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Belladonna the Demon Report | 01/24/2015 8:18 am
Belladonna the Demon
Awe thank you sissy~ your avatar's are always so smexy though I just can't resist sometimes asking you what items your using
Belladonna the Demon Report | 01/24/2015 8:17 am
Belladonna the Demon
Awe thank you sissy~ your avatar's are always so smexy
Belladonna the Demon Report | 01/22/2015 12:22 pm
Belladonna the Demon
You are too cute sissy
Annarkii Report | 01/22/2015 9:29 am
Just a heads up, I ike being in sleeves and pockets. c:
Annarkii Report | 01/21/2015 11:44 pm

Silly... -crawls into your sleeve and snuggles-
There is no "beginning" well if there was it'd be like.. Ann. But I like Annii.
My name is Annarkii = Anarchy.
Plus one of y really close friends is Anna. and it's EXTREMELY weird being called the same as her. xD
So I tell people, Annii.
Annarkii Report | 01/21/2015 10:47 pm
-wiggles- Anna is my friend! xD I'm Annii :0
But YES -snuggles-
Annarkii Report | 01/21/2015 10:45 pm
I'm here <3
Psi Aquarii Report | 01/21/2015 5:49 pm
Psi Aquarii
I felt like ordering some chinese food. Haha
Psi Aquarii Report | 01/21/2015 5:26 pm
Psi Aquarii
What are you eating tonight?
Psi Aquarii Report | 01/21/2015 5:06 pm
Psi Aquarii
-Pours a a small amount of hot sauce on it and splits it in half- Why do you not have any food?


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