Meh Bitches

Hai . c;
My name is Jade. Lol ._. im weird, akward, random , and live in a world
where your being judged too easily ;c Anyways, keep on reading
if you want to find out about me. Hehehe.

Im addicted to The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter,
Twilight, Divergent and The Mortal Instrument series c; . im a professional
fangirl xDD. I just took a 6 month break from gaia ._. and now im back,
BESTIES ;D LOLOL. Okay, anyways...

I have an obsession with coffee ._. yes, i still do and i always
will ;D So what music do i like, you might ask. well.. i LOVE florence
and the machine, the xx, lana del rey, christina perry, ed sheeran, and so much more ._. current addiction song; a thousand years- christina perry ( twilight soundtrack ).

I love to have fun and get crazy sometimes >.< but my friends love
me for that, so i guess its alright xD ( its not ) My favorite color is black,
and neon blue. my favorite food is pizza and french fries c; favorite soda...
coke. hehe. derp. derp. lerp <---- k that was random . LOLOL. Im asian /// american. i look american tho. but i have #asianswagg.

So i guess thats it c; feel free to pm me. i promise im not mean... well. it
depends. xD jk. i wont bight, hopefully o-o . okay bai.


My dream Avi. Care to help ? c;

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Friends <3

Kort:::: Shes technically my Gaia mom, but I think of her as more than a friend.Shes awesome,sweet and funny. If you are her friend then you know what its like to be around her. Words cant describe her. We had so many fun times at rallies and everything. I love you <3

Jude:::: OhMaiGawsh, this girl. Shes amazing. We've been through alot.Shes always there for me whenever i need something. I had so many funny moments with her, its not even funny lol xD. I love you!

Lori:::: I always forget her name, its werid. But anyway, i met her at rallies and it was probably the awesomest moment that day. I didint know that i had just met a great person that day. Shes so sweet and kind. I love you!

Maddey:::: I just met this girl like 2 seconds ago. But i can already tell that we're going to have GREAT moments ahead of us. I cant wait for them. I love you! >.> <.<

Mushy:::: WE GOO WAAYY BACK,WOMAAN 2. <<<<<< God, this girl. We always have the most amazing covos ever. I cant think of a seconed when we didint laugh together. I will never forget those moments. I lvoe you

Hikari:::: Shes not on that often, but i bever forget her. When she was on all the time we used to talk and do the funniest things. I really wont forget them. I love you! <3333

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