Tala's Junk Drop-Off

Please dont demand that I accept your bids - I have enough patience to wait out the time-limit and give everyone a chance. I do apologise, but if you dont like the way I roll, then dont bid.

Dont be afraid to ask to trade item collateral for my wares, although I would prefer that they added up to the going price or a little higher if offering a trade with items...Just drop me a PM with your offer! - in regards to PMs, if I cant contact you, then we cant do business...So many people seem to set their profiles and PM settings to Friends only (or no PMs at all) which means I cant contact them to discuss their offer

I am not going to shout and scream like many other vendors do, but I shouldnt be expected to return mis-priced items...Gaia does, after all give you a second opportunity to confirm you want to sell your item for your posted price...

Still...I am not a nasty person, (unless you catch me on a bad day) so if you have mis-priced an item and want it back, then just ask nicely, dont rant and rave, beg or cry and I should be swayed into returning the item for the price it was purchased for...However if you havent contacted me within 10 minutes of purchase I will assume that you intended to sell it at that price and do with it as I wish...

I have as of late been receiving PMs from people asking for the items I am selling for free... I must reiterate that I have the right to refuse to give out the items that I have worked hard to get, for free. If you dont like my prices, then I am sure there is someone out there who will be happy to sell you your required item at a lower value.


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