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pukegirl666 Report | 06/26/2017 5:35 am
omg I am vermin on lineplay lol I was just creeping ppls prof and I was like ok but veetlejuice sounds familiar lol hi! exclaim exclaim exclaim
bruja del bloque Report | 06/24/2017 9:20 pm

all those i promised to watch
even suggestions from irl friends
i havent!! im always dead a** busy
or lazy D;

i want to finish this series called
black mirror! but instead im rewatching
that series i told u, maybe coz i want
to feel happy HAHAHA !!
bruja del bloque Report | 06/24/2017 2:35 am

girl do you know this barbie show
on yt?? the most popular girls in school??
Eloquentress Report | 06/22/2017 9:28 pm
Your current avatar convinced me to keep the Wirewood Bracers. Been planning to sell that along with the other junks I've stored in my mule.
FKA Riddance Report | 06/21/2017 10:12 am
i'm still mad that they made him such a dud of a romance instead of a potentially badass party member
also already antsy for the next Dragon Age, but praying that Bioware fixes those face animations haha
bruja del bloque Report | 06/21/2017 1:13 am

hello sis
please comment back
wisyuu Report | 06/19/2017 6:56 pm
Awwww, thank you! You probably could, lol.
No amount of Mulan makeup remover will wipe away the amount of stuff I applied onto that avatar.
Thanking about moving to other pieces of well known and making just a gallery/contest. Care to be a judge on standby?
bruja del bloque Report | 06/19/2017 8:53 am

girl!!! its papillon de la mer!!
its so prettyy !!
also look for nyx reanimated item
oh god its so prettty!!
bye wig Report | 06/16/2017 2:37 pm
when ur fav avi maker of all time compliments u <3_<3
thanks i routinely stalk u cause i love your avis so much bye
Curious Brownies Report | 06/16/2017 9:26 am
girl i see u
making a sad clown for someone that aint me smh

also you either a sad a** mummy or a beat up thug right now
and i cant decide which is funnier

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i'm here for the avatarsss and stuff

stuff i like right now

titus andronicus

John Wick 2
Get Out

Fear of the Walking Dead
The Handmaiden's Tale
The Exorcist

favorite things right now
replaying Witcher 3
air conditioning
mod podge

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