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Birthday: 12/30

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I am questing again and that means I am actually using my store to sell stuff!

I am trying my hardest to put my prices as the lowest on the market, but not everyone is perfect (And I am trying to make a profit!)
I have got plenty to sell! So buy as much as you like! mrgreen I do take offers...
...However, the item I am questing for is very expensive, which means a quick sale is preferred... sweatdrop


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About me...(if anyone's interested)

I'm into basketball, football, physical stuff like that - I may not be very good at it but I always try to give it my best shot! I also have an 'adventurous' side...when its allowed out rolleyes

If you haven't guessed, I'm mad about wolves - I love anything and everything to do with them! mrgreen I like to think I'm a lone wolf, but if anyone messes with the few I consider pack members, then they're in for a world of hurt. cat_stare

Not a pink person... can't stand the colour...bleh gonk lol* - note, the colour used is 'Magenta' - has Gent in the name so as a laugh, it's not pink xp (Spontaneousness for the win!)

I don't mind friends, but the 'gimmie free stuff' people really tick me off... I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt...BUT! Begging is degrading and flattery will just make me suspicious, so if you're gonna try either of these, please don't bother as you're wasting both of our time...Also, I Do Not Donate! So PLEASE stop asking! crying

In an additional note, If I dont get back to you in regards to items in my store, its not me being mean, its because your Profile and/or Messager is set to Friends Only and I cannot get in contact with you.

Just for the record, I like to write fanfiction/stories (But I don't post them online) I like Roleplay and also do art although the latter isn't spectacular rolleyes sweatdrop (See my DeviantArt for an idea of my skills) If you're interested in Roleplaying, ask me about my guild, I will note now however that I don't do Romance or Cutesy things because I'm just not comfortable with that stuff... rolleyes

Anyhoo, I've got things to do, so I'm off,
Bye for now! wink


Please help me find the complete version of this song! (50k to finder of full track!)


Ford Flexifuel Advert - 25k to the person who finds the full song for me!

Listen to the Music in the background (It's quiet) - 50k for the Gaian who finds me the full track


Thank You to All Anons and Gifters - I may not know who gifted me, but I'm grateful for the consideration! ^_^

Tala Maxwell