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Hello. I'm Neon Groundbreaker. Please call me Nelle.
1995 / Female / Asian (Filipino) / Megane-chan

I like to draw. I still have a lot more to learn though. I'm sort of shy. I usually don't talk much unless someone talks to me first.

I've been playing Gaia Online since 2008. I just kept moving into different accounts. I was most active with my account, Samiho.

I used to stalk the marketplace and the Exchange before since I'm an exchanger. But I sort of retired because I got a bit tired of Gaia Online. Now I'm back and I'm trying to catch up on things again.

I'll probably try to exchange again once I gain more capital (:

I play Vdex (samiho) and TalonRO (Samiho the Rogue // Samiho).