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Report | 07/22/2014 12:24 pm


i was going to say hi on skype but then i fell asleep for 2 hours
im glad you feel better though ; ^ ; <3
(and :''I i think your art is much nicer so we're even!)

.. um .. hope 4:55 didnt count ..
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Report | 07/22/2014 12:04 pm


I'm not sure how things with her dad are gonna go to be honest. He really, really does not like that she's with my brother, and wants her to find someone else.
When she was at her house, he started off saying he might be able to find him a job, but then he went back on it saying why hasn't be found anything yet.
Then he ended up getting drunk after that, telling her he's a good for nothing and she needs to leave him. Now sure, being drunk probably made it worse.
But I feel like he wouldn't have said it at all if he didn't feel somewhere, deep down, that that's really how he felt. But I can't blame him for that.
My brother isn't good for/to her, and I can't even pretend he is because it's so blatantly apparent.

Oh well. xD At least there are alternatives to honey haha. I never even realized how much I don't like honey until I tried eating it on a sandwich lol.
Then after that just.. everything I tried it with was not good, holy cow. BACON BITS IN MASHED POTATOES? GIVE ME.

My thinking is that they probably already had these items done before it was launched and were going to release them eventually anyhow, even if we didn't make the tiers.
But for Loyal's, it seemed very obvious that THOSE items/plans were NOT at all thought about until AFTER the kickstarters were over.
I just don't see how else it would have taken as long as it did if they even had the slightest idea or preparation for what they were gonna do.
I'm pretty sure that's how the event items are working. It's why there are nearly none on the MP right now. Maybe 6 of the items actually have listings, and there are supposedly supposed to be 18.
I say 10 because there are bottoms missing from one set, I guess maybe they haven't been listed yet AT ALL. I wouldn't even bother with them, they're just bikinis.

I would hope they'd pay reapersun to put more quality into it. Currently she was just trying to get them done as fast as she could, given her time and pay, to get the story out.
I would even go as far to say she probably did some of it for free, and that's why it just wasn't done as well. At least the last few pages have been nice, but it wasn't just her.
I assume now with the kickstarter being successful, they have other artists working on it besides her. It's about time we get back to collaborations.

Report | 07/21/2014 11:49 pm


ahh sorry! i didnt seem to get a notice for your reply
im really glad you somehow like it ; w ; you butt fnfmmdm
i still want you to take my charms though ` ^ `
i hope by the time you read this your headache is gone! and you are well rested
and are you kidding me omg orz youre way better at making the pretty art GNNMMFN

huffs puffs
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Forgetting Nostalgia

Report | 07/21/2014 11:29 pm

Forgetting Nostalgia

Lets be frans? biggrin
Forgetting Nostalgia

Report | 07/21/2014 8:51 pm

Forgetting Nostalgia

Huggles? redface

Report | 07/21/2014 6:53 pm


i might be out for a bit tonight grocery shopping so i dont know how else to deliver this ahh (full size is huge!)
im trying to cut down on mobile data! so that means i might not use skype until a bit later
i hope this isnt too crummy i know its 200% inaccurate ; x ;
i struggled with my tablet pen since new one hasnt arrived so i apologize ww
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hope youre having a good time not melting or something! hehe
anyway yeee User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. i will still kick your butt.
An U-N Owen Factor

Report | 07/21/2014 2:39 pm

An U-N Owen Factor

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When Philemon informed you that Dorian would be assisting you, you didn't immediately jump up with joy and become perky again like most children would, but instead you clinged to the hand it pulled on your sleeve with and glared at it with suspicion. You couldn't let your hopes get too high.

"...Really, Philemon?"

You turned away when you heard its response, shaking your head with a sigh as you got up. While you still seemed dejected, you had no choice.

"I guess I'll just have to trust that you're telling the truth. I'm sorry for being so immature back there, thank you for being so tolerant."

You turn back to the entity, trying to muster up your best smile. It's becoming a dangerous habit, but you leaned over and kissed it gently, just because you don't know how else to show your gratitude to the entity. You drew back slightly and rested your head on it's chest, before looking up at it with trusting affectilon.

"Thank you for letting me love you."

Once you pulled away, you hastily drew out the Millennium Notebook and began searching through it.

"But, where do we start? There was another person that we could contact for help, but he exists in a whole different world, apparently."

Your fingers land on a page with a drawing of a strange man. A strange celestial man at that. The title had four words written in bold cursive.

"The Tick-Tock Man"

((Isn't that what the WG crush thread is for? To be honest, I am curious as what the WG's ultimate ship is. Or maybe even the prospect of a dating sim based on WG! 4laugh *shot* ))

D r e a m o f B u t t e r f l y ~
Or is life a dream?
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An U-N Owen Factor

Report | 07/21/2014 2:38 pm

An U-N Owen Factor

Read in order.
While you were technically a budding teen on a physical standpoint, you were still a child in mind and spirit. You were still driven on the hope that every thing would turn out right in the end, that if you had hope, you could achieve anything. Of course, any honest adult who heard your wide-eyed idealism would simply scoff in your face and turn the other way. And rightfully so, why would they need to take optimism lessons from a child who's barely understanding what the responsibilities that his hopes would pile on him? Though, it'd be long before the pressures of the real world would seep in to break your hopeful fantasies, taint your innocence and turn you into a cynic like most others. But for now, the only thing keeping you going was your wishful thinking, and you prefered that it stayed that way.

Besides, what about the consequences of your wish? T he world wasn't all give and no take, every cause had an effect, every miracle has a tragedy to balance it out. For a wish of such magnitude such as yours, what would be the cost? Would you forget everything you ever learned, and be left with only the basics to start back at square one again? It wouldn't be any different than if you simply let your reincarnations come on stage, but forgetting was the last thing you wanted to happen, not when you had...

You tried to calm yourself down to the best of your ability so you could speak to the entity without breaking into a tearful fit. That was also a fault in having a child-like mindset, you were too easily swayed by other people's opinions and too prone to becoming upset when things don't go as planned. The entity was right about him not wanting to kill him, but nothing is impossible? It confused you. It was named impossible for a reason! But...he had a point. In the past, mankind thought it would be impossible to travel to the moon, but there was the famous Apollo landing. People thought it was impossible that the Earth's surface could move, but now that was a subject taught in schools. People thought reincarnation was just a fantasy, but you were living proof that it does exist. What ever's impossible now could be a way of life in the future, it was one of the goals of humanity. That was also why they created beings like the Clockwork Doll, thinking they could cheat the natural flow of the world.

Report | 07/21/2014 11:01 am


-hugs- Now you don't have to do it from a distance!

Report | 07/20/2014 9:19 pm


Well she went to go see her dad today. I feel like if he's more willing to spend time with her, she'll rethink being here.
I think I mentioned before, but he technically has custody of her, and I don't think he'll want her here at all, even if he was really disappointed in her.
He doesn't like my brother, and he certainly was pissed off enough to send her away after she decided to keep the baby, but she's still his daughter.
And I think now he's starting to realize he doesn't want to lose her over this, and if she feels she can be close to her dad again, then maybe she'll go back to him.
More than likely, she'll mostly want to go back because her brothers live with him, and in a house full of boys, she'll get the most attention for being the only girl.
I do believe that's how it was before for her, so going to live with her mom and her sister was too different for her and she didn't appreciate her sister getting more stuff.

I don't really like honey. I don't know why but it doesn't at all taste good to me. Chris and our son like it, but I do nooooot.
It might not really taste all that different, but just the fact that i'ts bacon on bacon will make it more amazing. xD

Oh you certainly weren't. Many people felt it was just a way to get more money out of something than they normally would have.
That Nekola-Bear-Thing normally would have been 5-10 USD in LV, but through charms, it would have been SO much more.
But then they realized no one is actually going to do that, so they gave us ways to get a s**t ton more charms without having to pay.
They're still expensive, but not as much as they would have been if they were strictly just cash based.
I'm really disappointed in the beach party. I don't even know why we bothered. It's literally forums and you have to be randomly gifted the event items from an NPC.
Like why couldn't we have just gotten a prize pack or something for maybe posting like.. 10-20 times in the forums themselves?
That would have promoted the use of the forums and we wouldn't have to have such a hard time getting the items we technically PAID for.
We indirectly funded an event no one even likes. Individual users are making it actually enjoyable with their OWN contests that staff had nothing to do with.
And that's something anyone could have done without having to pay for those forums/subforums.

But you're right. We shouldn't have to indirectly fund updates by being pushed to buy gold generators in some form.
SOMEONE out there has to be buying them or we just wouldn't be able to come up with the gold they're asking for.
They're LITERALLY forcing gold generators in a whole new way now, by pretty much asking for extraordinary amounts of gold for site updates.
Site updates that should be FREE to begin with. I didn't realize the MANGA of all things had to pay for itself, by golly.


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