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-|-|-|- Sweet Vittoria -|-|-|--

♦♢♦____________N A M E
Vittoria Vittoli

♦♢♦____________S P E C I E S

♦♢♦____________L O C A T I O N
The Floating Pagoda: Cabaret and Lounge

♦♢♦____________P L A C E ♢ O F ♢ B I R T H
Florence Italy

♦♢♦____________D A T E ♢ O F ♢ B I R T H
December 1st, 1829

♦♢♦____________A P P E A R A N C E
Delicate and petite, Vittoria stands at a mere 5'4, blessed with soft fragrant downy black hair like shaved chocolate, her eyes ranging from a warm salmon shade unless famished, in which they'll shift a deep shade of raspberries. Often seen dressed in lush silks, headdresses and full sleeves like a Geisha.

♦♢♦____________O C C U P A T I O N
Owner of the Floating Pagoda, she is also an opera singer of great renown, an occupation that attracted her sire unwittingly.

♦♢♦____________A F F I L I A T I O N
Although her sire Gerault is twisted and depraved, Vittoria is highly grounded, sane, and to those she loves, even kind, often which most mistaken for weakness, but the lady is highly spirited and bold.

♦♢♦ P A S T ♢ H I S T O R Y♦♢♦

Born Vittoria Vittoli to warm loving parents, the young Florencian child was raised alongside another younger sibling Nitalia, raised up in an upper middle class home, Father was a Doctor of some renown, and Mother was a Diva at the Firenze Opera House. It was only natural their beautiful daughters would follow in the family trades, Nitalia adept with the Violin, and Vittoria a Goddess like her mother in song, a beast like her father in the field of Science and Demonology. While attending finishing school, young Vittoria, now age 18 would perform her first Opera, 'Lucia Di Lammermoor' starting role as Alisa, Lucias hand maiden, it was not long when the reprisal rolled around that the Lady took the role as lead Diva, Lucia. Her fame spread like wildfire, all rushed to hear the voice of Ravishing young woman, who seemed to pluck the light from the very Heavens themselves, but never in her prime did she forget her roots, donating money to her finishing school, Vittoria preferred spending her time at home with her beloved parents, and more importantly her sister Nitalia, together they even spoke of taking their act in the road, making a show of their own. And then one day, after a particularly late performance, Vittoria now at the age of 21 was visited by adoring Stranger. Riveted, lost within her sublime performance, he introduced himself as Gerault... And promised her eternal life, vampirism, allowing eons to perfect her art. Born a good Catholic woman, and unwilling to part with her family, Vittoria simply laughed it away, but when his persistence came, she flat out refused. Before she could call for a stage hand to remove him from her dressing room, he forced himself on her, even while faced with death she never changed her stance on the matter, against her wishes, he forced his blood down her throat, sharing himself with her, greedily wanting her all too himself. She had trouble adjusting to her new life as vampire, feeding only on willing hosts, unable to even stomach taking the life of an animal. And then Gerault wished the unthinkable upon her, 'Kill your family, cut the last of your mortal ties' horrified she refused, the next evening she discovered them, every servant, every one of their children, the hounds, and her very own Mother, Father, and beloved sister... Dead, ripped a part by wild animals, or so it looked, but Vittoria knew better. In the dead of night, she slipped her guard and bumped into a curious stranger, the mysterious Everett, a man rife with secrets, and his own tragic past, confiding in him, he offered to help her destroy the blight that was Gerault forever. Together they thought they'd achieved the impossible, Everett remained always at her side, but her sire survived, returning with a vengeance.

🌺-Lady Vittoria's close friends-🌺

Everett Wolfe-
Closest friend, and Butler ( though butler by his own choosing to hide his true intent as the ladies bodyguard) Everett is indeed human, a great Sorcerer, but it is believed he used black magic to extend his own mortal life. It is said he made a vast many poor choices in the past for his pursuit for knowledge, and works to redeem himself by serving the young vampire with the heart of gold. Vittoria knows little about Everetts early history before they met, only that he has killed in the past, accident or not. Aiding in the destruction of Vittoria's vampire sire, Everett swore to remain ever faithful, always at her side. Much is obscured from his Lady Vi, Everett requires his privacy, some things are better left unknown about him, and she is ok with that. With knowledge on a vast array of languages and fields of expertise, it is uncertain whether Everett himself is ancient or the soul that resides within him. He often worries more then he should about her, and while the two have a deep love for one another, it would never extend to romantic love, seen only as brother and sister, father and daughter. True, irony would play on his last name, 'Wolfe' if he were indeed lupine, but Vittoria has seen no sign to claim he is, and Everett swears it is merely a family name.

Adrien Ludovic Gilles- Little is known about Vittoria's friend Adrien, even the circumstances in which they met are clouded, the lady simply knows him. And while she doesn't know his exact occupation, ( be it the vampire in her) Vi knows that he has blood on his hands, murder whether for pay or pleasure she cannot say. But what she does know is that despite this, he's alluring, cunning, intelligent, deadly, with the right amount of depravity, and somehow she finds his company pleasurable, always seen in constant extravagant splendor, he seems to pride himself in being a constant work of art. Even now the lady yearns to know more about him. (More to come when we RP how they actually met lol)

Dorian Morte- Can death love the undying? Indeed, while its been ages since the two were United, Dorian, Death himself, as it were and the vampire Vittoria were lovers attending her Pagoda by chance meeting with his employer, Dorian heard her sing, and when he met her the pair fell in love. Aware of her dark past, he swore to protect her destroying anything in their paths that would do his beloved harm. Feeling kinship, both lead separate happy lives, before unfortunate circumstance swept them from it. Vittoria has seen no evidence of his return, aware that while he longs to be with his beloved, the Grim Reapers work is never ending, and so for now she remains alone, save for the love of her friends. Alas love never completely dies, the Lady will always hold a special place in her heart for the Grim Reaper, until he returns.

Jareth- Most would call him Goblin King, a deceptive Fairie, snatcher of lost children, but Vittoria would call him friend. Ruler of the world existing beside her own, barely touching, Vi has attended his illustrious balls in the past, and he has at times twisted time to reflect darker hours so she may walk his kingdom as she pleases without fear of death. Fiercely loyal, he shows great care for those few he calls friend. Despite his at times mischievous, often overlooked compassion, there exists within him a small sort of hidden sadness, one often left unsaid, Still an enigma, as many of her friends often are, Vi yearns to know more about her friend. (More to come with RP)

Arcee Gibson- Arcee Gibson, brought into the ladies life right before a grand voyage to England for a private performance. The girl, slightly younger then Vittoria was before the turning, reminds Vi of the younger sister she lost so many years ago. Even more, Vi feels a strange kinship with Arcee, aside from both sharing equally amazing singing talents, Arcee seems to summon supernatural creatures with her very voice, mischievous beings. Although Vittoria, is Hardly aggressive in nature, Arcee is among the few she would dirty her hands for.

Sir Curtis Prise- Pure accident that the two would stumble across one another's paths, Vittoria with fighting so many foes out of the option, she was on the run from her would be captors, and Curtis fleeing from the Men he stole from, it was only natural they'd find one another. Dashing, clever, handsome gentleman thief with hair in extra places... A Werewolf by blood, but not so in nature... Don't let his bark fool you, he does have bite!

Byankuya- Unfortunate circumstance with her sire would deliver her to the den of this creature. Even now, if one asked, Vittoria could not tell you what her beloved friend Byankuya is, or for that matter his age. She recently discovered he has a child, But knows little about her as well as they have not met. A creature of habit, Byankuya is always inking with blood in notebooks recounting everything of interest surrounding him in his travels, always thirsting for knowledge... With an appetite for raw meats that only rivals in comparison. Despite his dangerous appearance and at times behavior, dissecting his enemies... Vittoria trusts him completely, and feels the safest with him, after all... He's already proven capable of killing one of Geraults own, Vincento in the past.

((Bio to come for Crystal Kamu when they meet smilies/icon_smile.gif ))

☠-Vittoria's Enemies-☠

Gerault Garreth- (some may be amended when rped) Thespian, bard, King, assassin, vampire. These may all be titles describing Vittoria's Master and Sire Gerault Garreth, but none describe him truly: Conniving, insane, vicious, obsessive, proficient, persuasive, deadly, wicked, and theatrical... Some of the many and more words to represent Gerault. Demon masked by the face of an angel, As a lover of the arts, it was only a matter of time before this King of Gypsies would discover the beauty and talents of the young Opera Diva, Vittoria Vittoli. Attending what would be her last performance as Lucia, from 'Lucia Di Lammermoor' Gerault assaulted her in her dressing room when she denied his request to give her immortality, forcing her to drink his blood and be his forevermore. It was however the murder of Vittoria's family that would sink true malice in her heart for the man who would be lover. Estranging them, Vittoria met Everett, the two of them plotting Geraults death... Staking him and leaving him for the sun, questions still arise over his death, many believe he still is Alive, plotting his revenge against Vittoria, Everett, and any she loves.

♦♢♦____________P O W E R S
Super speed, dexterity, strength, heightened sense of smell and sight,

♦♢♦____________L I K E S
Music, and art of all mediums
Fine Cuisine ( though she takes near to no nourishment from it)
Afternoon Tea on cloudy rainy days
Running barefoot on the beach, attending the zoo with Everett, getting into trouble with Sir Prise, Garden visits with Adrien, long walks and fine galleries with Dorian.
Always and forever desiring to expand her knowledge.

♦♢♦____________D I S L I K E S
Unwarranted aggression, and senseless acts of violence, particularly those against animals and children.
the color yellow
Hoop skirts and bustiers

♦♢♦____________F E A R S
ͼ ͼ
ͼ ͼ Gerault reappearing to torment her every waking hour, coming to harm those she loves.
ͼ ͼ Too be feared, and reviled as a monster.
ͼ ͼ To lose control

♦♢♦____________T H E M E ♢ S O N G
'Beautiful Thorn' by Sopor Aeternus


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Lady Vendetta Iceflame Report | 10/27/2016 11:48 pm
Lady Vendetta Iceflame
...Hmm, the idea of planning to meet Vittoria and Everett at the docks does appeal to me. Vittoria could have reached out, inviting her (after checking with the De Launces) since it's been some time since the two had spoken. Which does, after all, have a ring of truth to it. smile I'll make a post soon as I can and include you both. Does that work?

~* Lady Vendetta Iceflame heart
Crystal Kamu Report | 10/26/2016 12:16 pm
Crystal Kamu
Sweeeeeet~ That sounds so cool! The best I might manage is colorful make up and an orange sweater and flowy green skirt. pumpkin colors! Really though, I'd love to see your costume. And also possibly see how pretty you are or if you're a cutie patoot. :big heart: with time I guess.
I made scrambled eggs with onions and potatoes today. Turned out really good. i would happily share some if there was a way. Speaking of food, did ya ever make that banana bread recipe?
Lady Vendetta Iceflame Report | 10/26/2016 12:46 am
Lady Vendetta Iceflame
Oh, awesome. Thank you so much smile I'm also on iPad and not the most tech savvy- so we're in good company together smile

I did find the Thread, thank you kindly :3 I'll start bingeing it either tonight or tomorrow. Rather beautifully done, I may add. Within th next couple days, I'll send one, What would you like included?

~* Lady Vendetta Iceflame heart
Arcee Gibson Report | 10/26/2016 12:14 am
Arcee Gibson
tyty <3
Lady Vendetta Iceflame Report | 10/26/2016 12:06 am
Lady Vendetta Iceflame
I'm flattered you think so, Vittoria, my dear. We all have flaws, mine were causing me enough problems that the best thing to do was withdrawal. See, my emotions are rather... intense. Very intense. And I let them run wild. I tended to be dramatic, melancholic, a touch immature. The negative thoughts pervaded every bit of my waking and sometimes sleeping mind. In the end, I decided to address these thoughts, and left Gaia for a spell.

I'd be delighted, actually. A link would be lovely, too. Once the ball starts may be when I make my entrance. I'm flattered you remembered. My characters tend to be ladies of the night with a flair for Victorian elegance, modern sensibilities, sensual darkness and artistic merit, I'm thrilled to be back. I missed you so.

~* Lady Vendetta Iceflame heart
Crystal Kamu Report | 10/25/2016 3:59 pm
Crystal Kamu
Aww yiss~ Today i went to michael's and bought more embroidery floss for friendship bracelets. It's me and a box of Dots gumdrops right now, came home to an empty house.
I love halloween. I normally would be volunteering for a haunted house about this time of year, but i'm not sure if it's running. Short story is there's financial issues with the place. I'm prolly just gonna be handing out candy at my grandma's this year i think.
Any halloween plans? Please tell me you have a sick vampiress costume somewhere?
Lady Vendetta Iceflame Report | 10/25/2016 12:40 am
Lady Vendetta Iceflame
Thank you, my dear. I'm sorry I was gone for so long. I felt so alone... so unwanted. Pushed aside. I realize while there may be a grain of truth to it, I also had a lot of maturing to do.

I sincerely hope we can be friends, love. I've come back. I'm a far more mature, better person than before. If not, I will understand. It's been a very long time. But I'm holding up hope.

~* With Much Love, Vendetta heart
Byankuya Report | 10/24/2016 3:21 pm
-still just curious about this rp- You grave robber you xD I don't get close to people who I work with or around me, I don't see it as a good idea generally. Though I do complain to those by me if they listen (mainly about my family, never myself since I'm fine with who I am for now). I love your avatars, whenever I see a new one I can't help but stare. I change my avatars based on my mood and Arwrathieon fits my mood at the moment so -flaps bloody wings - If there was no magic I'd think he'd be futuristic since he likes to lay on invisible furniture. xd Oooo I wonder how they'd interact with one another, he likes to stay alone and has some weird abilities he can use to get around. As far as chaotic good or evil, he's pretty neutral out of my guys. Doesn't care for good or evil, just things to be just right in his eyes. -thinking about him more now - Use whoever you want my friend, I'm game for anything. Uh I'd prefer if you did to be honest. I'm in a funky mood to rp, but I'm also a bit fickle about starting since I know my character a bit, though I've been fleshing him out more lately with kamu~
Sir Curtis Prise Report | 10/24/2016 10:20 am
Sir Curtis Prise
"Paramour?" He mouthed, bemused. That implies she had quite the reputation. Either that or he had been the subject of gossip before. Whichever it was, the sly grin across his face gave away that he was thinking about it. However brief it was.

They arrived at the back. Holding his fingers against his nose, his senses were assaulted by the mixture of exotic spices and strange company that commanded his attention. Dizzying, even. It took a moment for him to gather his barrings, and an understanding of the seance jargon she explained.

"Sounds simple enough." He said, eyeing the other guests oddly. Were they a part of this? His interactions with the otherworldly were limited, but this certainly looked exactly how he'd imagine a cult would. Just finer dressed. "But did you say you would be his host? Is that safe? It sounds have someone else there."
Crystal Kamu Report | 10/23/2016 3:28 pm
Crystal Kamu
No problem~! I can be an impatient git, so i know how it feels. T^T emotion_sweatdrop how are you today? I volunteered today for a local kid's halloween party. -u-


xX Writhing in the shadows, as mourning lusts for dew, she with lips of sweetest pain, lies in wait for you, with the dawn she went away, until darkness stains the earth, nothing remains except for the wound, the only gift of her Xx

Adrien Ludovic Gilles
Arcee Gibson
Mad Mr Hatter
Crystal Kamu
Sir Curtis Prise
Dorian Morte