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Name: Laura (AKA Ellie)
Age: 28
Hair: Dirty Blonde/Pink
Eyes: Sky Blue
Height: 5'2"
Sign: Virgo
Orientation: 100% Straight
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Music: 80s & Rock
Relationship Status: Single, and not looking.
Hobbies: Art, Singing, Voice Acting, Video Games, and Astronomy.
Nicknames: Ellie (Fursona), Taihomi, Squeakers, and Shy.

I'm a raccoon furry that has been a Gaian off and on since June of 2004. I love all kinds of puzzles (mostly word related) and you can often find me playing on the main Jigsaw server in one of the Anime Cafe rooms. I sometimes draw random things and people, but I'm severely critical about my "skills" as an artist. You'll sometimes find me in the CB, joining in on a few conversations there. If I correct your grammar, it's a habit (and maybe partly OCD) and I can't help it. I've been finishing up some required classes in community college and will begin a Graphic Design & Media Arts program in July 2014. My goal is to be able to work mostly from home so I can help take care of the household and my family.

"She also harbors a delusion that she does not deserve anything from anyone, regardless of how kind and caring she is as a person and a friend." -Tai's Friends

I'm also what you would call a "pegasister," which is the female version of a "brony." I suppose I'm considered more allowed to enjoy the series of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic because I'm a girl, but I honestly think the show is wonderful for anyone, no matter your gender or age. I have an our original character I created for myself, mainly to hang out and RP in the virtual world of Second Life, but I wouldn't mind attempting to RP as her here on Gaia. This is her, Ostara the Unicorn, as drawn by my long-time friend from Scotland known on Gaia as Riph Saika.

More about this crazy person.


Reference for art, maybe?

Art drawn by me, oddly enough.

Disclaimer About Wishlist

Yes, I have quite a few items on this wishlist. Most of these items are on it just to remind myself of them once I get my main quest done. The link to my quest thread is in the middle column of this profile. I do update my wishlist quite a bit, so be sure that once I have an item, I immediately remove it from the list.
Riph Saika

Riphie drew this for me!


My emotes by xSir Sej.