Number One symbolizes many things - but the most important one for me is - solitude. What am I doing on Gaia, then? That's a good question. I'm not sure I can answer that. But I'll try. There's a sentence that keeps coming back to me lately. It's not something I've come up with by myself, it was something I heard at one of my classes, actually. One of my teachers said, quoting someone else: "Without interaction with other people nothing makes sense." I kept thinking about it, because if it's true - then things aren't looking very good for me. So, I guess that would be the answer to the question posed above - I'm here to check whether that statement is true. At least whether it's true for me.

And now a new... well, it's not a song. I'm not even sure if it can be called a poem. It's a piece of text, for lack of a better term.

Als mein Vater
mich zum ersten Mal fragte
was ich werden will,
sagte ich nach kurzer Denkpause:
„Ich möchte glücklich werden.“
Da sah mein Vater sehr unglücklich aus,
aber dann bin ich doch
was anderes geworden
und alle waren mit mir zufrieden.

Liselotte Rauner

(In case you're wondering, I found this profile theme on tektek. It is not mine. )


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Report | 09/17/2014 3:06 am


fierce avvie~ ;3

Report | 09/17/2014 1:46 am


Yes, another sign of civilisation going in the wrong direction. If you build things designed to break just so more of them can be sold in a time frame you want. Intentional waste of resources...

LOL! Yes, especially the new ones are hilarious if you think about how they should be used in active duty. xD
Hm, but in case of emergency, you could throw the police bunny at the culprit. There is also the chance that they trip over it. cat_razz

You do? Do you watch specific contests or whatever crosses your path in that direction?
Would you want to participate at such an event yourself? cat_biggrin

Report | 09/14/2014 2:27 am


There are still tons of players that seem to be addicted to this game so no worries about the game uses its regular playerbase anytime soon I think. Lots of my team tend to play when they are bored...Which doesn't exactly work for me because it is the game that kinda bores me. cat_razz
True. Even though I kinda like the baby owl. It looks so friendly. ^^ Wonder if they might ever add a pet bunny. Hope not or I might continue to play just to get it. Then again they probably manage to make that one ugly looking too. xD

Well simply put it means that the companies build their products in a way that makes sure they break after a certain amount of time, creating the need to buy a new one. There is a wiki article that describes it more detailed though. If you're interested you can take a look:. Planned obsolescence Wiki

I'll wait patiently then. =^^=
LOL! I hadn't even noticed they way he "gasped for air" before you mentioned it...Now I can't un-hear it anymore. cat_xd Glad it's only really audible at the beginning. ^^°

Report | 09/12/2014 2:00 am


If you use that booster like me, then how can you run out of gold? cat_razz Or do you use it every time you play a scene to get higher scores and be done with it sooner?

LOL! Yes, when I added the link those animals weren't included, but they are now. Take a look again and tell me what you think about them.
True, the Spaniel is one of the rare cases where the grown up did not turn into a mess. xD I still have the Akita at my side for a chance of extra exp. cat_3nodding

How long could your laptop go unplugged before the battery broke? Mine never lastet longer then max 3 hours to begin with, and constantly checking how much time I had left just made me crazy. xD
So at least a few months past until something broke after your warranty expired. That's more time then a lot of other people had...Have you heard about the built-in obsolescence cases? I actually believe that companies might do that... v_v

No, I don't think I have heard that one before either. ^^°
But while were at music, how do you like this song:
Lifehouse - Between The Raindrops

Report | 09/11/2014 11:50 am


Yes, the Red Panda is even kinda cute in its adult state. Not sure if it was intendent to let the other pets sort of get uglier with every growth, but it definitely worked. lol
Only just noticed the Pacific Bay pets...Uhm, now it gets slightly ridiculous. Seals, dolphins and even alligators with instruments?? xD The baby Owl is cute and raccoon is okay. Kinda looks like he just robbed a bank though. cat_xd
The x6 Combo Starter booster I assume? Don't really think that the others are worth the gold.
I tended to use that booster only one time in every scene. Every time I collected all stars in a scene I made another run with that booster active to max my score. cat_mrgreen

Is it possible that your your warrant only expired a short while ago...? You know, like in a built-in obsolescence case... cat_razz
Well makes sense. Games usually use much more RAM then Excel or Word programs. Or OpenOffice programs in my case. xD
Personally I prefer my comp plugged in anyway. Did you use your laptop in battery mode often before?

Exactly =^^= And one more is still better then none. cat_wink Just thought you might know more of the others since you said that most are nice & interesting.

Report | 09/10/2014 1:51 am


If you like you can take look at all the pets here -> CC Wiki Pets Guess every game gets its very own Wiki. ^^
There is even a cat available...In the last shop and it costs cash instead of gold. Not funny. v_v
Short on gold at CC? How did that happen? Oh wait, you use it to buy boosters, right?

True that. Luckily the gmx issue is already solved. Not being able to check my mails was actually more of a problem then my fb struggles.
How old is your laptop? And how long can it run on battery power? Is it still enough time to be useful without main power or do you consider replacing the battery?
The time my laptop can run on battery power gets shorter and shorter too, even when it is loaded at 100%.

Really? So are you going to sing more of it then? cat_4laugh

Report | 09/09/2014 2:17 am


Well of course we can't get everything we want, but this is different: This is you not trusting me to stay away from the game if you should reveal its name. cat_xd
Which actually makes me even more curious about what kind of game it is. ^^°

Yes, those doggies are really not exactly pretty. The german sheppard looked nice as a puppy though...I should have stopped feeding him to keep it like that. lol
Is there another CC animal you would want to get when you get to the point to unlock it? The tiger is interesting and the red panda is kinda cute. Considering them as police pets is a bit odd though. But the tiger sure would get you repect from the criminals. xD

Well it seems to have worked that way, didn't it? cat_razz Still struggling with the photo upload but that's not that big of an issue.
And yes, when it comes to website chaos I really tend to sit out the problems and wait for them to just go away. cat_xd
Oh and now I have a problem somewhere else. My gmx mail account doesn't even let me get on the website. I get an "Umleitungsfehler"...WTH? The only upside is that I'm not alone with that mess. Saw a whole lot of complains about that and that actually makes me feel better. xD

Now I feel the need to watch that movie. ^^
That is a beautiful song!! heart Are there more like that in that movie?

I always though demise meant something in the line of suffering & misery so I though that it seemed suitable. After your remark I looked it up in my online dictionary and it translated it with 'Untergang'. xD
On the other hand, but we do seem to do or best to reach that part too, don't we? v_v

Report | 09/07/2014 2:35 am


-sniffs- I will remember that, you know that, right? cat_stare xD

When there were still the puppies to feed I logged in daily too, but after they are grown up they don't need to be fed anymore so my routine stopped after all my pups had turned into adult versions. You still have just one dog, right?
You're definitely ahead of me in CC. I think I'm still stuck at case 18 in the financial district. xD

It is. But explaining all that issues in a support ticket sounds like a hassle too. Especially considering what I've heard so far about the "usefulness" of the fb support. v_v
The upside is that I spend less time online again. ^^°

Heard about Frozen but never seen it. (Have you?) And no, I don't think I have listened to that song so far.
....Do you really think that you have to ask about that? Of course I want it! cat_3nodding

Eventually? Have you looked around? Checked the news? Our kind already is responsible for most of its own demise... >_<

LOL! But it was a cute misread. ^^

Report | 09/03/2014 2:09 am


........ cat_cry I'm going to sulk in a corner now. cat_crying

Oh well at least you do make progress. I checked the game again and all this doing scenes over and over and over again is still too bothersome to me to get me playing again. Maybe I'll continue in winter when I catch a cold and can't focus on anything else. Then again, that might not exactly be the best time either. xD
Can you imagine how much time and effort you have to invest in that game to reach the last scenes? Or patience. Guess that games demands a lot of that.

Aww. Sorry. That's why I mentioned here that I can't get the messages open at fb. So you know why I did not reply. ^^° Still doesn't really work. I wonder what's wrong since no one I know currently seem to share this issue...
And I don't think you ever have to worry about that. So far you haven't gave me anything to listen that sounded bad in any way. cat_3nodding

True that. It's a sad though that some are practically the last of their kind. Even if it's a natural process. But nowadays a whole lot of animals are endangered, or already died out, because of our kind. That is what makes me frustrated...

There is even another set of photos I'd like to show you. Something that seem to pass as art...Figures that had been placed on a spot on the Donauinsel years ago and I finally got there again to take some shots. Really want to know your opinion about them. Now if only fb would let me... xD

Report | 09/01/2014 1:35 am


More because of your habbit to sell everything you don't really like at the first chance. cat_wink

LOL!....Wait! That's shockingly rude! cat_xd So no chance of you telling me about this mysterious game? You do know that I am extra curious now, right? ^^°
Would it make you feel better if I tell you that I most likely would not want to mess up my gaming time schedule for another addition to them? It would have to be an amazingly awesome game to make me do that...
Oh, and you still outrank me at CC. Didn't feel competitive enough to continue so far. Do you still enjoy playing that game? Not even a little bit bored? xD
Yes, I know. Shame on me. It's just very difficult to jump into those battles when I'm basically never online when they are active so it's true, I sort of gave up even checking for them. I'm a very bad guild member. v_v

Thank you! cat_whee I haven't thought about the option of just placing the link here too. I really like that song. And yes, this version sounds even better. =^^=

LOL! Don't think it would be that easy. Unless I took a female who carries eggs home with me. But those mantis are only rare around Europe, even though they originated here. But they became rather common in certain warmer parts of America. They got shipped over there by accident and seem to dwell well over there. But the adults here die every winter. >_<°
If I mention that I took pictures and even a vid, it's my turn to NOT surprise you with that info, right? cat_razz Still waiting for fb to let me upload them. That's another thing that currently doesn't work. XP


This is absolutely meaningless and preposterously inconsequential.

(If you know where this sentence is from, PM me. ~_^)