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Report | 08/20/2014 10:39 am


It's alright Snarky. No worries. ^ ^''

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Oh alright dear.
Was kind of concerned with what was up, but I don't want to bother with it if you prefer not to talk about it.

An U-N Owen Factor

Report | 08/20/2014 2:16 am

An U-N Owen Factor

It's okay, Snarky. I can wait as long as it takes. Though, I'm really glad that you enjoyed the roleplay! Getting the chance to RP with you was an absolute honour (that must sound strange, but I really look up to you in terms of WGers!)), to the point where I worried a lot about the quality of my writing. OTL It's been really fun talking to you OOC as well! It's a huge relief to know that you liked roleplaying with me as much as I did to you.

Alright, enough rambling on now, hope everything goes alright on your end! 4laugh

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Heart Charms for you, for you, for you, FOR ERRYBODY.

Yeah. I think kids don't even really care about the Pokedex unless it's just to fill it, and even then most kids don't honestly think about that. xD
That was pretty much my mindset too. I didn't care about finishing the Pokedex or just getting Pokemon I didn't have, I just wanted to BEAT IT.

I kind of feel like the only reason they even keep the arts at all is to say they didn't completely forget about it and they're not all about "working their students" and give them "fun time" too. Because I mean half the time they think the fine arts is just a fun waste of time, and while yeah, it's fun, people also take it seriously as well, and it's not all just a game to them.
That's pretty intense though. I think that's one case where it definitely worked out for her. People will pay good money to have their kids just know how to play an instrument, even if it means nothing. rofl

I'll still chock that up to being ridiculous, too, but you at least wanted to look on the bright-side (even though it was still kind of dim lol).
Haha that kind of goes off from what I mentioned in the previous paragraph. Art is definitely srs bsns and while it can be fun, you also can't expect to ******** around and then still get a good grade. xD

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You alright Snarky dear? I sort of passed by some of your posts while skimming through the DLS...
Figured something was up, so I decided to stop by and ask.

O-Of course, you don't have to answer if you don't feel like it.
^ ^;;
a little hummingbird

Report | 08/19/2014 11:18 am

a little hummingbird

Stalk! O w O

Report | 08/17/2014 10:39 am


I have no many charms right now it's scary; xD

Oh yeah.. definitely. They need to like.. slowdown on those descriptions sometimes. Like there are kids playing this, STAHP.
Like if even I'm slightly unsettled by the thought of a Pokemon stealing my soul or taking me to hell.... rofl Then again, kids don't always think about that s**t.

That's true. It's like those textbooks wouldn't have any visuals if not for artists or photographers. We wouldn't have images of HISTORY without artists or photographers. Music definitely helps people with medical therapy. People have babies going through stress listen to music to help them out too. But yes, all things have a purpose. And even if they didn't have a practical purpose, it doesn't mean people still can't enjoy them. I guess people LIVE on double standards though, you see them all the time in everything. rofl

Whoa, are you serious? I mean.. I know sketchbooks aren't the cheapest thing but they're by far not so expensive that you have to use composition books. What the ******** is that? Like what kind of sketchbooks did they want you to get that you had to get composition books? Yeah, the fact that funding keeps getting cut is partially the reason more and more people believe fine arts are nothing important. They see it as funding being cut because it's worthless, when that's really not the case at all.

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thank you ah ; w ; <3

i am noodle vendor chan, the other bae
googly bear omfg..
honey bunny LMAO
vomit inducing is a very widespread territory .. * ^ *

yeee! pretty much ; w ; oh god its like that site that you link your friends to and they try to take the personality test for you based on what they know orz
capricorns can remain a mystery to us Q w Q

but you said once that cheese gets better with age so ; w ;
we all know whos the superior cheese..
also! the master plan comes with the backup plan b(..ae)
/snug ~

LOL. the pride cake roll @ A @ i want to eat it, ahhh .. even though ive probably eaten too many baked goods these last 4 days x w x shakes fist
(they are) (theyre good af ;___; ) (but i never know which one to pick first hehe)
/stacks sushi into a tower !

Report | 08/16/2014 9:49 pm


TY for the purchase :}

Report | 08/16/2014 12:13 am


agh i only just saw this now x m x sorry ahhh

omg omg. youre the bae then @ w @ <3
i feel hesitant with petnames since im positive i make them sound dumb. LOL

ahh i agree with you there ; w ;
the order of thought functions is probably the most useful part aside from the flaws, since the person can understand their own reactions better, but its like .. in some situations (like .. one that involves high amount of empathy vs one that requires a logical approach) it would be better to react with "sensing" or "thinking" first, and a super "balanced" person would have all 8 functions fully developed and their initial thought reaction would always adapt -- oh my god im rambling orz
ahh yours are so interesting! Q w Q we should make a dubiously-correct handbook one day LOL ..
..im probably going the Slightly Inaccurate route by going to people i know .. orz

aquarius: individualistic, practical, unemotional
pisces: introspective/introverted, sensitive, naive--->jaded
taurus: stubborn lazy food stability-driven, indulgent, adamant
libra: aware, tactful, extremelypeopleconscious (NOW THIS LOOKS LIKE THE BAD TRAIT..)
virgo: hardworking, detailed, perfectionist
cancer: protective, familial (motherly..), vindictive
leo: bold, energetic, self absorbed
scorpio: powerful, determined, kindascary
gemini: talkative, witty, (i agree with you on the easily distracted part orz)
aries: direct, ambitious, forceful
sagittarius: straightforward, independent, breezy

i am a silly goose!
my cheese is like .. beginners cheese though CRIES
forgive forgive
/chu chu chu

"the most liberal cake roll"
OK BUT FOR REAL that reminds me of those rainbow rolls they make in sushi places sometimes and im like "this is the silliest thing i could possibly get and its kind of pointless .. i want it"
i would also give you all the rainbow rolls ; w ;
tomorrow!!!!!! /wheezes