Hey! Not sure how you got here, but glad you stopped by! Sit, chat, stay a while! I won't bite... usually.

Call me Alex, or Riku. whichever you prefer, I respond to both. Of course you could also call me cute, adorable, handsome, dude, friend, or anything of those sorts. I'm 22, and have the personality of a semi-hyper teenager, and the mentality of an almost crazy person, though my antics do make sense... unless they don't, it's been known to happen. I've also got some signs of ADD, but I've apparently not enough of them to be properly diagnosed. I'm also Agnostic, so please, (I ask you a thousand times in advance please!) don't come to me with anything religious... same goes for politics. Now, I love mythical/fantasy RPs, and many, many video games. I'll draw art every once in a while, depending on the mood. (I really, really hate hands though, fair warning.)

I love music. LOVE music. Especially OST's (Original Soundtracks, for you not-so-term-literate folk) from awesome games like the Final Fantasy series, or the Castlevania series. I also love rock and heavy rock (borderline metal), and electronica. If you have a recommendation of OST music, please, please, PLEASE send it my way, and I might want to get the rest of it.

I'm a nerd, in many ways, and I love to nerd out with others. Though I am rather shy, I'll open up if you're kind and caring. (Even through the anonymity of the web, I can somehow tell this with people.) If we click on multiple levels, consider yourself lucky, as I might delve into what I describe as my "sane-but-insane" mind. I, personally think the world is mad, and to deal with it, I constantly think of very meticulous topics, such as time travel and spacial distortions, and it keeps my imagination very active.

Anyway, sometimes I'm random, sometimes I'm adorable, and most of the time I'm fun. So that's basically me in a straightjacket nutcase madhouse time loop dimensional void brief summary. Have a wonderful time with your existence, and maybe we'll meet again~ <3 wink

I do not return mispriced items from the Marketplace. Sorry. It is also highly unlikely that I will refund you if you made a mistake purchasing anything from me.

Collected Avi Art! (Freebs and purchases)

Aurelius - Draco-Serpent - by Brosephiine (Siggy size)
Zuruniik - Frost Troll - by VFrost_BiteV
Zuruniik - Frost Troll - by Corvias
Omega - Void Tyrant - by Lea Florens

[[ I have more, but have to find them. Will add as they are obtained~ ]]


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Sweet Heartless Riku

Why do I even bother...


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lanzer is back :y

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Normally RPs are my reason to stay on, but even those are getting hard to find... Doesn't help that I'm being picky.
It'd be a shame to see you leave, but I don't know if I'm the one to keep you here. If you do leave, do you think you'll leave everything on this account or sell/give it out?
Kara The Blind

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Kara The Blind


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'twould seem that Kaden from FE: Fates (you play?) has been rubbing off on me because this is the second cute+kitsune-style avi I've worn, and in a row.
How've you been? I started a hot new RP last weekend that moved ~30k words in 48 hours.
Kara The Blind

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Kara The Blind

I haven't shown your profile enough luffs.
Ms Daffodil

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Ms Daffodil

Sorry I'm late, but aw, thanks Riku! emotion_kirakira
Kara The Blind

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Kara The Blind


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thanks bro i apresiate that
you look epic too emotion_brofist

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(I have no idea what would've gotten Corrin into Riku's RP world except dumb luck or divine intervention. The only ranged attacks in his world besides magic are arrows and ballista--heck, Fates brought back samurai. So I still haven't a clue how to have him react XD)

"I see..." Corrin studied the unfamiliar buildings around him. Most of these were tall like the towers of Nohr Castle or taller, and similarly gray-hued, but of a make he'd never seen before. Such uniformity, as well... He couldn't help but cast a wary glance at the cylindrical thing Riku carried. Even if it appeared to be hewn of metal, for all he knew, it could whirl on him at Riku's or its own volition at any moment. Good thing he still had his dragonstone.
Riku's next words made him feel slightly better about his situation, but one word in particular caught his attention. "Demons, hmm?" he asked. "What sort of demons?"

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(I have no clue how to respond to this in-character since I don't know if guns even exist in FE: Fates, so...)

Trump? And just sayin' hi~ I was skimming through some of my comments since someone posted on it a little while earlier.


Responds to quotes/PM

Riku – Immortal Neko

Due to immortality, he can still "die", but will be up again in minutes to hours or a day later. Riku believes he is the last of his kind. Sadistic and chaotic when in certain situations, but willing to offer advice and help.

Can time travel, create pocket dimensions, and has mastered nearly all weapons and magics, bar Fire.

Looking for new art.