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Number One symbolizes many things - but the most important one for me is - solitude. What am I doing on Gaia, then? That's a good question. I'm not sure I can answer that. But I'll try. There's a sentence that keeps coming back to me lately. It's not something I've come up with by myself, it was something I heard at one of my classes, actually. One of my teachers said, quoting someone else: "Without interaction with other people nothing makes sense." I kept thinking about it, because if it's true - then things aren't looking very good for me. So, I guess that would be the answer to the question posed above - I'm here to check whether that statement is true. At least whether it's true for me.

And now a new... well, it's not a song. I'm not even sure if it can be called a poem. It's a piece of text, for lack of a better term.

Als mein Vater
mich zum ersten Mal fragte
was ich werden will,
sagte ich nach kurzer Denkpause:
„Ich möchte glücklich werden.“
Da sah mein Vater sehr unglücklich aus,
aber dann bin ich doch
was anderes geworden
und alle waren mit mir zufrieden.

Liselotte Rauner

The profile description above was written in 2008, when I first joined Gaia. I was much younger, angstier, but also more hard-working and conscientious.
Not sure what to say now, except that I still come on Gaia to dress up my avatar and talk to a couple of friends that still use this site. Oh, and also WG subforum is cool.


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I'll be writing about the items I want to get, and strategies to get them.


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RainbowBubbles Report | 04/22/2017 10:32 pm
ahh... yeah, I vaguely remember that post, but it really does feel like you need to slog through every week, only to have the same struggle the next. Kind of like Sisyphus.

oh, we live on the ground level floor, and it turns out that there was a leaking pipe outside/under our apartment wall or something, and when they used said pipe to power wash the outsides, then it leaked? I still don't really get it, but I feel hesitant to put the bed back near that corner, I feel like walls/floors shouldn't leak like that. We've been sleeping on the living room couch-bed for a week now.

yeah, I was wondering if you wanted to convey some kind of message alongside mine, like "Thanks for all the hard work! -Rainbowbubbles" or something. But yeah, let me know~

and haha, yes, I converted it for you, those are indeed extreme temperature changes one day to the next. I am really not digging this climate change.
RainbowBubbles Report | 04/20/2017 12:20 am
uh oh, procrastinatttionn gonk hope you can catch up! I actually have a lot to catch up on as well, but I've been so tired these past few days, plus the bedroom corner is flooding/leaking.. AGAIN.
they're sending someone else to look at it tomorrow morning. Just when we thought that headache was over... =_=

oh, btw, if I do write to Gaia, do you want me to write a message for you? surprised

the weather is so weird in the US too, I hear. My aunty up in the northeast said that one day, it was 27.2*C one day, then the next, it was 11.1*C. That's bizarre for this time of year. And today, out of nowhere, I could see my breath because it was so cold. so yes, ugh, climate change
RainbowBubbles Report | 04/18/2017 11:55 pm
hmm, when you put it that way, that's a little puzzling. Does that mean that not many European Gaians play zOMG? it was quite desolate around this time. I'm about to check again, since I saw that Lanzer tried to make the golden eggs spawn more frequently. Poor Lanzer, what a trooper. In one of those Gaia videos, they gave their address, so I may write to them to thank Lanzer for his hard work with zOMG, haha. but ugh, I'm technically really busy too, but I feel terrible today, so I'm taking a break. @_@;; I hope you don't overwork yourself either!

and oooh, I love building outfits around one item that I like, but don't normally/haven't worn yet. It's a nice challenge. Outfit making is probably the only reason why I have been logging on all of these years, even through semi-hiatus. Sometimes when I'm stressed out, I just come here and build an avatar around my mood, it's kind of therapeutic.
RainbowBubbles Report | 04/18/2017 10:04 am
oooh, a Victorian theme this time?
Ugh, I can't find any eggs in Barton town on zOMG, even though I logged on at midnight to check too. I noticed that the game ran a LOT faster when the server traffic was low
RainbowBubbles Report | 04/16/2017 5:22 pm
AUGH sorry sweatdrop I forgot twice to thank you for the avvie compliment, and also forgot to respond to the bit about zOMG. Hmm, I haven't run into many problems running it, yet it's not the most smooth at the same time. I guess pretty much how I remember it running. Tiny bit laggy, and sometimes you get stuck, same old. sweatdrop but yeah, definitely playable blaugh

oh, and have you played that Diedrich egg game? I was wondering why they were adding more gold to the economy. I would have preferred event items as prizes or something

RainbowBubbles Report | 04/16/2017 5:17 pm
ahh, I kind of know what you mean... I don't know what's going to happen to me either, so I'm trying... TRYING to mentally prep myself for having to go back home, but ugh. But I guess in this case, I'm going to keep on try and hope for the best, expect the worst, so I hope you can do that too! heart heart I'll be rooting for you!! emotion_hug
RainbowBubbles Report | 04/16/2017 4:51 pm
Happy Easter!! heart
aww, sorry to hear that, but wishing you the best of luck with the other program! You're a very diligent and hard worker, so I know that things will work out some way or another!
Have you played the Easter event? I want to play zOMG, but got distracted by the double free GC offers announcement. I always seem to have a bad headache when I want to play too. >_< I'm very tired from our weekend trip to the coast as well, ugh. Either way, I'm just thrilled that there's a zOMG Easter event! Lanzer is the best ; w ;
RainbowBubbles Report | 04/13/2017 11:34 am
so, what happened? were they able to restore account access in time to get your rewards? eek
RainbowBubbles Report | 04/11/2017 10:07 pm
eek so just out of nowhere, BAM, teeth problems?? that sounds so nightmarish gonk
I personally avoid dentists unless it's absolutely necessary, so I know what you mean about not wanting to pay up, they're quite expensive sweatdrop
I hope that you were able to write your paper without any problems! heart
RainbowBubbles Report | 04/08/2017 9:52 pm
yup! December Cap, haha.
oh, yeah, I know what you mean. I don't care for the super old or super newer pixeling styles, the items from that time period you like are more.. elegant? smoother, nicer, I can't really put it into words, but yeah, I agree with you.

OH NO, another dental emergency?? gonk oh, poor Symbolism, that's so much stress and so much to go wrong in such a short time period, I hope that will be the end of your problems for now. sweatdrop
sending BIG hugs and hopes that things will calm down for you. heart



[b:08955bcb88]This is absolutely meaningless and preposterously inconsequential.[/b:08955bcb88]

(If you know where this sentence is from, PM me. ~_^)


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