Okay let's get something perfectly straight.

1. I do not donate to those who ask unless they are my trusted friends or to people whom I think deserve it.

2. Do not beg me for items that I am wearing.

3. Do not PM me about offering me lower prices on items I am selling. Especially inflated items. Occasionally, depending on what I am worth at the time and what item it is, I will offer either exactly the ABP or sell it for maybe 10k-20k above ABP...not making it any closer to what it is listed for unless it's a fair inflated price.

4. I do not accept items. If you want the item, and/or trade for a reasonable 2% discount, it has to be pure. If it isn't, you're only wasting my time. I am not going to work for getting an item I want again for something that you failed to do. smile

5. I do avi art...but a Trade MUST be started before any permanent arrangements can be made.


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