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Welcome to my store!

15 Million in sales reached on 2/10/08 (300,000g taken due to the 2% tax)

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I will cancel an item up for sale if the bid is not high enough for rare items. Feel free to PM me with an offer of trade of something similar in value. Check out my profile to see my wish list items and if you have any of those, I might be willing to trade for them.

Happy bidding!

Unfortunately, I feel that I have to state these things because it's getting out of control now.

arrow If you PM me claiming to be a MOD and ask for my password, you WILL be REPORTED!!! Don't even bother because I'm not an idiot and you will never get me to freely give you my password!
arrow DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT PM me asking for donations of any kind. I've worked hard for my gold whether it be by playing games or making a donation of real money to Gaia itself. I will not respond to such PM's so you are wasting your time.


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