I've noticed that I'm always on gaia around the fall time. I guess it's become a habit to come back every once in a while and see what's different and the newly updated things happening around here. I honestly miss Zomg a lot. It was one of the main reason why I joined in the first place and the reason why I left after it was gone. It was so much fun to smeb only to get under $300,000 which was the fastest way to get gold. By the time Deadman's Pass came around, I was gone too long to learn everything and never gotten far. All that is history now. I made some really good friends then through Zomg but I'm always looking for new ones seeing as I still check back here every once in a while.

I think I'm pretty generous so if you ever need anything, just ask and you might get. If you find something in my store and need a discount or have a best offer, just pm me. I don't bite. I also really like gifting others since it's so much fun and sweet when I receive one myself. A little bit of happiness goes a long way for me.

Some of my interests include watching. Watching anime, K-dramas, Netflix, etc... As of right now, I love rewatching animes I've seen in the past and get a new perspective out of them as well as relive the nostalgia I had back then. I never get tired of D. Gray-man and right now I'm rewatching Princess Tutu. I'm a sucker for romantic K-dramas. My all time favorite, Heartless City, a drama consisting a little of everything for any audience. If you like to know, my all time favorite channel is Investigation Discovery. I just love murder mystery investigations. The length of a person to resort to murder is just so intriguing to me.