Hi random passersby! I'm Taiyo the Egg, but gaians who talk to me just call me Taiyo or egg.
I have been alive for about 19 years and I have been playing gaiaonline for 5(?) of those years. I became an egg early 2009 and I rarely ever change out of the egg. Despite being an egg, I still have quite a few different avatars that I use.
Crazy, right?

I roleplay once in a while but I'm not great at it. Getting more than two paragraphs written for one character makes my brain explode.
Seriously, people, more than two is way to much for one character.

aaannnd on that I am going to stop writing about me.
I'm not very good at it...
Plus, I'm not sure there is anything else worth telling... and if you honestly care to know more, or you are a creeper, I assume you'd ask me.

last updated 3/27/13

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I believe that Jesus died for my sins, and everyone else's, so we could get to heaven, and that He is the way, the truth, and the light of the world. I also believe that God gave us free will to do as we please, so it is really up to you whether you accept and believe what Jesus has done for you.
I hope and encourage people would accept and believe in the gift God has given us but I can't make you believe in Christ, it's something you have to choose.

Taiyo has been an egg since 1/17/09



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boop 3nodding
Spirit Reborn

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Spirit Reborn

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hello stranger~ c:

Just thought I'd spread some love and send a hug your way emotion_hug emotion_bigheart
God bless! emotion_yatta

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Nice profile. Love the music choices you got there.

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Woah, haven't seen you in ages, but randomly spotted one of your posts in the WG forum! How ya been?
Javier Cross

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Javier Cross

Good luck with co-operation you two.
Hope the results are epic win!
Javier Cross

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Javier Cross

Talk to Froggy Zephyr to let Zephyr know you're interested to lend a hand.
Zephyr's the one behind the profile-making.
Javier Cross

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Javier Cross

Well I need someone doing a Witch Profile to do a collaboration with someone doing the Witch Art, the former in terms of Twisted Origins and the latter with Equally Twisted art.
Javier Cross

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Javier Cross

Yes, I will not lie about it.
No, you don't necessarily need to do both, but knowing which of the two you are capable of would be nice.
Javier Cross

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Javier Cross

I'm trying to remember which one brought us Liva Sohlmann actually.

Also do you mean making Witch Profiles or Witch Art?
It makes a difference with each one.