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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.I'm an 06 member and a CBer and GDer.
I was vaysay, but it got banned.

My major is Japanese. I am required to learn and speak Japanese fluently. If you want to know ask me. c: (art by milk stain)

Hey everyone, my name is Caitlyn (call me Caity or Cait). I'm 23 years old and was a junior and at Aoyama Gakuin University in Shibuya, Japan. I'm currently studying in Hawaii, studying Japanese. While in Japan, I lived in Ikebukuro, Japan, and it was kinda awesome there. I'm also obsessed with social networks and hanging with my friends. I'm originally from England, but I moved to America when I was 8, so I consider America my home country. I get asked if I have an accent and the answer would be for the most part no, yet when I say some words it kinda has an accent to it. Well, lets see other things about me..I'm 5'5, pretty average I guess. I also closed up my stretched ears, I was at over an inch. I have other piercings my ears, nose, and septum. I'm probably one of the nicest people you would ever meet, unless you piss me off. I quit smoking, and sometimes drink. Also .. if I you wanna get to know me, you can always message me on my phone. I only have a Japanese number, so it's best to add me on LINE. I only text people if I give my number out, talking on the phone is just awkward, that is unless I love you.

はじめまして~私の名前はケイトリンですが、ニックネームはケイテイーですよ!私は23歳で4年生の大学生でJPOP音楽が好きな人です!(笑)子供の時、初めて日本語を勉強しました~それで、もちろん日本語や日本の文化が好きになりました~実は、自分で東京に引っ越しました。東京で池袋に住んでいました!あと、一年間ぐらい青山学院大学に通っていました。そこでなるべく日本語を勉強しました!将来に日本で英語の先生になりたいです!それに日本語を分かるようになりました!あと、一年前くらい前にハワイにほっこしました。私がハワイで日本語を話すことができたことは、びっくりしました!ハワイで日本人が多いので毎日日本語を話せます!それで、最近、日本語しか話しないです。ハワイは良い所ですよね~おっけ~おっけ~私が生まれは英国人ですけど、コロラドから来ました!実は、イギリスで生まれました。しかし、8歳になると、アメリカに引っ越しました!アメリカで色々所に住んでいました!今、ハワイにいますよ~伝統的な人ですね~(笑)あと、音楽が大好きです!例えば、HARDCOREとかPOP PUNKとかが大好きです!日本でAAAとかGREEEENとかEXILEとかビジエルケとかが好きです。日本語を勉強したい人と日本人の友達になりたいですよ~ ぜひお友達になりましょ~アメリカの電話番号がないのに、LINEしかないです。それで、LINEで良かったらは友達申請します!ユーザー名に尋ねしなければいけません。皆さん、よろしくお願いします!

Well yeah... if you want to know more about me feel free to contact me...

My Idol is Noel Fielding
I love Mikasa Ackerman

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Master of the Arcana

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Master of the Arcana

Yes redface
Master of the Arcana

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Master of the Arcana

Thanks for visiting my profile biggrin

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3nodding Hello! I love your profile! It's nice to see someone who loves learning about Japan and their language.
I used to but now I have less time to learn crying Do you use phone apps to learn too?
are you my senpai

Report | 06/10/2017 12:04 am

are you my senpai

just oder them on amazon, if u live in the u.s there's a lot of colour options xD
are you my senpai

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are you my senpai

expensive af
I have the kanken but everyone has them now lol
I want something new
that deadbeat

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that deadbeat

awww i love your username and avi.
are you my senpai

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are you my senpai

I was lurking thro your instagram lol must not be u in the picture
are you my senpai

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are you my senpai

I found it lol Anello
are you my senpai

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are you my senpai

what brand is your backpack?
lol hipsturd

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lol hipsturd

bb i hope u are well exclaim


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I'm Caitlyn

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日本語 // 東京 // ハワイ

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