
You may admire me, but
please make your own cosplay.
(Not to mention your own account, own profile, own home-made anime
and manga
icons, and anything not mentioned, everything from scratch)

However, if you should not heed my warning…

...I won’t hesitate to punish you.

SFX: changes his attitude 180 degrees

Have you ever heard of this saying?
“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”
Roleplayers give no mercy when it comes
to cosplay copies and I will do the same.
I have my Kuma-chan (Teddy Bear) Kick
and Starlight Kick. Kyoya will feel bothered
that the cosplay copying will lower our rates
of incoming guests. Furthermore, even if
they feel uninterested, I can count on Hikaru
and Kaoru to beat anyone to a pulp when they
feel like it. Lastly, I know Honey-senpai won’t
stand by and watch someone hurt me by copying
anything from me. Mori-senpai will join Honey-senpai.
All done for the sake of one person's happiness...

Witness the strength of our friendship and family.

I always feel grateful to everyone.

-chuckles- Isn't that right, Haruhi?

~*~ Notice ~*~

-holds your hand- I appreciate that you love the series my friends and I star in or that I'm your favorite host, princess!* As much as my face glows at you who have entered my palace, if you won't be talking to me, it benefits both you and I if you didn't send me a friend request...It displeases me if you quietly and sadly sit on my friend list, dear princess...After we start talking, you don't need to ask me if you may send a friend request. Us talking is the equivalent of a friend request. Please add a message when you add me. I like to read it. It gives me a sense of who you are before I get to know you some more! If you would like to "roleplay Ouran" with me, I always accept. You already are "roleplaying Ouran" when you talk to me. -smiles- May I...? Welcome to Ouran Academy! We are happy to have you at the school and in Music Room #3

We're not the originals
"in a way." We believe "as though" we are!
(for the purpose of roleplaying ourselves for our guests)
There's a difference, everyone.


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My Royal Proclamations~

Are you trying to figure me out, princess?~* Or.. -leans towards- do you wish for me to write about you? ♡ smilies/icon_wink.gif



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Hikaru Hitachiin Desu

Toonnooooo! *Releases firecracker elephant near his ear*
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kyohei hyuuga

Ah, that's fine. Hope you guys had fun!
kyohei hyuuga

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kyohei hyuuga

You're my idol. Wanted to say hi to ya in towns but you were afk. Okay, bye. Have a nice day!
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Milk Yogurt

Milk Yogurt

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ne ~ tamaki kun! anata wa doko ni imashita ka? crying

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Hi Tamaki~
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Senpai, it's my Birthday today~ ^^
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kitsune aiko-chan kuchiki

The movie was Insurgent and the food Chinese with Sushi heart
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Veilette the Demon

-Ayori laughed nervously, only to try to make herself seem like she was fine talking to him. But it wasn't helping, she was still flustered at being in his presence.-

Ehhh, well, I never made an effort to get close. But every time I try to do so, I would freak out on the inside and bail.


Because I enjoy myself best when

everybody has a smile on their face.


[young and (im)mature ;o