Hello there..Ya'll readin this haha. I am Susy. Or my nicks up there next to my avi. Well about me hmm.. Not a lot to tell. I'll tell you what people say about me.
People say:
I am sweet
I am kind
I am mean
I'm a b***h
I am a great gf
I am a great friend
I'm fat
I'm ugly
I'm sexy
I'm beautiful.

And what else can I say that is what people say. I say I am susy and I have been susy since elementry. I have grown mentaly, but I don't like to show it too much because life is short ad life was meant to be enjoyed. What am I? I am a writer, and a comedian(sp?). I love to see someone smile and if you are sad I wish to at least make you smirk before I leave you alone. Heehee.
I am a line crosser make one and I cross it. That is just how I am. Um... My hobies? Now a days include looking for work and planning on seeing my wonderful gf Ayana. I am currently 18 since October 30th, 2010. I am hispanic, and american. I usualy don like to be called white, don't know why just don't. I can call myself white, but I don't like when others do. I am a stem, stud and fem. Meaning I have my "guy" moments and my "girl" moments. I am a female, full lesbian. Just gotta love them woman x3 mmm mmm mmm goood biggrin
Hmmm any thing else? f your still reading this wooooooow.

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Thank you Koboshi Lolo x3

Ahh poem time??
((If you would like to see a poem here inbox/comment me a subject you'd like me to write about and I will gladly take your subject and write it here.))

Anything ya'll think I should add to my about please inbox/comment me and I will. biggrin
Wellp I think that is it.


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II Zetsubou II

Report | 01/03/2013 7:15 pm

II Zetsubou II

ima go eat so ill talk to you later.
II Zetsubou II

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II Zetsubou II

so you go to a lot of parties or something?
II Zetsubou II

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II Zetsubou II

nice lol.
II Zetsubou II

Report | 01/03/2013 7:01 pm

II Zetsubou II

the end of the world one you told me about.
II Zetsubou II

Report | 01/03/2013 6:55 pm

II Zetsubou II

so how was the party?

Report | 12/17/2012 4:04 am


Your profile is flipping awesome! heart I love pokemon lol that pic at the bottom soo cute 4laugh
II Zetsubou II

Report | 12/16/2012 2:10 am

II Zetsubou II

II Zetsubou II

Report | 12/16/2012 1:58 am

II Zetsubou II

Oh. For who?
II Zetsubou II

Report | 12/16/2012 1:49 am

II Zetsubou II

Waiting for inuyasha to come on and surfing around in the mp. Trying to find a new eye item I found one that I like so far but I'm short about 200k =.=
What about you?
II Zetsubou II

Report | 12/16/2012 1:44 am

II Zetsubou II



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