I am going to be a SENIOR in high school!! WoooHooo! My last year of high school and then off to a university <(^-^)>!!!!! Anyway some silly things about me is that I love mac n' cheese!!! I could eat it all day if I was allowed. Hmmm, some movies I like are Titanic, 300, Twilight saga (don't even comment to the people that are haters!), Harry Potter, Walk Proud, Green Mile, and Alice in Wonderland (2010). I love anime so much and it all started with Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z and Thunder Cats (not sure if that is an anime ^^). I have pretty much seen or at least heard of every anime and manga for that matter, well okay maybe not every single one but my list is very long. I like most kinds of music EXCEPT for rap and reggae, oh and the pop music like what Justin Beiber sings...it WILL NOT listne to that at all. Other than that I love all kinds of music. Although this sounds nerdy, I do like school. It is where I can hang with my friends and get to be myself all day long. What I like to do is when I can sit for a long quiet time alone is to either read a book or to write short stories.

So there you have it most of the important stuff about ME!

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