You wanna know more about me? I'm the girl that's sweeping you off your feet♥
Hi, I'm SutaJi♥
Things to know...
I like animals, friends, manga, fantasy and videogames!
Fruits Basket, Inuyasha,
FMA, DNAngel, Yucie, Naruto,
Angelic Layer, Pita Ten, AzuManga Dioh!
Koge Donbo, Dramacon, Dream Saga,
Cardcaptor Sukara, Ceres, Absolute Boyfriend,
Fushugi Yugi, Pixi Pop, Serinity,
Nana, Rurouni Kenshin, OHHC, Pichi Pichi Pich!
I luv luv luv HSM and cheesy musicals haha~

PLEASE!~ Respect the SutaJi! She HATES IT WHEN: People call her cute, resend messages, beg, curse too much, never talk to you after adding to friends, toast, kisses on my neck, ANYTHING on my neck, and meanie butts!!!>:C

SutaJi does like~ Talking in third person, nice ppl, ppl who make SutaJi laugh, PM her a ton, anime, soccer, gaia, sleeping, hugs, kisses,(smilies/icon_heart.gif) breathing,non-cereal, pocky, and love randomness!! But before sending me a friend's request, can we please learn more about eachother?smilies/icon_3nodding.gif

my dream Avi needs...
Ancient Katana
Steel-plated Ninja Band
THanks Reyna_of_Fire and JWOODy!!! smilies/icon_blaugh.gif

Another dream yet not to come true..
[Item Information]
Sugarplum Slippers
Let it Snow
Blue Fur-Trimmed Bra
Ice Tiara
Mythrill Halo

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Yes, I am Loved<333
Get over it that you're not surrounded by awesome people like I am smilies/icon_biggrin.gif


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SutaJi's boogershmigin stuff

I NEED MORE ANIME! smilies/icon_sad.gif Obsessed some may say I am I am. *Talking like Ruroni Kenshin* ^_~

Hiya, I'm SutaJi, I create comic books and try to get them in to TokyoPop. I love anime/manga as if it were my own. I personally enjoy animals, 1337, & videogames! ^_~ Seeyas!



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Report | 07/29/2009 11:51 pm


hi emily

Report | 12/07/2008 9:02 am


Yay! It is really awesome ^_^

Report | 12/06/2008 9:35 pm


Happy belated B-Day Emily.
Raving In Wonderland

Report | 12/05/2008 5:21 pm

Raving In Wonderland

happy b-day!

Report | 12/01/2008 3:43 pm


hi emily whats new with u

whose prayer4given he looks cool i like his sword.

Report | 11/24/2008 1:39 pm


how about you surprise me x]? just make sure its male-orientated?

Report | 11/24/2008 1:36 pm


I just don't know what I want...... so I go around fulfilling people's (friends) wish list x]

Report | 11/17/2008 3:25 pm


just saying hi since you are on =]

Report | 11/09/2008 12:32 pm


been staying here in Gaia longer than I wanted x] lol and have been making money.... just thought I bless my fellow friends that always talk to me whenever I am or am not on lol. Sharing the love =]

Report | 11/04/2008 6:53 pm


luv u emily


smilies/icon_whee.gifI ♥ hugs, art, and donates. But then again, who doesn't?smilies/icon_whee.gif*