Not on very much anymore. I occasionally stop by, otherwise I am unactive. Gomensai. (Sorry.)
Little about me:
I like Vocaloid, Elsword, mangas, animes, I'm an artist of both traditional and digital arts, I love music and enjoy finding new tunes. I'm a huge fan of Japanese music, and I am NOT a fan of American music. That's about it. The rest is down below. Thanks for stopping by!

Wanna help me??
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Miku Hatsune
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Total Value: 4,348,408 Gold
After Exclusions: 3,600,000 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Fragrant Heartbeat
Perky Melody

Item List:
Fragrant Heartbeat
Perky Melody

Miku Hatsune APPEND (updated)
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Total Value: 3,880,660 Gold
After Exclusions: 3,354,166 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Fragrant Heartbeat
Cosmosis\' Cape
Elegant Veil
Audio Starlet Blue Rei

I like Miku.....A lot. ^^

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Likes: Anime, Japanese Pop, SOME American rock, VOCALOID (mostly Hatsune Miku), Night time (around Midnight when its the darkest! ^^), Purple, NiGHTS, reading Manga, drawing anime, and art.
Dislikes: Spiders, bad shows, hip hop, and when things don't go right.

I like THESE animes currently: Rosario+Vampire, Bleach, Kekkiashi, Durarara, and Lucky Star. I also like Adventure Time, Spongebob, Regular Show, and Looney Tunes (the original, not the new crap)
I like THESE mangas currently: Rosario+Vampire, Black Cat, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Bleach, Gentleman's Alliance Cross


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what's your favorite color?

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hey, since facebook is acting up for you i figured i'd try this way. for your grad. party, are you going to send out paper invitations? (if you'd prefer to answer in a pm, feel free.)
Chiara20s Mule

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Chiara20s Mule

(i actually meant "ah" instead of "aw." XD)
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Chiara20s Mule

awww, i see. well, i hope it goes well~ heart
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Chiara20s Mule

how come you're getting your wisdom teeth removed? are they bothering you?
Chiara20s Mule

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