Hello people of gaia. *wags tail* My name is Corie and i am 19 years old ^-^ I love anime, and cosplay.
8 years of Putting up with my bf, but i love him
And i am 6'1ish

I will try to be there for him, I never want to see him cry or be upset ever again. That smile really lights up my day.

Intelligent and honest, the Romantic Seme has refined but modest tastes - whether it's food, art, or their own wardrobe. Their appearance can sometimes give the impression of being somewhat unapproachable, when actually, the Romantic Seme cares little for materialistic things, and only wants to shower their partner with their love and protection. Romantic Seme also tend to be very giving to those they are close to, and need to be careful not to be too giving... sacrificing much of themselves to insure the happiness of others.
Other common traits of the Romantic Seme include being: loyal, romantic, thoughtful, protective, honorable, passionate, and trusting.

One day you well come to me and ask whos life is more important mine or yours, i well say mine and you well walk away never knowing you are my life.



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thanks for buying c:
The Amazing Wiggle

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The Amazing Wiggle

I gotta say saph
I really like your avi

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Thank you so much for the GB!!!!!
Magikarp used spIash

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Magikarp used spIash


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Candy Buttons

Report | 02/20/2015 5:30 pm

Candy Buttons

Gah D;
Thank you for the pure <3

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I think I might have ever gotten one... half-way decent item.
I mostly just expect at this point in time that RIGs hate me rolleyes
So, I buy them to give away! My logic is someone is just bound to get something excellent. sweatdrop


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You're very welcome!
I hope you have more luck with RIGs than I do xd
forever a fawn

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forever a fawn

Don't worry about it. o3o
I do it all the time.
forever a fawn

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forever a fawn

No biggie.
I just don't want to accidentally skip you,
which is why I leave comments. :3


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