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Current Cosplay: Kirito <ALO ver. 2>
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My name is Charles but you can call me whatever nickname is easiest for you but name calling. I'm 19 years old and a college freshy. I just so happen to be very interesting guy but most of the time I'm just either lazy or straight up honest with perverted intentions. If you can tell by now, I love to cosplay a whole lot and I'm very artistic in making really decent ones with what I can reference, though I'm not quite ready posting them in the arenas so yeah, sorry! *coughs* moving on... I'm a die hard fan for Air Gear and the Ace Attorney series that I can't get enough of it. I'm into hip-hop, various rap, dubstep, and other song genres but don't expect much of my music preference, I like what I hear. Anyways... I'm a very laid back guy who takes trusts and feelings very seriously but I ain't perfect when I try to fix them. I could go on more about myself but... it's best to know me in general and experience who I am in general so... yeah... don't be shy and talk to me. Keep in mind that it's sometimes rare of me to comment you first, unless I'm in the mood.

Future Plans
As of now... I have no idea what I wanted to do now that I'm "temporarily" away from my former cosplay account. I moved here because of two reasons: [1. Start multiple cosplays and be myself.] [2. I was threatened by some a*shole who thinks they can play identity theft.] SO... as of now... I got nothing but to try out multiple things at my disposal. I'm at the moment Gray Fullbuster cus' of the hair I'm wearing but... little by little I start to like the character for portraying some elements to my true personality and cus' someone needed a recruit for Fairy Tail so I went for it for now. I don't know when I'll stop picking up but meh... we got time lol. Uh... I'm hoping I can hang and chat with my friends soon as possible cus' one day I'll be going out in the real world and... I gotta face the fact that I'm out of high school so... yeah... it's scary and I want to spend my last moments with each and one of my friends as much as possible. I got more to plan out but I'll update from time to time.

Origin of the Username
Just to be clear, it's an ACTUAL name of a series so if ya search it up, you'll understand the origin of this username. It's not cus' I ran out of things to use but when I saw Hungry Joker start this trends for making a personal account, he had his name origin of a series he liked so I figured... why not? LOL. People start to think that it could be related to Fairy Tail but knaw... that's a different story. Sure I cosplay Fairy Tail but the origin of the name comes from a serious toned manga that's comparable to Attack on Titan but with a different direction. Read for yourself of the story and you may ask yourself why I'm not cosplaying the main character at the moment but that can be easily be explained; this IS a personal account and I'm copying a trend just like my brody Hungry Joker. Don't be confused even though I do Fairy Tail's Gray Fullbuster cus' I can and I like this name that it's simple and all in four letters.

Questions and Answers

Q: When's your Birthday? if so, what's your zodiac?
A: September 22 and I'm a Virgo (NO! NO VIRGIN JOKES!).

Q: Are you gay, straight or both?
A: Well... that's a dumb question, of course I'm straight.

Q: If your straight, what do you like about a girl?
A: Good question, lemme be myself for a bit and say I LOVE everything about a girl. So back to being serious here... I personally like a girl's personality and her face to see the brightest side of her. Now back to my immaturity... I really like a girl for who she is but there are times when I'm TOO distracted of her body that I just can't help but want to comment them in the most sickest way possible lol.

Q: Are you a pervert!?!
A: Pervert is such a strong word... I prefer terms like criminal or dangerous before I get into anything. What can I say? I love girls and I can't help to express my excitement for the most fascinating things even if they were done by my gentle and professional hands LOL.

Q: Why do you carelessly get into random situations?
A: Trick question... and all I can say to that is Action speaks louder than Words. What I meant by this is if I'm bored, I tend to do something that can get carried away. When I talk to girls, I can't help but comment their goodies or even torment them because of my male hormones. As for my bros... it's common for dudes to piss each other off in the most friendly way. So yeah... it really depends on my mood really. LOL.

Q: What's your opinion on same-sex relationships?
A: I personally don't care what they do really. To me, love is important and something we all strive for and for the most part... gender doesn't matter. Like to me it's the same as being straight with the girl I like because the love is real and you just can't help it when it's a beautiful thing to watch. I don't mind if they like each other just as long as they don't touch my a** because we're the same gender. It REALLY makes me feel uncomfortable just sayin'. As for lesbians... oh yeah... keep doing on what your doing... I could use a popcorn and sexy music to make this interesting LOL so I insist...

Q: Are you taken?
A: I was formerly in one but as of now I am single. Not sure though if I should consider dating at this point but no promises when exactly that time will come.

Q: Do you donate? or how should I put this... help out?
A: It depends on my circumstances really whether I do have it on my pocket. I mean personally, I'm a good person by heart and I like to help those who desperately have something to aim for. Just last month I gave a special someone a two bundled package: Whim Sea and HoC: Succubus Zivva which WAS supposed to be a surprise gift but meh... at least she's happy (it's pretty obvious what this is about). I also helped a desperate friend out to get an item and when times were scarce... I let my good half get the best of me and hand over one of my most expensive items to him though regardless... I'll get paid back in return in interest... TeeHee LOL. But yeah, I do donate when I feel like I can and have extra money out of my pocket. It can happen ANYTIME but not saying when exactly so just be patient.

Q: Whose your best friend? do you label your friends?
A: Hmmm... tough call, one person I recall over the years is still with me by this day and his username is Hungry Joker. He's been with me throughout the years and you can NEVER find someone like him just out of nowhere. He and I have an unbreakable bond that surpasses the best friend status that we're blood brothers. Nobody can replace him... just never... -coughs- But... as for my other friends... I really don't pick out favorites. When I see and like you, it's proof enough that we are really pals. To me, I see every single person the BEST they can be and the way they express it. There are no levels of a friendship status according to my book and I don't give out rankings. I like all my friends so really... there's no point into doing such a stupid rankings lists. I personally ain't picky and whoever I hang with I consider a true friend, I don't look for fakes who only use others or meddle. If you wanna be friends with me, then give me a reason why or talk directly talk to me. I don't bite, I mean I used to be a nervous wad too but it doesn't hurt to make a good impression.

Q: How long have you been in Gaia?
A: I can't remember when but when I look back onto my former main account... I can say '07. Believe it or not, I'm THIS old and I've made over a lot of friends... friends back in those days; those days were awesome. Back then, gold was a b*tch to get, g-cash served NO purpose, no cash shop either and you got yourself a ghetto a*s place full of noobs as well as a highly populated Naruto community. Naruto was BIG back in those days and all ya have are a couple of good friends or the fact that you were IN the Naruto group. But yeah, I am old just thinking about those old yet newbie days. It's all in the past now but the current present... all your best friends abandon the high life you once had and the unforgettable days...

Q: What are you planning to do this year and onward?
A: That's tough to say... now that I'm reaching adulthood and whatnot. I hafta be perfectly honest, It's undetermined when I'll be quitting this place but all I can say to you is... the world is a big and scary place. For me preparing for college and moving on with life... I am indeed scared of moving on... but that's only in the beginning of it. I want to meet my Gaia friends in real life someday and experience love with the girls I've dated on this website but it's still but a fraction of what I wanna do. There's a lot of choices yet it's scary to move forward and embrace change. It'll be one long journey ahead of me... no destination but the experiences later down the road...

Q: If you had one picture that you can refer about yourself, what would it look like?
A: Tough call really, If you wanna know from my experience how my life sums up. This would be the [image] you would seek. I know it's a sad concept but this is where life truly has meanings in the general perspective. We might lose the ones we love but the image speaks for itself when to grow up as well so I can't deny this when it speaks the truth.

Q: Any last thoughts or whatever before ending this?
A: All I can say is... listen to J. Reyez - Try Again and J. Reyez - Grateful cus' these things sums up the reality of life that reflects upon your good or the bad situations, you just gotta remember that you can always Try Again which might make it hard to smile in the future but... you got true friends to make it all better and remember that well...

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