Why hello there! My name is Danielle but you can call me Dani, Din, Danny, Ammy, or Amaterasu and I'll respond to you, I promise; only my friends know how old I am and where I'm from. I love technology and I aspire to be an engineer and change how the world does things. One tiny pebble can cause an enormous landslade given time.

I'm a bit quiet and hard to get through but once you see how much of a loyal person I am, you'll understand what kind of friend you really have. I'm a bit more laid back than I used to be and I don't get angry easily, but that does not give you the right to to try to take advantage of my kindness. Gracefulness is not a weakness. smilies/icon_heart.gif

Hey fellas! (And lovely ladies that like other ladies) I'm already taken by the gorgeous ThePhoenixUnchained. I love her with all of my heart and I only wish to make her happy. She's the love of my life and I'll do anything she needs me to do so I will give you one warning: Do not mess with her or make her angry. We are like guard dogs to each other and I will rip your, yes, your face off with naturally grown claws in a heartbeat. For all of those that oppose lesbiansbisexualshomosexuals and those that enjoy preaching religion, press the back button right now because I am not going to argue on how you are anti-equality. We are all human. It's called population control. Get over it.

And one more thing. I do not accept random friend request. Don't do that either. At least talk to me and get to know me a little bit more. I am normally found in zOMG.


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Things to do, people to see, but I know for a fact that I'm just bored.

Come one, come all. If you want to read how I feel than go ahead and enjoy yourselves.

Me being bored. That's all.


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Lady!!!! It certainly has been a while but you know what, I like the way you are aging or not because you're still you and you're amazing~ Lol I "adopted' two kids xD And I'm usually on call with the "son" most the time lmao xD Hehehe
I recently started going to the YMCA with my family just to go there and work out at night ouo
I passed ouo
I haven't been on in a while forgive me... I was teaching lil third graders and lemme tell you, THEY'RE A HANDFUL DX
Pfft would you mind if I added you on Skype o_O Just because.... Gaia's dead... crying

Report | 06/03/2015 8:59 pm


i was looking for a new roommate. found a couple but i havent heard from them in a few days so i need to call tomorrow or something.
im really excited. ive been down in the dumps lately. :/ you?

Report | 05/30/2015 11:54 am


Hehehhehehe feel old yet? xD
That's good! biggrin Physically or mentally or both?
It's good to have people having your back <3 Schools ending soon and we were having common core testing and oh dear tide lord THAT SUCKED SO MUCH BUTTS T^T
biggrin DD I get on here and there try to get on once a day xD Ya know with all this bs going on ._. Kinda hard to try to get back into the game now T^T But I get on for the people/friends c:

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Report | 05/28/2015 4:28 pm


I haven't seen you in ages o_____O
How have you been?! I've been well... Schoool's a pain... Everything's a pain.. I cry -w- <3

Report | 03/16/2015 4:50 pm


Happy Birthday Lady!!!! <3 I missed you c: And yay we're march babies!!! -High fives- How have you been? c: I hope you're staying safe and having a wonderful day because you're the sole reason why it's a wonderful day <3 Love you c: <3

Report | 07/21/2014 7:34 pm


I seen your saddening status. If you ever need to talk, My lady. Just send me a mssage and i'll get too it soon as i can.
Been through the same situations and i know how it feels. Dont allow it to get the best of you, keep your head up.

Report | 07/05/2014 10:36 pm


Yay for new phone! Haha no no like he likes taking walks and we like staying home xD So yeah ._. And usually I'm either out or my phone's dead because I always forget to charge it xD So yeahh... xD
Haha that's so cute xD I only have a little brother -w- Lol and that's so creative o_O
Yeah the nerf stopped everyone and I see like barely ANYONE on zOMG nowadays.... Like there wasnt as much people as there use to be :/ I havent been anywhere else but I'm sure it's all the same anywhere :/
Pfft I donated... 1000 gold and that was it lmfao xD not that I want to be cheap or anything but some of us out here just dont even have enough to get by :/ Know what I mean?
I'm playing Samurai Warriors 3 on the Wii o: Haha I read on my iPod xD Iunno the words look more.. readable xD Font and spacing a bit too close and it makes my head dizzy xD
Haha of course! C:

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LOL Thats exactly what i did actually. I did it Lastnight and the day before!

And i dont see how! I got that ugly a** accent LOL. heart emotion_facepalm

Report | 07/04/2014 9:52 pm


Yuuuuuup Way ahead of you My Ladyyy!
crunked up emotion_drool
and ohh ty! emotion_bigheart Idk thougfh i hate my voice! emotion_facepalm


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