To break the ice, here's a little picture I drew of my avatar with her pet gwee, Trevor.
(He was going to be called "Jack", but he didn't eat enough terrorists).

So, about me. I live in England, I'm 23 years old, and I'm presently in that temp-job-limbo that you get to live in between graduating university, and getting a job that you actually care about.

I like drawing, animation, movies, TV, reading, computer games, music and sitting around, thinking about maybe taking up some kind of sport one day.

I prefer it if I can read PMs (as opposed to decoding them), so please try not to use chatspeak if you contact me. Also, I am fast becoming an old cow and so sadly no longer find "randomness" amusing or cool. I'm not on Gaia very often, so it may take me a very, very long time to reply.

Oh, and to save you the trouble: no, I won't give you any gold. smilies/icon_biggrin.gif


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How are you? User Image
Dickie Twinkles

Report | 09/28/2007 3:42 pm

Dickie Twinkles


******** hell, I thought you'd DIED!

I had the same password problem myself and no net for ages but you better bloody well get your arse on here more often!

Or else MSN.

I need to laugh at you for your username vaguely resembling that of a moss and because David Cameron exists XP

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I just came here trying to get Just_Call_Me_Tracy account froze after it was hacked and someone put that horrible pic of me up.
Dickie Twinkles

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Dickie Twinkles

Pfft! You last logged in on my birthday and didn't even wish me a good one!
I was in Birmingham as well, at the time!
We could've dragged you along to this really shite 'alternative' place we went....they played linkin park gonk
Dickie Twinkles

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Dickie Twinkles

I never sees my Lichon online anymore cry
J Millz 25

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J Millz 25

Thank u 4 buying the pixie
Dickie Twinkles

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Dickie Twinkles

Loving the new avvie!

Blue + green = heart

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I just discovered,

that I'm a TWIXTER.

Dickie Twinkles

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Dickie Twinkles

-probes you- twisted

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About the same. ;P
I'm just enjoying the halloween/fireworks period at the moment.

Hehe I just remembered something you said I think in the 2nd year at uni about modelling a halloween costume in maya. xD

Happy Halloween!


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