Hi everyone! smilies/icon_3nodding.gif You guys can call me Suzie. I am currently residing in Brunei (it's a very very small country). We're known for our oil and gas and also as the Venice of the East. I love a great many things which includes but not limited to:

1) watching series
2) photography
3) hanging out with my family and friends
4) Talking with other people (really shy IRL but I try my best to talk to people because people are awesome)
5) Making new friends
6) Checking my mail (?)
7) Getting a handwritten letter from my best friend (we're cool that way) smilies/icon_4laugh.gif

I really do hope we be friends. Chat me up, i'm a really nice person to get to know and I love listening to people. (At one point of my life I actually wanted to be a psychologist... guess that's not gonna happen anytime soon in my country smilies/icon_razz.gif ) If you want to know more about me then don't be shy to ask. smilies/icon_whee.gif I'll try my best to answer any questions you shoot at me.


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I should look more on my profile smile
NP you should do what you like to do with it.
Its a gift wear the wig keep it or sell it as long you are happy its fine^^ smile

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Pfft- you're the girl version of Dark_Poet xd

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Ahaha~ good thing you are enjoying your time here. There are tons of good places to go on vacation but too bad, I don't really like to go outside that much (my family included). So yeah, PC at home FTW xd The seminar was okay (it's about first aid btw). I was able to learn how to perform CPR properly. and goddamn the speaker was good-looking so double yay for me pfft- As for the report, we haven't done it still and won't be for another week. And yes, I am rejoicing. I hate reports esp things where you have to speak in front. Pfft-
I guess it's really different when you are out of the country then you suddenly came back. Your body did a sudden reset and it's not used to the air here. Welp, I'm fine, thank you. I can breathe in and out normally. I've been so used to the polluted air here that it has gone unnoticed. Haha! You should really take face masks with you just in case.
The items I'm wearing for my current avi? Well it is quite expensive but they are all from the regular shops except the hat and laurels. I just really have hundreds of gold right now. I frequent zOMG and just go lurking around the site so I earn gold. I don't quest nor do I do anything with it except when I felt like purchasing something. Haha! Hmm, as for the marketplace, if I do buy something from there, I wait for a couple of days because sometimes, the changes in prices there are pretty drastic. It goes real low and real high. So I wait for the right moment/price then I go buy it.
At least the matter is solved and there are lessons learned. Sometimes you just need to experience something like that to learn the ways and complexities of life. Haha!

Life is good. Friends are good. There's really nothing new. Pfft- Well except my sudden infatuation to the speaker in our first aid seminar and my sudden discovery that I am, indeed, a girl. Puahahaha~ Not like I wasn't but it's been awhile since I had a crush sooooo.... Yeah xp

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Hi ...
nice to meet you too

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Thank you~ >//////< heart welp, i'm gonna change it soon sooooo.... and i noticed you changed your avi twice too. Oho~

Haha! Me too but not quite outside. I hate attention. I only appreciate it when I'm behind my PC screen and someone sent me a PM or talked to me. I mean, out of the gazillions of users, that particular being managed to find me and chose to talk to me. That's awesome and sweet. Pfft-
It's kind of ironic, isn't it. I mean, when there's school, we go complaining about it but when we don't have that routine, we go and miss it. Haha! I only enjoy school so much because of my little group of friends.
Oho~ good good. Btw, I think we're finally breathing the same polluted air, right? Haha! How's my country so far?
Maa, I still haven't done my report due on Saturday but thank heavens for that seminar, it is postponed. Yay! I haven't been posting much in the forums tho I kind of lurk around. Chatterbox is quite chaotic at times and it's fun to read posts there.
I'll be staying up late today since no classes tomorrow so if you want to hang out there, PM me. wink I enjoyed zOMG last night. I met 2 awesome gaians, pfft-

Lonely high school life? Is it okay for me to ask why? I mean, you're def an awesome and nice person and that's weird people haven't seen that in you. I guess I should thank your current groups of friends because they saw the greatness in you. whee It's totally awesome when you find your true friends. It's really hard to find them.
I am the joker of my high school friends. But I usually stay quiet and would only talk until someone talked to me with college friends. For some reason, my college friends doesn't think I'm a funny person. Haha! Idk, when I went to first year college, my full on introvert tendencies kicked in and I stayed friendless for half a year. I found 2 people willing to take me in their group but I guess I never considered them frriends? Second year is a total roller coaster ride and I'm totally enjoying it right now.

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Sorry,I've been busy. But happy new year to you too! smile

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(okay so I accidentally pressed the "Submit" button and here's the continuation pfft-)

Well, I'm a selective shy type, pfft- idk. I'm always talkative when I'm around my high school friends but I'm this awkward big mushroom when I'm with college friends. It's never the same. I guess you have those kinda friends, right? I guess I'm okay. I could make topics like the weather today or how are you but I would never be the socialite/extrovert in the room. I appreciate my little corner and my introvert tendencies. Ufufufufu~

I'm comfortable with my high school bestfriends but only on a joking level. I mean, I joke around and make a fool of myself around them but when it's about heart-to-heart talk and feelings, I really can't. It's hard for me to express myself emotionally. Yep.

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Ohohoho~ my past hairstyle and eyes doesn't really suit my outfit right now so I thought, might as well change them too.

Recent Visitors is quite magical. You get to know that other users actually notice you, puahahaha~ at least my existence here is known pfft-
Oho~ that kinda sucks. There's that one reality day between relaxation time. Today's (01/05 - Sunday) the last day of our Christmas vacation so I'd be saying hello to university and my damned professors tomorrow. Ugh.

I don't really know the timezones but I'm 30% sure I'd be staying up late even though there's school tomorrow. Pfft- Just hit me up with a PM or something if you're zOMGing. whee And gaia changed the servers again so I'll always be at Carrion Flower. heart


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OMG you visited my profile? hahaha! (i don't have the Recent Visitors stuff, for some reason my theme doesn't support it)

I'm fine and have always been sleep-deprived, pfft- (it's currently 2am here)
Ahhh, I really want to meet up. But idk, I'm an awkward specie in person. xp I hope you're gonna have a good time here and visit a lot of places!

Me too. I really want to play when my fellow zOMG comrades are there. It's more fun and enjoyable, yep.
(i'll always be at Carrion Flower/Bladed Vase if you're available soooo)

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Heya~ idk man, I just really want to talk to you, pfft- XD


I have met with some pretty awesome people in gaia that I thought I should share to you all (not to be harassed but to be acknowledged) for being such generous people. They went out of their way to give me stuff just because... so I want the whole gaian community to know their awesome existence: