Likes: reading, writing, sleeping, the colour pink, pastel colours, bunnies, baby animals, talking to close friends, eating sweets, Lush Cosmetics, Collecting postcards, lemonade,

Watching: Yuuki Yuuna is a hero, Tokyo Ghoul, Spirited Away, Bee and puppycat, RWBY, Porco Rosso

Books: Game of Thrones, 1Q84, The Bell Jar, Anything by Edgar Allen Poe, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit,

Special Thanks: Hyattiee for Crisp Semester


Hihi~ I reside in a small town just west of London,I have a lovely boyfriend who lives all the way in the Netherlands. I drink way too much tea, and I am an avid biscuit dunker! Shortbreads are my favourite!! I also have a really bad sweet tooth. Especially for straight up sugar coated sweets, it's an addiction. I am a total girlie girl and I love the colour pink and pastels in general. Currently a student studying Business, Psychology, Government and Politics and English Literature. (The step in education before university). I intend to study English again at Uni, although where and what course specifically I do not know.