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Sweet Peppermint Tea is an art school graduate with her degree proudly in hand. Fond of animals, loud music, Impressionist paintings and the color black, she tends to shy away from large crowds and small children.

Interests: Read below.

Dislikes: Bright colors, badly written books, most pop art, mosh pits, bigotry, abuse of authority.

Being a Leo, she likes attention. Feel free to leave comments. <3


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Where Ba-chan bitches about the lack of quality conversation on Go-Gaia.


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Reno Takamiya Report | 04/01/2014 2:43 pm
All I have is the reply from March 30th, I'm guessing it didn't go through for some reason. It's just that when it doesn't come through it has me worried that the person doesn't have a response and I'd also hate to be a bother to see if they do have one. redface No need to apologize. I hope your cat's doing alright, I have 4 myself and they've all had their own problems and visits to the Vet. rolleyes

I'm pretty sure Gaia even set in place a Notification that tells Deidrich that he has a quote and to respond. When they do respond, their essentially ruining the person's thread just as fast.
Reno Takamiya Report | 04/01/2014 2:31 pm

I was wondering if you planned on replying back to my PM I sent you? I'd hate to start a whole new one to discuss some new things if you're trying to catch. However I understand if you just don't have the time to respond right now. 3nodding It's a bit funny to see everyone get their panties in a bunch though over Deidrich. I've yet to be quoted by him. crying
sagethewanderer Report | 03/30/2014 8:10 pm
Why, thank you so much. I've been a fan of that anime sice it first came out. So when I saw the item, I knew I had to cosplay him.
Reno Takamiya Report | 03/26/2014 4:02 pm
Ah, I posted my comment at 1:49 PM on your profile. And, yours came in at least 2 minutes behind that. I also headed outside with my Sister and Mother where we went to the few stores that are local. (K-Mart, Wal-Mart etc.) I didn't know if you were going to respond or if you had forgotten. That's a mistake on my part. It also didn't help that I headed out with my Family. However, I did remember to open another tab and go back to Gaia in hopes that I'd receive a notification from you. This didn't exactly pan out, so I felt like I should just post the comment.

I'm pretty sure that Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality is going to be the technologies of the future. However they've just barely scratched the surface. We are nowhere near the kind of technology that they have in .Hack or Sword Art Online. Where you just put on a headset and either sit in a chair or lay down and do everything that's in that [i]VRMMORPG[/i]. I never understood how they actually did it with just the headset. Unless, it all responds to thought?

Exactly. Nintendo isn't going to go anywhere soon. They're still succeeding in the handheld market. While, I also wish they'd focus more on their console. I'm still waiting for the JRPG/RPG train to make its way onto the platform. Although I do know that [i]Smash Bros[/i]. will be that system seller for most people who are holding out on getting it. I have at least 2-3 games already lined up for my purchase. Except that they're not enough for me to consider the purchase. I usually wait until "5" or more are out that I'm definitely interested in.

Knowing how [i]Minecraft[/i] looks and the specs of the Rift. Especially the resolution of the Rift, I don't see how it would look spectacular. However I have heard that there's a VR mod/driver already out to give you a bit of the experience. Which is called [url=https://share.oculusvr.com/app/minecrift]Minecrift.[/url] Just looking at the screenshots makes me think of people with fear of small spaces having a hard time with using the Rift. Not to mention people that have Eye Problems or use prescription glasses to see. (Like me)

The only Let's Player that I really watch, happens to be a guy from the Netherlands. I actually grew up being exposed to the European cartoons and comedy shows. I've also see Australian shows where the humour can be rather crude and uncalled for but it's not exactly horrible. Some of the shows I've seen happen to be The [i]IT Crowd, Little Britain, Downtown Abbey, The Librarians[/i] and a few others. I've actually only found two shows that I've really liked that have played in America that either got finished or cancelled. One being [i]Chuck[/i] and the other being [i]Reaper[/i]. When I watched [i]Two Best Friends[/i] their commentary in the video was actually obnoxious and unfunny, as you said.

In the video they made wisecracks like "Even did it with a Snake and created an Apple" Which is a huge over-the-top ludicrous statement that's nowhere near the biblical story. The other was that they made the comparison that a women's who was murdered in the games wound was made bigger in the port. They made the wisecrack that it looked like a female's private area. Which is pretty much comparable to the humour of Seth McFarlane or probably more South Park-esque.

Speaking of words, I actually like the more European look of Humour and Colour and possibly Armour. Although I don't mind the American spelling or Armor all that much. [i]Irregardless[/i] is a word but it's a nonstandard English word that isn't used today. I heard from my Mother that it was a word that was used regularly when she was young. She happens to be from England so that's how I was exposed to all of the European experiences such as shows, chocolate/candy and comedians. However, "irregardless" still does look odd as you said. It pretty much does mean the same as Regardless even if it's considered a double negative now in America.

I'm wondering if we had different suff
Reno Takamiya Report | 03/26/2014 12:49 pm
Saw that you checked out the threads I linked you to. What are your thoughts on it? Did you also happen to see the madness that is the Occulus Rift backers now? They all want their money back now since they sold to Facebook. I could see that it was going to alienate the people who specifically hate Facebook a mile away. Although, there are a few people who are acting a bit rational about it all. Except that they're overshadowed by those that can't. A person who donates to Kickstarter is just doing a donation. You don't have any real say in the company. You aren't an investor; you don't have stocks or equity.

I can't believe that most people couldn't see that they were going to be bought out. Or at least offered a substantial sum of money. I mean, the Rift was a business just like pretty much any other business. Regardless if it was just a start-up or not.

By the way, what did you think about my rant about "irregardless"? sweatdrop
Reno Takamiya Report | 03/25/2014 7:17 pm
Well, Star Platinum made another appearance. This time ragging on Nintendo because they haven't exactly joined up on the Virtual Reality bandwagon. And, made the wide assumption that Nintendo isn't going to be able to 'survive' on just first party games when it comes to the Wii U. Knowing people the way I do, and how they absolutely love anything Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Donkey Kong they'll it all up. Regardless, if it doesn't exactly bring anything new to the tablet besides the occasional new feature or minute addition.

Star also said that Nintendo isn't going to be a PAX. Something that everyone else already knew. However, he way he made it sound like Nintendo needs to be at some kind of Con or Expo to survive. If that were true, they'd be dead after the few most recent Nintendo Direct's that didn't really bring anything new to the tablet for people. Another new thing that happened is that Facebook purchased the start-up of Occulus Rift for 12 billion. Which is most likely going to alienate people from purchasing the Headset now because they don't exactly like Facebook.

Have you heard of Notch? He's the creator of Minecraft, who was also interested in a MineCraft version with VR technology. However, he backed out of because he released a tweet that said "We were in talks about maybe bringing a version of Minecraft to the Occulus. I just cancelled that deal. Facebook creeps me out." Now, I know that Facebook isn't the best but that last part comes across as a bit immature or childish to me.

Yesterday, I also watched Two Best Friends on YouTube. I just wanted to see how their play-through of Deadly Premonition was. To be brutally honest, I found the guys to be obnoxious and I really don't understand the reason why people watch them consistently. Not to mention that nothing they said in the Video made me laugh. The inner grammar nazi in me did make an appearance though in the comments. redface

Mainly, because I heard them use the word "irregardless" which it's not exactly acceptable if you want to look intelligent or be taken seriously. It's basically regardless but with it's definition/meaning being used twice. I'm also not on the same train as others when it comes to the words Funner, Funnest, Awesomer and Awesomest. Any compotent English teacher will tell you none of those words are exactly official or generally accepted.

I'll copy & paste the two topics. I made a few informative posts in each thread so you might have to do a little reading. lol

Thread 1 and Thread 2

Reno Takamiya Report | 03/24/2014 8:07 pm

Family comes first and so does health. 3nodding
Reno Takamiya Report | 03/24/2014 7:31 pm
Haven't seen you in the Gaming Discussion for awhile. I haven't posted in a lot since the majority of the topics don't interest me. It's basically, going in to see it everyday and just imagining a tumbleweed blowing in the wind. I remember sending you a PM, but I also remember that it didn't exactly have much content. sweatdrop

So I'm guessing, none of what was in it made you feel like replying? I mostly only PM or comment now or visit the only forum I know that's worth visiting which is the Professional Wrestling sub-forum in the sports section. lol
Reno Takamiya Report | 03/19/2014 10:43 pm
Well, it's the general consensus of most of the internet. At least those that are interested in meme's or if a person's a troll. They'll sometimes post a picture that says "I don't understand your autism" when the way they're using it is incorrect. Autism isn't another answer for stupidity, Autism actually has nothing to do with stupidity. It's a case by case thing but it's pretty much stops you from socializing or being non-verbal. I might not do well in Math but I'm certainly better in other subjects. From what I've read, I don't even think being classified "Medically Retarded" means you're stupid. Albert Einstein was supposedly reported as having Epilepsy but look how he turned out?

Then you have the people who use the insult "Do you have an extra 21st chromosome?" which they're hinting at having Downs or at least that a person is retarded. That's actually a ludicrous insult because there thinking is akin to the thinking that all mental retardation is caused by just having an extra 21st chromosome. I was once called a hypocrite by someone on the forums because I asked a person why they were using "Autism" in their post the way they were. Later on, another person posted and secretly hinted at me because I questioned the reasoning of using the disorder. I was called a hypocrite because I quoted someone who used the word 'Retard" in their post.

The person who called me a hypocrite also said I had a problem with the words "f*****t", "Retard" and "Autism" which I do have a problem with all three. but I only questioned the legitimacy and use of the last one. The guy I replied to who used it in the first place said he was using it as 'a' buzzword. And, also said that I must have lesser cognitive abilities not to grasp the way they were using it. It also didn't help that the person used every single big word in the dictionary so they could debate with someone.

/rant done. sweatdrop
Reno Takamiya Report | 03/19/2014 10:16 pm
His newest response to someone who kept arguing with his original thread actually made me cringe.

Now I remember why I don't post here, because of people like you that have some kind of mental dysfuction. I swear... this site is full of autistic, aspie, socially inept people that are incapable of reading.


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