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Hello there,

my name is sugoi.
I'm a rather introvert-like girl,
who likes to draw.

i'm nothing special really/

likes: animals {my favorites are deer, bunnies, & mice}, pastel colors,
hair dye, vegetables, juice, hot tea with honey, energy beverages,
anime/ manga, cartoons, 80s rock bands, alternative music, drawing,
jpop, kpop, dark humor, piercings, cosplay, macaroni, most food

dislikes: meanies, heavy sweets, squash, naruto, dbz,
first person shooter games, physical activity, allergies


questing for beyond blue 108.6m/1b
!! all donations are greatly appreciated !!

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i'm a proud member of the art family guild
♡ (◦′ᆺ‵◦)ゞ