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I'm not the best at writing about myself, so I'm just going to go with random statements and you can draw your own conclusions.

  • My username is Sweet n Leo. I have previously been called White Leo, Mister Leo, The Amazing Leo (and some others that I cannot remember). Sweet n Leo used to be my name before I changed it to Mister Leo, but after a while I changed it back (it was at least a year or so).

  • I was introduced to Gaia back in 2005 by a friend on Dark Ages (a type of MMORPG). Took me a while to get into it, but I got into it completely. Was an active member for years, and then became a moderator (first Site then Global). Stepped down in 2010 and moved on to other things.

    After stepping down my activity on this website dropped, until the last couple of years where it's been practically non-existent. I check it every few months, generally horrified each time at what it's become. The insane gold inflation, the destruction of the third party tools, the insane cash integration. I don't regret leaving in the slightest.

  • I'm very active on Tumblr, but that's about it. You can hit me up there if you want.


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LOTRpottergirl Report | 11/05/2015 8:46 am
Its crazy how much Gaia has changed over the years! Something draws me back in to check it out every so often lol
Miss Lazy Genius Report | 09/26/2015 4:37 am
Miss Lazy Genius
Thank you for the gift~ whee
You are awesome! heart
LOTRpottergirl Report | 08/06/2015 1:11 pm
ninja heart
Alyx Aphelia Report | 03/03/2015 8:11 pm
Alyx Aphelia
ninja long time...
Sight Ninja Report | 01/26/2015 8:17 pm
Sight Ninja
Bonus points for liking series of unfortunate events and harry potter.
Darien S. Report | 01/03/2015 2:39 am
Darien S.
Eh, I haven't grown tired of this place yet, I still find it's able to hold my attention.
Darien S. Report | 01/03/2015 2:21 am
Darien S.
Hey now, Gaia's the one that said you changed your profile so I checked it out and decided to comment. Nothing stalkish about that... >.>
Darien S. Report | 01/02/2015 2:02 pm
Darien S.
ChocolatexDoll Report | 11/25/2014 9:12 am
Aww, did you quit being a mod?
Darien S. Report | 07/10/2014 12:48 am
Darien S.
People still play WoW? /shot


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