Hihi~ I reside in a small town just west of London,I have a lovely boyfriend who lives all the way in the Netherlands. I drink way too much tea, and I am an avid biscuit dunker! Shortbreads are my favourite!! I also have a really bad sweet tooth. Especially for straight up sugar coated sweets, it's an addiction. I really really REALLY love watching Steven Universe >3< It's so cuute. I also like to watch Tokyo Ghoul at the moment. I love the animu. I also really like Ghibli films, Spirited Away is my favourite.

Special Thanks: Hyattiee for Crisp Semester,
bimmu for Withering Revenant,
Triana Orpheus Venture for Kanoko's Illusions
Key-Zi-Zi for Sheryl Orange & Jaydis the White Queen
isolated_morphine injecti for Beyond Magenta