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By popular demand, the Happy Mask Salesman has been fired for intimidating the customers. cat_gonk Meet my new employee, Pooferkins! cat_whee Please don't sit on that chair in the corner. That's Pooferkins' spot where he likes to sleep at.

I usually price stuff based on what I think it's worth. Sometimes it may be a little cheaper and sometimes it may be a little more expensive but I'm not going to do anything like charge a million for a starter polo tee or anything like that.


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I'm a highly arrogant, opinionated jackass with mood swings who can't keep his mouth shut. :V Just to warn everyone so that they don't accidentally try to socialize with me and end up getting into a fight instead. I'm not always so hotheaded and everything and I can actually be friendly sometimes! cat_smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif

Anyways, my name's Timothy and I don't mind being called Tim. Just don't call me Timmy, I hate that. I absolutely LOVE everything Nintendo! I was born a Nintendo fanboy and I'll die as an old man who still loves it. X3 I'll occasionally play something on the PC, mainly Minecraft and RuneScape. I enjoy shoot-em-ups such as Cho Aniki and also games such as Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker where there's lots of treasure and exploring. I'm a major Homestuck fan, so a heads up about any terms from it coming out. I'm also a brony, to be more specific the kind that likes to post image macros everywhere. Dare I say it, I'm also a furry. I was a furry before being introduced to the latest version of MLP but they don't intersect much for me. My fursona... ok Pokésona is a Growlithe. It suits me pretty well.

I practically live off of fast food, processed foods, and junk food. XD Though pizza is something I wouldn't mind having for the rest of my life. There's actually a pretty good local place near my house... smilies/icon_heart.gif I'm also a complete soda addict and when I don't get my fix... terrible things happen. emotion_smilies/icon_0A0.png I also like American Chinese food such as orange chicken and also some Italian. I'm pretty much a carnivore, though, and love a juicy double bacon cheeseburger.

For a little more something... *ahem* personal... I'm pansexual and don't mind getting with someone regardless of their gender identity. Some things that I like are glasses (people look so much cuter with glasses), accents (certain ones like Minnesotan make my knees weak emotion_smilies/icon_kirakira.gif) and some uniforms as long as they're not modified to look slutty. I'm unashamed to admit that I find the Medic from TF2 kinda hot due to all 3 things mentioned. :V Don't worry, I'm not doing anything like THAT while playing TF2 when a medic's on the field because I would be too busy trying to survive for more than 5 seconds to worry about that.

I'm a strong supporter for LGBT rights. All the rights. I'm highly militant with my views on that and feel that the current movement needs to shape up and go crack some skulls and stuff to get things done instead of turning the other cheek towards haters. I'm extremely against any religion that preaches against LGBT folks and have no problems seeing homophobes treated the same way they've treated us. As for my religious views... it's a mix of a few things but it's pretty much on the dark and evil side with no problems on black magic. cat_smilies/icon_cool.gif

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Westice Report | 10/09/2013 10:12 am
No! Don't quit! I like stalking you through the forums!
Manny80 Report | 09/23/2013 9:00 pm
I like to buy stuff from your store. I know some items I can vend them.
Green Mint Star Report | 09/08/2013 12:06 pm
Green Mint Star
Sorry about all the trouble yesterday. I.... I was a little drunk. sweatdrop
Westice Report | 07/12/2013 6:42 pm
heart heart heart heart
Westice Report | 07/12/2013 9:20 am
You rock! xp
Ness Roeqin Report | 06/20/2013 8:54 pm
Ness Roeqin
Even if I don't go on here anymore, I'm still gonna comment on your profile.
Westice Report | 06/13/2013 10:08 am
I wish I had 999 Gaia cash so I could get a bundle of the new chance item!
Westice Report | 05/20/2013 11:03 am
I can't wait to get it! Ness is one of my best characters in SSBB!
Westice Report | 05/19/2013 11:22 am
Speaking of which, did you know EarthBound is coming to the virtual counsel?
Westice Report | 05/18/2013 11:01 am
Hey Super, why are you always asking the same questions when you start a new topic?
Just wondering.

Inspiring Quotes Around Gaia :3 (Newest@top)

tetrachrome Wrote:
Nymph of Spring Wrote:
Look everyone, we chased them off.

They're probably all locked in a room at HQ trying to come up with a bland, generic apology to send out in the next 6 - 10 hours. smilies/icon_rofl.gif
I laughed out loud at this, because I'm just picturing the entire Gaia staff locked in a panic room, agonized wailing filling the air.


Ladybird Sauce Wrote:
Is anyone else picturing Uncle Kenny finding this thread, and then yelling across the office, "Jesus Christ guys what the hell did you do!?" smilies/icon_razz.gif

Benjamin Willow Wrote:
Pro-Tip: To be considered a gamer, all someone has to do is play VIDEO GAMES. This isn't a ******** Five-star Exclusive country club, you elitist prat.

Parexus Wrote:
A steamroller gently fell down from the tree and landed safely on my character.

BogiePop Wrote:
friends are just enemies who don't have the guts to kill you.

Wut Panda Wrote:
Why do 10year olds have pokemon, exactly? These things can kill people ಠ_ಠ

Brother Kam Wrote:
I want my monies!


Arkngthand Wrote:
You're not a gamer until you've played a game for every letter of the alphabet while naked and smeared in the blood of a goat. It's the ritual that counts, not the choice of platform or genre..

Black Gabriel Wrote:
This game could never be permitted in America because it portrays a president as actually doing something.

David2074 Wrote:
Even though my opinion is irrelevant (according to the article) I have to think if violent games are doing to turn me to a life of crime they better get cracking at it. I probably only have a few good decades left where I'll be able to rob banks and commit rapes, car jackings and mass murders. After that I may not be able to do better than get really pissed if they give me the wrong kind of apple sauce.

2_Lemmy_Koopa_2 Wrote:
Echelon730 Wrote:
I like to consider myself a vet of the gaming industry.
Can you heal my Wii's bladder problem??
My Gameboy is refusing to eat. What should I do?

The Hellspawn Hero Wrote:
A friend of mine once named hers "hack my wi-fi".

The next day, she checked back on it and the name had been changed to "challenge accepted".

Classy Prospitian Lady Wrote:
Guys I think my jerkdar is broken.

stealthmongoose Wrote:
I find "Boo boo kitty ********" to be far more endearing and less immoral than "Whore of Babylon."

[NPC] Dr. Singh Wrote:
Ah, don't worry Baby Sub! Mama's comin'!

ectogasm Wrote:
I missed the stage in puberty where I suddenly turn hot.
Can I have a redo?

Belzayne Wrote:
I Asche I Wrote:
smilies/icon_rofl.gif smilies/icon_rofl.gif smilies/icon_rofl.gif

You broke the toilet seat with your head!?
That's a new way to call a hard head smilies/icon_rofl.gifsmilies/icon_rofl.gifsmilies/icon_rofl.gif

Shineaa Wrote:
The only time my mom tells me to stop playing video games is when it's 5am and I'm yelling about noobs and bitches.

Luboticus Wrote:
The only thing that shits me with Triples is that the first and third competitors can't reach the guy on the opposite side of the field.

It's not like the Pokemon are bloody bolted in place. >B( You guys are allowed to MOVE around the battlefield ya know.

Silvia Crow Wrote:
I dunno about you, but if I was put in the Bad Kid fort, I'd make the most of it.

"Sorry teacher, I annexed the back row. We're in the process of arranging an invasion of the right side of the room."

Priestess Resira Wrote:
Super 9-Volt Wrote:
I'm in the 1% and I approve of screwing over you people.
We'll get you one of these days!

Rev Dawning Gun Mage Wrote:
Rev Dawning Gun Mage Wrote:
I accept love in the form of boob squeezes and panty shots.
...Yeaaaaaaaah, so not happening. XD
*exits dramatically*

Twatlight Wrote:

[NPC] Friedrich Wrote:
Hello. Hi and hello. Hi there. It has come to my attention that Diedrich is running unopposed for president of Gaia. Diedrich is a good man, a family man, and I wish him well in all things.

Except that I also want to be president, and he can basically go to hell.

fish flu Wrote:
sometimes i wonder if my ship-sinking disease is contagious. whatever i touch either sinks or fails to even set sail in the first place. i can't even call myself a shipper, i'm more of a submariner or something. ⌐_⌐

No More Dead Daves Wrote:
97 ships on the wall, 97 ships
Take one down, pass it around Hussie is slowly wrecking all of the ships~

Galactic Bishounen Wrote:
oh my! a sacrifice for my satanic rituals just waltzed right to me!

masticate my meat Wrote:
i feel like this thread is going to be used against you in court some day.

mousey mousekewitz Wrote:
kayla wise 2 Wrote:
aw s**t i hate change
you cant swear in a mod thread gosh kayla

Curasa Potion Wrote:
It has everything that can kill you.

Quizbot Wrote:
I have 3 PHDs

one in smartass, one in sarcasm, and another in a*****e

Hoshimi Ritsuon Wrote:
I just noticed in a thread about abortions my careful post about the feelings of women changed into a daftly worded post about 'wenches' smilies/icon_crying.gif Why Gaia?!

jeatstream15 Wrote:
Romney sells crack to unwed teenage mothers. And Obama is their pimp!

DJ Double B Wrote:
Miss Lalonde Wrote:
I can't even pledge the $15 for the game I'm so broke. ;-;
That's what happens when you blow your money on martinis.

So As I Pray Wrote:
In a single sentence, a ship confirmed and sunk. NEW RECORD.

Caerulea Glacialis Wrote:
Now LT. Surge as an Aussie will forever in my memory... Thank you.
I bet he grabs newly hatched Pichu and goes 'Ain't she a beaut? Gorgeous!'

Mister twisted Wrote:
I refuse to have a battle of wits with a unarmed person.

Elizabeth of York Wrote:
You ever battled the Elite Four on the crapper? emotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gifemotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gifemotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gifemotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gifemotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gif

DynaSuarez Wrecks Wrote:
The "Running Man" is immortal and is the daddy of every Gerudo male. You didn't actually think he was completely useless, did you?

woIves Wrote:

said by son goku after he was killed and subsequently resurrected for the third time

Narumi Misuhara Wrote:
I moved offices (two blocks down) and now I can't get into Mecha Neko. It says "We're sorry, but this store is only available to users in the U.S." ...I'm in the U.S. ...We created the damn thing ...FML

(True Staff Story)

black_wing_angel Wrote:
Me being short can lead me to crime. Napoleon complex, taken to the extreme. Death to anyone who dare stand taller than 5'7". Jihad!

CH1YO Wrote:
Stephanos Voltaire Wrote:
5. What is the most awkward place to have a revealing erection?

The p***s.

Narumi Misuhara Wrote:
We suffered a site outage due to technical difficulties. The site may be glitchy for a few minutes while we recover. Please don't be alarmed. Don Kuro did not actually blow up one of our servers ...that just a rumor... yeah, that's right.... a rumor.

High Tea Wrote:
I walked in here, read all of your titles, and walked out in shame. Shirtless Fairy? What am I smoking?

Oboromaru Wrote:
While the kingdom is tearing itself inside out, you're off winning beauty pageants!

I Am Princess Trollestia Wrote:
Everyone's a brony


on the inside

Poultry in Motion Wrote:
Japan, we need to talk.

I spend so much time trying to explain that you're not weird, and then you throw this s**t out at me! I can't take it anymore! I love you, I do, but... What the ********? I'm going to sit over here until you learn how to not do this sort of thing.

(call me!)

Nek0jin Wrote:
If Kotaku made a fan poll on "favorite game with a female protagonist," there's a good chance that the top vote for that would be "Black Ops."

Xoisure Wrote:
This is talking about a creation from Japan, the only place on Earth where I can buy pornography, alcohol, and a candy bar, all from the same vending machine.

marshmallowcreampie Wrote:
Yeah, today's cartoons are SO weird! Not like older shows like Ren & Stimpy, which were SO well-grounded in reality! cat_smilies/icon_rolleyes.gif

Grey-Jest Wrote:
The ******** spawn is a crater that used to be an island for christ sakes.

Salmay Wrote:
"How stupid can you get?" is NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A CHALLENGE, ARIZONA!!!

Bento the spazcat Wrote:

Vampirate Kitsune Wrote:
This is why I keep my squirrels well supplied with birdseed and peanuts. Ever since they chittered about "NIce house. Be a shame if anything happened to it."

Rolitalatina43 Wrote:
The Snarfy Wrote:
Was Jesus a b*****d?
He's a redneck cause he's his own father

Oboromaru Wrote:
There is only one pink pony as a main character, and she is a lunatic that will cut you if you don't go to her parties.

DragonMistress Wrote:
Some of my favorite items on the various rule-34'centric sites are marked by tags like "Why god" "Nightmare fuel" and "aaaaagh wtf"

III_of_Wands Wrote:
1:00 Teammate found yummy berries?
1:02 Bad idea to post this. Bad berries!! D8
1:10 ...Too late.

Yamu-sama Wrote:
Super 9-Volt Wrote:
THG didn't rip of BR. Same concept, different execution.
Literally. XD

The Lolwut Pear Wrote:
I always thought Sheeda was secretly in charge of Akaneia after Nina sort of ran away and left Marth in charge of the continent cause she's not a afraid to cut a b***h if they're not recruitable. smilies/icon_cool.gif

Radpops Wrote:
The rose in spring Wrote:
Radpops Wrote:
Haven't you heard?
Big Lesbian Juicy a** Slut Secretary's Day Pirates 7 is obviously the nation's current crisis.
Yeah, but that porno makes Backdoor Sluts 9 look like Naughty Nurses 2.
It might not be raising the Homeland Security Risk Level, but it sure is raising something else!

psilo Wrote:
Oh yeah... Butts County.
What a bunch of asses.

Murder Toys Wrote:
Its too late for me, my Aperture tee shirt has turned me into a gay homeless man.

Change? Change? Got any change? Because i'm FABULOUS!!

biglanky14 Wrote:
Is it legal for internet sites to be around for 9 years?

Hanecco Wrote:
;D Fi's one kinky little b*****d that can't sing and is really annoying.

CrippledOrphanProductions Wrote:
I can't take a geography class because books house the souls of demons and NOBODY wants that laying around.

Niflh Wrote:
I can't see why you would pay for anything

would I download a car?
******** yes I would download a car

27-Volt -SoRA- Wrote:
If he were a pimp, would Mrs. Claus be his ho ho ho?

The Lesbian Mafia Wrote:
My gf works at Subway...
I have to resist the urge to go in and say "b***h, make me a sandwich!" on an almost daily basis.

marshmallowcreampie Wrote:
Bluemew1234 Wrote:
"OMG! I wonder if he'll give me his autograph when he wins the case!!!"
"If he signs a restraining order against me, does that count?!" emotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gif

RyomaHinamori Wrote:
How do you rage quit with a Kinect? Throw yourself into the wall?

Chibi Blaze Wrote:
oh god it's BEN! Why u do dis? Now he's on my DS forever...

Dana Pixie Stix Wrote:
Knitterz Wrote:
D: ..... there ...are no words...
That was four. 8D

AzureHydra Wrote:
Shintouyu Wrote:
In the end... The Gamer wins.
The Gamers should ALWAYS win no matter what~! smilies/icon_xd.gif

The Difference Engine Wrote:
What the ******** is a video game?

Is that like a board game with VHS tapes or something?

La Mafia Wrote:
a dingo ate my baby and i won a substantial amount of gold in the lawsuit.

Monster Master 27-Volt Wrote:

Piku Cloud Wrote:
Isn't he a Japanese folk story character. A monkey who rescues a princess.

Which translated into video games as an Italian plumber.

i am jesuz Wrote:

Yukikita Wrote:
If the Sharks can't win the Stanley cup in real life, they can on Xbox.

Requiem in Mortis Wrote:
bigmanlittlepackage Wrote:
I had an identical twin, he died shortly after we were born. I remember him very well.
Wow, it only took two sentences to completely destroy any chance you had of being taken seriously.

Symos Wrote:
ITT, "The Freemasons wouldn't let me join, so now they're evil"

Adrian Tyndall Wrote:
Nintendo WFC is down. So I can't call my Darkrai back from the Dream World. They're going to stay there. Constantly polluting the Dream World with their nightmares.

The horror!

anybody who doesn't like pizza is a ******** terrorist

XavierLight Wrote:
Chaos Dirge Wrote:
I got balls of Steel.
You should probably see a doctor about that.

Beautreux Wrote:
Congratulations! You've made the AAY into you're personal "kitchen b***h"!

Nervouspace Wrote:
and how is charizard a water type? so confusing

Kitiji-chan Wrote:
dang it! now I have to go find another ring pop! CURSE YOU SUDDEN SHOTGUN FINGER SYNDROME!!!!

Th3 NyteMair Wrote:
How dare you call Ditto a rapist!
Ditto's a ******** pimp and prostitute.

You're basically paying for your Pokemon to get banged and knocked up.

Natsu-ko Wrote:
Cheren and Bianca both need to leave me the hell alone right after I defeat a gym and try to get to the next town. DO I LOOK LIKE I WANT TO TALK TO YOU . smilies/icon_mad.gif

Blinky Angel-Pants Wrote:
All of my Japanese games were made in China.smilies/icon_gonk.gif

Comrade Texada Wolf Wrote:
Can someone explain to me why seeing in 3 dimensions cause vision damage?

Because if so I have some bad news for us all.

Somber_isis_Queen Wrote:
Gaia: Where all the sick ******** congregate to talk about their fetishes.

I used to be apart of Meowbook,

I stole a random photo of cat user and pretend to be that cat, I started adding people, saying how cute they looked and has discussions about mice we caught, suffice to say They discovered I was human and banned me.

VVhip Wrote:
Is anyone else weirded out by the fact there are cats in the garbage?

xX6a r t e m i s9Xx Wrote:
I JUST KILLED ALL OF MY PORNO. smilies/icon_gonk.gif

myletts_fan Wrote:
Brains are stupid and they do stupid things.

CH0Z0 Wrote:
I say Charizard with Power Herb + Solarbeam is the biggest trap since James in the banned Pokemon episode of James crossdressing.

Amethyst Rockstar Wrote:
JFlames 1134 Wrote:
Female Machamp

He said trap, not a ******** nightmare.
smilies/icon_gonk.gif .

Silikon Wrote:
Muk was never offended by its name reversed.Wanna know why?Cause its a dirty son of a b***h and that's just the way it likes it ;p

Look how happy it is.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.

Firevie Wrote:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.
Any man's "Muk" that's that colour should see a doctor. Immediately.

Angelic M Plus Wrote:
"We're playing a game where we catch small to house-size monsters in little balls that fit in our pockets and you're worried about a preschool that is opened 24 hours and little rich kids?"

Duke Genocide Wrote:

Lets roll Professor Oak smilies/icon_cool.gif

Legendary Author Greg Wrote:
Chimpanzees have been known to kidnap, kill, and eat human babies.

Food for thought.

..I understand that was the worst possible phrase to use, but I won't redact it.

Heartfout Wrote:
You want to know what humans are designed for? Going long distances at a time across grassland.

So get your butt down into Africa and start jogging!

Skeiver v2 Wrote:
Animal Crossing.

While the rest of you ******** are getting shot and dying, I'll be rolling around in my money piles and enjoying 2AM in my sleeping village.

Abandoned Teddy Wrote:
gummie_sourball Wrote:
link to the past
the past

Jazin Kay Wrote:
I don't believe in Arceus.

He was created by man.

The Aura Prince Wrote:
remind me never to ******** a cacnea.

Equine Therapy Wrote:
As a general rule, calling the witness a stupid lying b***h when she gives an answer you don't like and telling the judge to shut up when he tells you to move on isn't a good idea.

Red_Chimera_Nom Wrote:
Oh mai! Looks like a member of Team Plasma got a gaia account.

E-Lo Wrote:
This guy's full of s**t, c'mon Mismagius let's go practice satanic spells with Alakazam and try to revive Gary's dead Raticate

Unfortunate Implications Wrote:
Morty and Erika get points for being stoned in a kid's game.

Jazin Kay Wrote:
Parfait Parrot Wrote:
lol, tauros has a black cousin.
Afro, bling on horns, and probably quick to temper.

Black exclusive. smilies/icon_whee.gif

Raping Care Bears Wrote:
Dear Goofy,
I just hope you as a fellow dog are enjoying your nice little house,
your designer clothing and your fancy job. Yeah, don't worry about me,
I really enjoy the dog food and living in a doghouse while you sit and watch tv
and eat your steak. No I don't want any...
thanks for asking though.

Too Dysfunctional Wrote:
Super 9-Volt Wrote:
At first I thought she was Hylian. Stupid leaf making it look like she had pointy ears...
OH s**t SON.

My Kidney is Watching You Wrote:
One time this diabetic kid decided to launch winking coins at me from a sanctioned guard meter. In order to seek revenge I chugged his insulin; we both died that day. Nobody won.

Obsequium Wrote:
I think that the life style of infantilism, is childish.

Viral Protocol Wrote:
Making a scene in a store for a free slurpee that a friend ended up paying for
Someones a real koopa troopa

Acacia the wolf Wrote:
Videogame characters able to browse on gaia online... what has science done

AdmiralJaneDoe Wrote:
And you don't get a period with a p***s. If you do, you should probably go to the ER, very, very quickly.

Namarra Wrote:
wasabichan Wrote:
I've heard people claim to have benefitted from EST. It's used to treat severe depression and bipolar disorder.

I've heard no such thing, and it's revolting. smilies/dramallama.gif

Dippamus Wrote:
i will protect you from the fireworks smilies/icon_scream.gif

and by protect i mean chase you with roman candles

Daft Soul Wrote:
your entire post is null and void to me because i found a lil pig running across it, and my attention span was shattered, sorry

Higliphics Wrote:
Super 9-Volt Wrote:

If it said that it hated Nintendo, I would.

Nah, just joking about the beating. I would NEVER do that! I'd be disappointed if it said it hated Nintendo, though.
Hell, I'd beat your kid if they said they hated Nintendo.

Murk42 Wrote:

yesterday i found out that the plant ive been watering for 2 years is fake smilies/icon_sad.gif

Kraigos Wrote:
I'll be buying Pokemon White. I do not wish to play in the Compton region of Kanto.

Can't talk now. Boss fight.

Trainer Card for Black! I made it myself! ^.^

I demand human sacrifices!

I'm leaving my profile's theme like this because HALLOWEEN IS BEST HOLIDAY!