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    Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy, both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me."

    my name is jasmine nd im a typical aquarius. if ur into league then let's play together! emotion_smilies/icon_yatta.gif

    [color=white][b]get to know me first b4 randomly adding me u lil ********]



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TM69 Report | 01/28/2015 1:41 pm
i don't even go into towns anymore. i'm just here for old gaya friends
and to dress up my avi. that's all && d**k is the only way of life aha
i am into america horror story but this season looked really dumb.
i watch it usual on websites and i love GOT. when does the new season come back?
or is it back without me knowing? omg so i also got fried from my job on saturday.
long story short it was a wrongful termination, and i plan on getting my job back
and plan on getting my store manger fired in the process. hopefully.
other than that i'm been struggling harder now. hopefully you're doing better
WTheC Report | 01/28/2015 8:32 am
Hope you're doin' better
WTheC Report | 01/28/2015 8:02 am
*waves as I pass by~*
TM69 Report | 01/25/2015 9:40 pm
you got it good. at lead you mange to get gaya out of your life aha.
i couldn't do long distance, i'm too needy and i would want to do the sex LOL
but that's good you guys are working on it. better thank adam

ah- shows? not really i don't watch tv
TM69 Report | 01/14/2015 10:33 am
you right, you right && i live with my best friends. i'm happy living on my own
and plus i have my own place to do whatever i please minus living with like 8 animals.
(all my roommates). new year, i guess new you. i honestly feel the same way. i just now
hitting a good time in my life so i'm going to make the use out of it. && that sucks to hear.
was it a one distance thing? that ended it. i'm happy to hear you and your mom are getting along.
better than what it used to be anyways. with my love life, my ex broke up with me on new years eve.
what a gentleman right? he's a d**k and i'm focusing on myself again -.-
TM69 Report | 01/10/2015 11:31 am
yeah my laptop died on me and i just got it fixed.
i'm happy you still remember me boo. imu5evr.
lives been good since then. i moved out. i just got promoted at my job.
overall life's been great to me. how about you? are you still with that one guy?
how's you reliving situation? did you mother stop bagging on you?
are you still in college? did you graduate yet? lol
TM69 Report | 01/09/2015 7:54 pm
bb, long time no see emotion_kirakira
[_Jomar_] Report | 01/03/2015 1:54 am
We got drunk together finally!
EpicalFail Report | 12/31/2014 9:13 pm
Hi :3 Cute avi
Have a good New Year !!! heart
[_Jomar_] Report | 12/31/2014 6:10 pm