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Report | 10/31/2014 8:11 am


I like animes if they have a decent amount but not too many..otherwise I get slaughtered. xDD

Hehe that I doooo. >v<;
-Cuddlepurr.- Goodnight Revy! ^-^
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Report | 10/31/2014 7:47 am


Yes they are supah scarie!!1! Dx

Hehe I usually like anime more to entertain myself and get lost in the moment, but mangas usually cover more and handle certai things way better, yes. D:

-Giggles.- So people say..! *o* -Cuddle cuddle.-
I think I should probably sleep.. xD
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Report | 10/31/2014 7:24 am


Cross our fingers! >o<

Yes.. yes I thought the ears would be a frightening touch.. -Strokes them- xD

Hehe every now and then I'll click something, but I don't watch amvs often anymore since I don't watch anime as much as I used to.. DD:

Me too! I saw my life pass before my eyes! @-@ -Huggle clings.-
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Report | 10/31/2014 7:12 am


..I wish. xD


Indeed.. xD Lesigh. Ah well. I need to listen to some new music.. ;o


Ah the magical power of a lick to the cheek! -Sits up.- xD
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Report | 10/31/2014 6:59 am


Man, and we were already going to be super rich just off the one... -Shakes head.- xD

-Giggles.- It's okay. I'm kinda sorta burnt out on sweets, anywayssss.. xD
..Nope! xD Though I will probably wear a skeleton mask randomly around the house, at least. x3

Yeah.. xD So I get super peeved and don't want to listen. XD Meanwhile country is usually all, "I was looking at yer picture, missin' yer purdy smile.. so I got out the whiskey. ;-;" and "MY DAWG GOT HIT BY A TRUUUCK AND I NEED JESUSSS." xD

Team Glasses - goin' on missions! Savin' lives! EATIN' PIE.
-Plays possum and goes limp in your arms. Death by tickling. ..Death. Much death.- xAx ...
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Report | 10/31/2014 6:44 am


What is this.. three movies, now..? xD WE'RE ON A ROLL.

-Squeaks.- I think not! xD Unfortunately I'll likely have to avoid candy for a while.. and other junkie foods.. uwu
Ooo yes Happy Halloween!! x3 You gonna celebrate?!

Yeah sometimes I won't mind a good rap, I just get tired of the reoccurring themes.. xD

You're welcome, Glasses Twinsie! n.n ..I will accept being adorable just for today. -Nods.-
Kya?! -Squeaks, trying to bop your hands feebly.- Ahhh! >///< The tickles..!
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Report | 10/31/2014 6:28 am


One day.. in ze future.. ..Sounds like the intro to another movie. Perhaps a movie about us making movies? >;D xDD

But I think screaming at it just might make it stress out more..?! XD HAH.

Haha well that's good! xD I think the only genres I usually don't like are rap and country and half the time hip hop.. depends.

-Huffs and puffs her cheeks up.- Rrrr... xD
..Team glasses, hey! ;DD xD You're pretty, though. -Nods.- :3

xDD HEHEHE -Keeps poking at you.-
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Report | 10/31/2014 6:16 am


So weird but I totally want it to happen. xD IT MUST.

Yis. :3 -Nods.- Mostly good, so yay! Haven't had too big of issues for a while. These past two days are rare. xD

Omfg, definitely know about that.. xD The weird ones are just like.. can't help but be all, "O-O ..."

https://www.dropbox.com/s/9mlul4fl9ya8288/IMG_20141031_061018_359.jpg?dl=0 I look sleepy and lighting is awkward, but. xD
Sure if you want to! ;3 And then we could be all, "Yo! Team Glasses! ;U" ..or something. xD

-GASPS.- ... -And pokes your ribs.- x3! TAKE THAT, EVIL DOER.
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Report | 10/31/2014 5:48 am


xD Oh gosh we'd be specifically famous for the fact that our movies would be SO weird..

Yeah it's lots better, no worries. ;'> -Nodnod.-

Lol oh nice! xDDD I love finding new songs via AMVs..

I doooo. D: I might show you a picture.. maybe..
Ooooh. ovo Glasses wearers high fiiive! xD
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Report | 10/31/2014 5:09 am


Is this.. another movie idea?! Or perhaps a guest appearance in that scary cute movie.. xDD

-Purrs softly at the pats.- Is okeyy.. technically it's much more well behaved than in the past, so that's good. :'> I used to have an issue with my intestines, so I'd get bad stomach aches a lot growing up. @-x; I used to live off of stomach medicine.. Pepto syrup and stuff.. -Wrinkles nose.- Blech.

....I'm so bad about listening to songs like this, my initial response is to giggle. xDDD; Catchy beat, though. o.o Can't say I've heard of this one before.

Nuuu! xD Haha. I have a weird face.. = 3o;
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Report | 10/31/2014 4:44 am


Keep offering people water and they just keep thinking you're trying to flash them or something. xDD

I'll tryyyy! No guaranteeees! xD -Mwahaha'z.-
-Giggles.- I think it's just that I rarely eat stuff with dairy, anymore.. so my body isn't used to it and was all, "AHHHH ALL THIS DAIRY WHAT ARE YOU DOOOINGGG?! -Stomachache.- xD

Hmn? What song is playing when you receive this message? ^-^ I'm in the mood to listen to something random.
....But all you can see are my eyes and glasses..!! x///D;!
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Report | 10/31/2014 4:34 am


Omfg yes. xD Just like.. pull my head down into my curtain robe.. all you hear is slurping. "Wh-what are you...?" "Drinking from my magical fountain!" "..Wat?" xD

Hehe. Maybe, maybe. ;3 ..I have a feeling I won't sleep for a while, though.. O.o
-Whiiiine.- But leftovers are yummyyyy.. especially pizza... -Droool.-

-Purrs and cuddles.- That's good! What music? n.n
Also. Here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t4fm4j3ir03q3dr/IMG_20141031_042426_965.jpg?dl=0 Hattt. x3
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Report | 10/31/2014 3:21 am


No it sounds kinda hot, really. Hot as in man is this black out curtain thick I need some air I'm gonna die, hot. oAo ...
...But at least I can make it fashionable! xD -Whips out scissors, eyeing the curtains.-

Yes, indeed! xD <33
-Squeaks and playfully nudges in response.- +w+ I'm fiiiiine.. pretty sleepyyy.. -Squint squint.- My stomach was killing me again, earlier, but I'm feeling better. Pretty sure my stomach hates my face for eating the pizza leftovers three days in a row.. xD How are you, Revy? <3
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Report | 10/31/2014 3:14 am


That is good, yis. xD I guess I'll have to wear blackout curtain outfits all the time, now.. ono

....Hmn. Well I do suppose that is a good valid reason. xD Always nice to have cuteness clingin' to yo' face! -Laughs.-
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Report | 10/31/2014 3:02 am


-Shine shine shine!- ;D ... -Then wearing blackout curtains like a robe to conceal it, not wanting to blind people!-

-Laughs, gently nudging you with her elbow.- Because that would mean at least I didn't betray you to the cold, hard floor?! xD
I would agree!
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Report | 10/31/2014 2:54 am


....I suppose a little bit.. D//; -Fidget.-

-Giggles, then looking all serious - squinting and looking contemplatively at you.- Wwweelllll...
..No. No I wouldn't have. <3 The only other option would be to fail catching you in time and thus fall over clinging to you the whole way. xDD
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Report | 10/31/2014 2:48 am


All hail the cutie cute wolfy cupcake! xD Rawr! Grr! Purrr- er I mean- Snarllll. <3

-Beams and pats you on the head.- S'alright, ya goofball! :'> Good thing I didn't dodge and let you fall over! -Grins teasingly.- xD
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Report | 10/30/2014 4:49 pm


I suppose I am a cute cupcake, yis.. it isn't often a cupcake wears wolfy hats after all!

-Makes a less than graceful sound of surprise - catching you and helping you back upright.- xD Careful, silly goose!
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Report | 10/30/2014 4:42 pm



                          Well, you might be able to control it through your computer.
                          The volume mixer and all that?

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Report | 10/30/2014 4:30 pm


-Thumbs up.- x3

Wha- psh- ugh- like- wha? Cutie? Pshaw. òAó Crazie Revy. GAWSH.

...... -Face slowly contorts into something more bizarre.- xDD
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