Hey there!
How are you?
Well im fine!
Trust me. I'm fine *wink*
lol jk
well anyways hey my name is Tina!
Wana know a little about me?
Im European, Croatian to be exact.
yes. we are so damn cool. i know ; ]
im a pretty cool person to hang out with.
Just ask my friends!
[turn around with deadly smile "Right guys?"]
Heres some thing you might wana know.


blue.LOST.ffix.green.ffx.goofing off.
laughing out loud.naps.kissing.rain.sun.water.
grass.leaves.trees.jeki my chihuahua.
happiness.love.memories.eating at the
fringe.time.beach.chickens.pita.cevapi.mexican food.
soccer.stuffed animals.friends.tacos.family.GSU.paint.
money.heels.attention.the20's.Dirty Dancing. True Blood.

I'm so done with wishing you were still here.



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Thanks for the purchase 3nodding
Kuro Neko Kyoko

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Kuro Neko Kyoko

omg did I write gift, I meant thanks for the add XD
Too tired emo
Kuro Neko Kyoko

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Kuro Neko Kyoko

Thanks for the gift, it was fun chatting C:

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they send you a PM and you claim it from there and they say you have 7 days to claim it and blah blah lol

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yea that what i normally do to when have alot of gold and don know what to buy with it i just donate but people don't do anything in reply but it all good it not really about the items anyway i just like making friends on here i don't need to look fancy to show off but the items is also a good way for people to express themselves and that why i like them people make all different kind of avs they be so cool .

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it ended today i stay up all night last night waiting for it to end and when it did get to about 30 seconds the time kept going up i was like wtf lol and then today in the afternoon it finally start counting down from 10 seconds and my plan was to wait into it got to 1 and click cause i know most people wanted the item and they was going to keep clicking not using they brains and just wait because if you clicking you going to miss your chance of winning because somebody can quickly over click you but my plan work ^^ but i feel i deserve it im poor and i like donating to people because im such a nice person to nice hehe wrote to much sweatdrop

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lol thank you people are sore losers *shrug* i just can be a clever person sometimes i just waited for the right moment to click i had it all plan anyway and i watch that cartoon sometimes but the faces are funny
Rah Rah Cupcake-a-saurous

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Rah Rah Cupcake-a-saurous

Even our dirt is crazy.
It's red.
Sneaky Muffin

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Sneaky Muffin

Haiiiii back. Like your avatar razz


I feel best after I go running in the morning! :3
Make me some art??
I'll love you forever! ♥