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[Lojyo][in][Lust] Report | 07/29/2013 2:21 pm
Just like you I disappeared for a while! How you doin', home skillet?
Chuzuka Report | 06/27/2013 6:48 am
//molests >.>
Acid Rejects Report | 08/15/2012 4:17 pm
Ooooooh yeeeeeeeeeeeah!<3
jessiecup Report | 07/28/2012 10:43 am
Yeah, get 2 kick a** pay checks and i paid bills. Oldman said i should be saving the money. I think i should be paying bills off. Been putting your mail on your bed.
jessiecup Report | 07/28/2012 6:21 am
I worked so many hours this week.... And i work so many hours this coming week sad my boss let me know that anytime i want more hours to let her know and she will give them to me. So i am going in at 10 tonight intead of 11 =)
jessiecup Report | 07/27/2012 12:40 pm
I like how you come back to Gaia the same week as me. mrgreen I think you beat me by 3 days or so. Must be really boring at school.
ShadowOfIce Report | 07/27/2012 7:09 am
Niiiice, sounds like things are going smoothly for ya~
Tell you what then, how about that next weekend, probably Sunday, I take a trip up there, we can do um... whatever! xD You can even show me that place or we can hit the city. :B
ShadowOfIce Report | 07/27/2012 6:05 am
That is a good spot, I could take a train up there easily one day. ..Hell when I do come over, we're going to that steampunk place. B< I demand it.
Seriously though, I do want to come up some time. I have weekends available. Maybe we can do something when you're free? How are the classes anyway, enjoying your college?

Also, two cones and a shovel. JUST SAYING.
Acid Rejects Report | 07/25/2012 12:36 pm
ShadowOfIce Report | 07/23/2012 8:15 pm
Maybe I'll catch you on MSN sometime! Heck, I drive a lot these days. If you're not too far -an hour or two- I should come visit you, bombard your dorm. :B

But that is quite a change, I hope you're enjoying it. My college didn't do squat for me in the end. But I'm still thankful for how in my last semester, you let me stay at your house. I feel like I need to make that up to you somehow. 3nodding


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