So, lez start dis straight. :I
I won't tell my personal information harr, if you wish to know it, you'll have to be someone dat I know like a close friend. Idgaf.
But I can tell dat if I don't reply soon the messages is because:
-I don't wanna.
-I am busy.
-I forgot to.
-Not interested.

I can tell you how I look like, and I am pretty plain just for you to know.
I has dirty (as color) blonde hair, blue eyes, I won't say dat I am too fat nor too skinny I am between dose tew, I am short like 153cm or 5"0' ft I guess (?), I guess I am kinda heave I don't know, I'm 50kg or 110 lbs...
I can tell you as well dat I currently live in Portugal and dat I was born in Brazil. Each day I get a joke from one of my friends about Brazil... Dat hurts but dey just wanna tease meh. ;-; Mean friends...
Oh and I am single, yep... I just had an affair recently but dat b*****d left me behind without no reason. Madafakah... I hate him, completely hate him.

Ok, so I was exposing too much of meh. I hope you have read dis to da end because I did this whole thing at 1.40am D:
If you got interested dun be shy and just PM me or add me on Kik or add me on IMVU, idk. Goodbaeh.


I warned you.

sakura snow cute

I dun has nothing to do

When you add meh on Kik dun think about doin' perveted things >n<

I will only tell meh Instagram or Facebook name if we are gewd friendz

Dun make me do thingz dat I dun wanna do e-e

I only be nice if you be nice tew meh... az obviouz

Now dun text me with stuped thingz or else I'll have to dew somethin about you èAé

Dose pictures you see dar... yas iz meh.

Old accounts.